Behind-the-scenes SEO and backlink strategies
the mind aware

Getting Found on Google with Dana Wilde 

About This Episode

Podcast: Mind Aware

Host: Dana Wilde

Talk about website tweak to make it easier for Google to find it.

robert plank

Boost Your Search Ranking with Robert Plank 

About This Episode

Podcast: The Robert Plank Show

Host: Robert Plank

Building links and boost search engine ranking, including quick wins and low hanging fruit.

conscious millionaire

How to Increase Conversion with website  

About This Episode

Podcast: Conscious Millionaire

Host: JV Crum III

How to build a high-growth business and coaching practice.

engaging brand

Improve your SEO to Increase Google Ranking 

About This Episode

Podcast: The Engaging Brand

Host: Anna farmery

Anna Farmery talks to Kris Reid about how to create valuable backlinks

marketing profs
leverage masters

Google and SEO with Gina Gaudio-Graves 

About This Episode

Podcast: Leverage Masters Podcasts

Host: Gina Graves & Jack Humphrey

Former software engineer and now the coolest guy in SEO, Kris Reid, had a chat with Gina Gaudio-Graves and Jack Humphrey on how he started out in digital marketing.

app guy

An SEO Entrepreneur going Global with Paul 

About This Episode


Host: Paul Kemp

Kris Reid talks to The App Guy Podcast about how his business began to take off online and what life is like as a successful SEO entrepreneur.

Online Learning Podcast

Online Learning Magazine Podcast with John Colley

About This Episode

Podcast: Online Learning Podcast

Host: John Colley

Kris Reid talks about content marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.


Finding Places to Add Value with John Naster

About This Episode

Podcast: Hack the Entrepreneur

Host: John Naster

Kris Reid talks about defining success, using backlinks to increase SEO and transitioning into a top-line business.

Interview: Kris Reid on SEO and Reputation Engineering
Influencer Interview – Kris Reid, Founder of ArdorMediaFactory and Content Marketing Expert
join up dots

Tried and Tested Strategies to Start a Business and Succeed

About This Episode

Podcast: Join Up Dots Podcast

Host: David Ralph

Kris Reid talks about his success story. 


SEO pointers to help grow your business and achieve prosperity 

About This Episode

Podcast: Entrepreneur Podcast Network

Host: Eric Dye

Kris Reid talks about how SEO can help your business thrive. 

click funnels

Why SEO matters when building a conversion funnel

About This Episode

Podcast: Funnel Hacker Radio

Host: David Woodward

Great ideas on building brand awareness, customer engagement and building effective funnel.


Personal Branding Podcast with Bernard Kelvin Clive

About This Episode

Podcast: BKC Podcast

Host: Bernard Kelvin Clive

BKC talks with Kris Reid on maintaining and improving your brand reputation management online using Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO Authority Secrets with Josh Denning

How to Start a Business by Accident. Tips for success

About This Episode

Podcast: Happiness of Pursuit 

Host: Doug Foley

Pursuing your passion despite criticisms and addressing problems effectively. 

hidden why

Mastering content marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

About This Episode

Podcast: The Hidden Why

Host: Leigh martinuzzi

How to publish Quality Content and Master Search Engine Optmisation.

going deep

Building an SEO Empire in Cambodia and the Philippines

About This Episode

Podcast: Going Deep Podcast

Host: Aaron Watson

Do something that you're scared of. Step out and do something that makes you nervous.


Growing an Agency Overseas & Intention Marketing 

About This Episode

Podcast: Edge of the Web

Host: Erin Sparks

Erin Sparks and Tom Brodbeck of Edge of the Web about SEO driving revenue, intension marketing & other. 

Traffic Tip: Search Engine Optimization
tech pros

How to Defrag Your Mind and Essential Travel Tips for a Deeper Experience

About This Episode

Podcast: Hello Tech Pros

Host: Chad Bostick

Kris Reid talks about how to step out of your comfort zone to pursue your dreams and travel the world. 

go and grow

Grow your website traffic, SEO Tactics

About This Episode

Podcast: Go and Grow Podcast

Host: Ben Gregson

Strategies for improving website traffics and tactics that can be used to manage brands online. 

you leading you

SEO Planning For Success on You Leading You.

About This Episode

Podcast: You Leading You

Host: Sean Ackerman

Latest in the future of SEO and different ways SEO is changing. 


The story of SEO & super, high-quality, powerful backlinks!

About This Episode

Podcast: Marketing To Crush Your Competitors

Host: Fabienne Raphael

Learn the secrets to crushing your competitors. 

true voice media
The Entrepreneur Podcast

Chat with Kris Reid Founder of ArdorSEO

About This Episode

Podcast: The Entrepreneur Podcast


The Entrepreneur Podcast speaks with Kris Reid at ArdorSEO about backlinks and SEO. 


SEO in building Reputation & Expanding Market Reach

About This Episode

Podcast: Writard

Host: Rachit Singh

Expertise in SEO and Backlinking


Kris Reid | The Coolest Guy in SEO

About This Episode

Podcast: Forge Your Life

Host: Richard Phu

Richard Phu talks with Kris about successful journey of owning SEO Business. 

growth ninjas

Podcast w/ Kris Reid | Ardor SEO Founder's Marketing Insight

About This Episode

Podcast: Growth Hack Ninja

Host: Ryan Watson

Ryan Watson talks about the Marketing Insight of ArdorSEO Founder

, SEO Podcasts

Why outsourcing and SEO Fits to a T for Terrific  

About This Episode

Podcast: Entrepreneur Effect


Entrepreneur Effect discussing on why SEO and Outsourcing can come into great terms.  

big value

Killer Content Is King with James Lynch

About This Episode

Podcast: Big Value Big Business

Host: James Lynch

Kris speaks exclusively about how his SEO Company took off and advice for potential SEO Businesses.

web agency

SEO Reputation Management 

About This Episode

Podcast: Web Agency

Host: Matthew Newton

Matthew Newton speaks with Ardor Media Factory owner Kris enhancing online reputation management. 

lion zeal logo

How to grow your business and get clients you want

About This Episode

Podcast: The Lion Zeal Show

Host: Daryl Rosser

Helpful Ideas on client acquisition and making sales even when you're still dealing with prospects.  


Why an SEO Company Matters to Business

About This Episode

Podcast:  Storyselling

Host: Deb Krier

Kris and Deb sat down to tackle about search engine optimisation and its various elements.  

invest in us

SEO and Online Marketing Done Right

About This Episode

Podcast: Investing in the US

Host: Reed Goossens

Importance of having a great SEO and online marketing strategy.  


Kris Reid on His Favourite SEO Tactics and Tools

About This Episode

Podcast: Earnworthy

Host: Nicholas Scalice

Effective tools and tactics for optimizing a website. 


SEO, SEM, Backlinks, and How Google Works

About This Episode

Podcast: The Entrepreneurial You

Host: Heneka Watkis-Porter

SEO, SEM, backlinks, keywords and page ranking based on google algorithm. 

Craig Van Korlaar

SEO in online success of your website

About This Episode


Host: Craig Van Korlaar

SEO to help readers and audience get a better understanding of one of the most popular digital marketing strategies.

wayne bucklar

Behind-the-Scene SEO Tips  with Wanye Bucklar

About This Episode

Podcast: SEO Bites

Host: Wayne Bucklar

Great insights on optimising your website, including the use of backlinks and hitting the other ranking signals used by Google. 

Bernard Kelvin Clive

Branding and Backlinking Strategies

About This Episode

Podcast: BKC Podcast

Host: Bernard Kelvin Clive

Bernard and Kris discussed the difference between SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), link building and branding for business.   

Josh Denning

Business Growth: Firing Bullets then Cannonballs

About This Episode

Podcast: Tropical Entrepreneur

Host: Josh Denning

A little about Kris and more on the strategies he employed to grow his business into the thriving enterprise that it is today.

john colley

Dissecting the Key Aspects of Content Marketing

About This Episode

Podcast: Entrepreneur Podcast

Host: John Colley

Some key aspects of content marketing that you should look into for your site to be favoured by Google.


From a Start-up to a Successful Digital Marketing Company

About This Episode

Podcast: Entrepreneur Effect

Host: Dush Ramachandran

Kris Reid shares with host Dush Ramachandran ideas, tips, and insights into starting a business and achieving success.

growth ninjas

Ryan Watson from Growth Hacks Ninja

About This Episode

Podcast: Growth Ninjas

Host: Ryan Watson

Ryan finally gets to have that interview with this intriguing dude, Kris Reid to get answers to those mind-boggling questions.

Joshua Latimer

Small Local Services Businesses Can Compete

About This Episode

Podcast: Quick Talk

Host: Joshua Latimer

Small local service businesses can compete in the big leagues and get their share of the market through SEO and other tricks that drive website ranking.

live the goals

SEO Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs with The Live Goals

About This Episode

Podcast: Live the Goals

Host: Dale Richardson

The two discussed how to overcome challenges and jump into SEO and the business world as a budding entrepreneur.

Amanda Kingsmith

Improving SEO for Your Yoga Website

About This Episode

Podcast: M.B.O.M 

Host: Amanda Kingsmith

Amanda Kingsmith talks with Kris Reid of Ardor SEO to discuss the basic concepts of SEO, such as backlinks, keywords, page ranks, SEO vs. SEM, white-hat SEO vs. black-hat SEO, Google’s ranking factors

Bernard Kelvin Clive

How to Use SEO to Manage Brand Reputation

About This Episode

Podcast: BKC Podcast

Host: Bernard Kelvin Clive

Know about brand reputation and how you can leverage the internet to your advantage. 

Amy McDonald

YOGIS CAN DO SEO, TOO! with Amy McDonald 

About This Episode


Host: Amy McDonald

This time, Amy McDonald invited a special guest to join her in discussing search engine optimisation (SEO) for yoga sites.

Michael Pasha

SEO Strategies to Get Your Website Found

About This Episode

Podcast: Internet Ballers 

Host: Michael Pasha

This 28-minute podcast discusses white-hat SEO practices, using the right keywords and proper backlinking while avoiding black-hat practices that can get you penalised by Google.

James Carbary

Three Aspects of Reputation Engineering

About This Episode

Podcast: B2B Growth Show

Host: Jonathan Green & James Carbary

This is a 15-minute podcast on the B2B Growth Show hosted by Jonathan Green and the founder of Sweet Fish Media, James Carbary.


Increasing Webpage Conversions

About This Episode

Podcast: Conscious Millionaire

Host: JV Crum III

Kris also shared his coaching practice and his knowledge on SEO. The podcast is full of interesting topics on how to build a successful business that can highly impact society.

Rajiv Unni Krishnan

SEM and SEO on The Entrepreneur Podcast

About This Episode

Podcast: The Entrepreneur Podcast

Host: Rajiv Unni Krishnan

On this episode, they covered Kris’ journey from financial software engineer to a founder of a booming digital marketing agency.

Mitch Russo

Kris Reid Talks with Mitch Russo on Building Quality Backlinks

About This Episode

Podcast: Medium

Host: Mitch Russo of Medium

Getting high rankings on search engine results pages with credible backlinks.


Real Recognizes Real

Reputation Engineering on the Marketing Technology Blog

About This Episode

Podcast: Marketing Technology

Host: Douglas Karr

Kris and his philosophies on digital marketing, the concept of authority marketing, reputation engineering.

Jeff Gibbard

Navigating through SEO and Other Tips for Entrepreneurs

About This Episode

Podcast: True Voice Media

Host: Jeff Gibbard

Navigate through the intricacies and complexities of SEO and digital marketing strategy.

Stewart Anderson

Ranking your New Business on Mutesix

About This Episode

Podcast: MuteSix

Host: Stewart Anderson

Digital marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), sharing his knowledge and experience to those who need it the most.

Lyndsay Phillips

Sailing Through the Deep Waters of SEO and Getting a Better Grip of It

About This Episode

Podcast: Smooth Sailing

Host: Lyndsay Phillips

Lyndsay tapped into his expertise to talk about the authority building basics for business websites.

Neil Ball

Selling Your Business on Entrepreneur Way

About This Episode

Podcast: The Entrepreneur Way

Host: Neil Ball

Kris’s journey towards success—how he learned about search engine optimisation (SEO) and how he started out his company, Ardor SEO.

traffic and leads

SEO Deconstructed and Delivered to You Simple and Clear

About This Episode

Podcast: Traffic & Leads Podcast

Host: One-Click Lindsey

With podcast host Lindsey throwing deep and probing questions, you are guaranteed to learn about SEO.

Kevin Rogers

Using SEO to get Online Attention

About This Episode

Podcast: Copy Chief

Host: Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers talked with Kris Reid about the real importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in marketing and business.

Laurie Solgon

SEO and Business Tips for Success

About This Episode

Podcast: Social Side Kick Podcast

Host: Laurie Solgon

Kris Reid shares with Laurie Solgon his business ideas and tips on how to help online companies reach their goals and make a profit.

Rachit Singh

SEO Basics On The Blogger Cast 

About This Episode

Podcast: The Blogger Cast

Host: Rachit Singh

Rachit let Kris do the talking about the strongest ways to approach modern SEO.

breaking down your business

Breaking Down Your Business Podcast

About This Episode

Podcast: Breaking Down Your Business

Host: Brad Farris & Jill Salzman

SEO and the problems he’s facing with his business. 

Search Engine Optimisation in the Classroom

About This Episode

Podcast: Teacher Cast Podcast

Host: Jeffrey Bradbury

SEO is a skill that we all should be thinking about when we teach our students about Digital Citizenship.

Behind the scene SEO and Backlink Strategies

About This Episode

Podcast: MIXERGY Startpu Stories

Host: Andrew Warner

Andrew speaks with Kris what’s worked for him for SEO, what his backlink strategy is, and what he’s doing behind the scenes.

Longtail Keywords, Backlinking, On and Off page SEO Tactics  

About This Episode

Podcast: Efficientpreneur

Host: Ahmed Al Kiremli

Kris shares his expertise on Long-tail Keywords, Backlinking Strategies and other SEO Tactics.  

Growing online presence and website traffic with SEO

About This Episode

Podcast: Cashflow Ninja Podcast

Host: M.C. Laubscher

Importance of backlinks and high-quality backlinks complete with quality content on specific websites

“Defrag” the Mind and Essential Travel Tips for a Deeper Experience

About This Episode

Podcast: Hello Techpros Podcast

Host: Chad Bostick

Kris Reid talks about how to step out of your comfort zone to pursue your dreams and travel the world.