SEO Services To Unlock Your Website’s Sales Potential

The number one reason businesses fail is that they don't get enough customers. As the business owner or an entrepreneur, you're likely too busy running your business. You may not have time to figure out how to get your website ranking.

And if you're not ranking on Google, you may as well be invisible.

Even the most stunning websites on Google are completely ineffective if they’re not bringing in leads and generating you profit. With an effective SEO strategy, you're guaranteed to rank higher in search engine results pages and attract targeted traffic directly to your business. Let's cut through the noise and get your business directly in front of customers who are searching for you.

Find The Answer to Growing Your Business

    What are SEO services?

    SEO services are the best way to ensure your website will be found by your future customers. We do extensive research so you have more time on your hands to focus on running your business. You'll get peace of mind, as you're guaranteed to reach a set monthly traffic total. That way, you know exactly what you're getting for your money.

    Amazon 14 Years

    SEO increases your online visibility and brings traffic to your website, ultimately getting you more qualified leads. Ranking a website on Google and building an engine that will fuel your business growth takes time. And with time, we'll transform your website into the well-oiled sales machine you deserve.

    Take a look our process:

    1. 1
      Identify your ideal customer avatar, and what they’re searching for
    2. 2
      Audit your website to diagnose key problem areas that hold you back
    3. 3
      Build a personalized strategy based on your business goals.

    What Results Can I Expect?

    With our Customer Calculator you can work out how many leads we need to get your business, and the profit your website could generate when we get you there! Within a twelve month period, we guarantee you’ll get the web traffic you desire.

    Here’s an example:

    • You want between 5,000 - 10,000 visitors on your website in 12 months
    • Your website conversion rate is average, at 5%
    • Your lead conversion rate to customers is 20%
    • Each customer makes you $1000

    In just twelve months, your website alone could be generating between $50k - $100k in revenue every month! We’re so confident of our talented team that if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll keep working on your website until we hit your targets!

    Result Expectation

    Don’t have a website already? No problem, we’ll save you money on that one. You don’t have to spend $20k on a beautiful website that generates you zero business. All you need is an effective website that gets your message directly in front of your ideal customers, and produces revenue.

    Send us your website URL and Kris will make you a completely free video review to show you exactly what to do to get your website in front of your ideal audience and start making you more money!

    Are “SEO Guaranteed” Services a Scam?

    You’ve probably encountered bloggers blocklisting the idea of SEO Guaranteed services. There's a bunch out there. Often, these sites present multiple stats and figures to back their assertions.

    seo keywords

    But here’s the thing:

    These articles aim at SEO companies promising #1 ranking on Google for any keyword. That's a scam; nobody can guarantee that your site will be on Google's first page for ANY keyword within a specified period.

    SEO is a long-term process to target hundreds of keywords in your industry. It begins with your SEO expert conducting proper research on your prospective clients’ search interests. Note that ranking for just about any keyword on Google's first page might not be relevant to your business goals, so it’s crucial to have an in-depth audit and all the technical tools necessary from a competent company like ours.

    You want to get more awareness for your brand, increase your blog traffic, drive in more leads, and consequently, more sales.

    You don’t want people visiting your “first page-ranked” website because an article there defines something interesting or offers sound advice for real estate agents—and then they veer off your site! You’re not in the sole business of educating the public. You. Want. Economically. Useful. Traffic.

    That’s what makes Ardor exceptional.

    We work with you to set a traffic goal based on every valuable keyword by the end of our initial contract. So, for instance, we might reach a first-term agreement with you for 5,000 monthly visitors over a few months. That isn't a scam; we usually exceed our targets due to compounding effects.

    If you hire us as your SEO firm, not only will we make sure that your future customers find out about exactly what YOU do (through organic search engine optimization), but also how they can buy or qualify with just one click of the mouse!

    Hiring our team means more than having someone maintain your relevance online; it's all part of becoming the top dog in your industry by dominating key phrases like never before - which brings us to our next point.

    Can First Position
    Search Engine Rankings be Guaranteed?

    No. No agency or SEO professional can guarantee a business a top spot on Google or any other search engine. The factors that determine who shows first on search results are beyond any digital marketing plan or tactics.

    tracking progress

    But the first page? That’s a grey area, to be honest. It depends on nerdy stuff like the SERP, keyword difficulty, and existing backlinks to your site. What we can guarantee, is that the perfect keywords in your niche will drive new customers to your website.

    Your business is in a race with other competitors. Some of them know about—and take advantage of—SEO services to reach the online community. One way of finding high-search-volume-low-competition keywords for your site is what we call a 'content gap analysis.' Our website audit will identify currently highlighted keywords (if any), sparse keywords, and yet-to-be-harnessed keywords in your niche.

    Likewise, we’ll spot the noisy content on your site and generate unique, high-value content ideas to increase visibility and traffic. Another method we’ll utilize when finding high-search-volume-low competition for your product or service is advanced keyword research.

    Our experts use their skills and experience to find high-potential keywords that your competition doesn't know about. The results we deliver aren't just quality - they're the best in their field!

    Pros and Cons
    of Guaranteed SEO

    There are several benefits you get when you decide to work with us. Of course, as with any marketing strategy SEO has its limitations like the "first position" myth. But rest assured that SEO is the most effective tool for achieving your business goals, when in the RIGHT hands!


    long term goal


    Long-term Results

    As SEO specialists, we know that it can take time to yield results for the right plan of action. But once the magic kicks in, get set to reap the results for several years. It’s totally unlike traditional ads that last a limited time.

    Long after you’ve stopped paying, your traffic won’t just disappear. Talk about a PPC; for instance, it constantly generates cash via website visits alone without needing any additional ad spend at all.

    high quality leads


    High-Quality Leads

    Search engine optimization is not about bringing every Google-searcher to your website. That wouldn't add value to you or your clients. Successful SEO strategies attract relevant customers who are ready to buy to your site. 

    You can be sure someone searching for "Black Nike Air Max Shoes for Sale" on Google knows exactly what they want. We bring people who are looking for your services straight to you, which creates a significant high-value lead flow to your site.

    authority and credibility


    Authority and Credibility

    We couldn’t overstress the credibility and authority our services will give your brand through your site. 81% of people search online for a business. And 91% of those online searches are through Google!

    Moreover, 97% of people learn more about a local company online than otherwise. When people Google your product or service and find it on the first page, it inspires confidence in your brand.

    more brand awareness


    More Brand Awareness

    Generate thousands of impressions daily. That’s heaps of eyes on your brand name! Signing up for Ardor’s SEO Guaranteed Services means long-term rankings and more traffic to your website.

    But that’s not all. With more satisfied clients finding you on local searches for a product/service or other ranking sites, you get massive publicity for your brand name.

    Forget Cold Calling!

    Make Customers chase you instead!




    Can Affect your Ratings

    Search engine changes can affect your ratings, like for instance, when Google’s algorithm changes. Although this is rare, you’d need to constantly stay on top of new developments in SEO to keep up your rating



    You need In-Depth Knowledge

    You need in-depth technical knowledge of Google and websites to get results. One such necessary technical knowledge is Google Analytics for measuring your progress. Moreover, optimizing codes can be complicated if you're not a techie. This is why it's better to get the pros on the job!

    seo can be time consuming


    SEO Can be Time-Consuming

    SEO can be time-consuming, unlike other conventional marketing tools. And some executives might find that time too costly. However, once you hit the ground running with a good SEO company, the benefits are almost unending.

    SEO Services to 
    Grow Your Business

    keyword research

    Keyword Research

    website audit


    on page seo tactics

    On-Page SEO Tactics

    link building


    technical seo


    conversion tracking

    Conversion Tracking

    Keyword Research

    Keyword research is the process of finding search terms that Internet users enter into search engines when looking for products or services online. Suppose I’m looking to buy an apartment, I might search for “beautiful condos near me” or “best condo agents in Naples, Fl.” These are all keywords.

    Every single time someone searches the Net, they’re using keywords. From another perspective, these keywords are the same things your prospective customers are keying into their engines. That’s why your business needs to do thorough keyword research to find out what your prospects are searching for. If you don’t know what people are searching for, how are they going to locate you?

    But users aren’t the only ones dealing with keywords. Search engines will also read the content of your website to locate keywords and rank you for them. Here’s where our journey with you towards guaranteed SEO results begins.

    We use keyword research to know where you rank for keywords and what keywords your competitors rank. It also shows what Internet users are searching for.

    That way, we eliminate guesswork. Keyword research is the beginning of your journey with an SEO company, but it’s also a continuous process. If you choose to work with us, our talented team of SEO strategy professionals will undertake all of these and more to drive traffic to your website.

    How to Get Started

    We have transformed the websites of thousands of businesses in different niches. Whether yours is a global e-commerce firm, a local business, or you’re a nationwide vendor, we’ll get you more customers. Let us know your website URL, and Kris will make a video review of your website, telling you what you need to do to get in front of your audience.

    Guaranteed SEO - Frequently Asked Questions

    We know you probably have a few questions about our guaranteed SEO service and we’d be happy to answer them.

    Can SEO be Guaranteed?

    What does SEO compliant mean?

    Can I do SEO on my own?

    Are Guaranteed SEO Services Better Than Ones That Don’t Offer Any Guarantee?

    Is SEO still profitable?

    Here’s what
    Our Customers are Saying

    " Kris and his team has by leaps and bounds exceeded my expectations..."

    Having been through several SEO companies Kris and his team has by leaps and bounds exceeded my expectations. I wish I met him years ago. Lot's of other companies left me to pick up the pieces with inconsistent plans but Kris and his team are so proactive and engaging. Now I can focus on the most important tasks in my company which is concentrate on my leads and make sales. Thanks again Kris

    dwaine clarke

    Dwaine Clarke

    NNN Deal Finder

    " Kris has a deep knowledge of technical SEO and strategy which he wields with great passion and focus..."

    Kris has a deep knowledge of technical SEO and strategy which he wields with great passion and focus in order to drive success in his customer's businesses. Kris is a force to be reckoned with, and working with him will give you both renewed energy and the tools that your business needs to unlock your growth potential.

    susan sadler

    Susan Sadler

    Red Wagon Workplace Solutions

    " They are extremely professional and knowledgeable when it comes to increasing online traffic..."

    It has been a pleasure working with Kris and his team at Ador SEO. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable when it comes to increasing online traffic to your website in order to generate new business leads.

    Having the right type of SEO is paramount to your business success online. Kris and his team are the right people to hire as part of any business growth strategy.

    Reed Goosens - Real Estate Agent

    Reed Goossens

    Multifamily Syndicator

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