From marketing advice to setting up your own SEO business, Kris Reid shares his expertise and knowledge of digital marketing and being successful in mastering SEO.

An SEO Entrepreneur Going Global
with Paul Kemp

Paul Kemp from The App Guy Podcast speaks to Kris Reid about his journey from an idea in his head to a success story on the ground. Listen to the podcast now and find out how Kris started his career and how you can learn from his business goals too.

Crush Your Competitors
with Fabienne Raphaël

In dire need to crush your competition and find the market that suits you? Get marketing tips, SEO tricks and gather insights into the methods you need to secure your business' future.

Manage Your Online Reputation
With Bernard Kelvin Clive

Bernard Kelvin Clive is the top expert in managing your online reputation that'll ensure top rankings in the SERPs and how to set up your business in the right way with Kris Reid's additional expertise.​

Kris Reid speaks to the whizz of online marketing and learning, John ​Colley, on how to set up a content marketing business as rising through the ranks from being a successful software engineer.

Reputation management online is an industry element of SEO in itself, which is why Kris Reid was brought onto Matthew's show. He goes in depth about how to protect your reputation from real threats to your business popularity online.

​SEO Authority Secrets
With Josh Denning

Get to know the top SEO secrets that will guarantee your SEO success in next to no time as Kris speaks with Josh Denning about his tricks to garnering content, generating leads and following the high path to growing a business.

SEO Planning For Success
With Sean Ackerman

The self leadership and productivity guru ​Sean Ackerman speaks with Kris Reid about using SEO to your advantage in a constantly changing digital world. 

Killer Content Is King
With James Lynch

Eager to add more and more value to the workplace you're in? Kris offers some tips and advice to the masses about how to start a business like Ardor SEO and get ahead with global success.

The Engaging Brand
With Anna Farmey

How do we make sure our website is the one Google chooses to show​ to your customers? Anna and Kris break down the important methods of SEO and how they can be used to get yourself on the first page of Google.