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A Better Ranking Website

Ever wondered why your website is not where it should be in Google?

You will have a thorough look at your website, both On-Page and Off-Page and know all of the issues it has.

Queries Your Customers Search for

Getting on the first page of Google for the wrong keywords is just as deadly as not ranking for anything.

You will know what keywords your potential customers are searching for when looking for your service.

The Perfect Plan for Success

There is no success without a goal in mind. To action all of this, you will get a long term strategy that will show what we will do in the time together to get you in front of more customers.

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Customer Feedback

Here is what our clients think about our services.

As a client of Ardor SEO, quite happy for the service. Ardor team has a vast knowledge in the field, pretty confident choice if you want to grow your business. Highly recommended!

Eduardo Alvizuri

Brands Direct Online

We have worked on a number of projects with Kris and the team at Ardor.

In our experience they are knowledgeable and proactive, and take a great deal of genuine interest in a successful outcome for the client.

While SEO is always a challenge as there are no fixed rules, I feel comfortable with the way they operate in that they have good, solid reasons for making any recommendations.

Also, their implementation has been faultless, along with their reporting and feedback. Crockford Carlisle is happy to recommend them.

Sandy Crockford

Crockford Carlisre Pty LTD

Kris really knows his stuff - I guess when you outsource SEO, you always have this risk of the cheap mercenaries not giving a F about your business.

Because Kris actually understands business; he acts as this awesome 'translator' to his team. So you get a great price, and a great result (and lets face it, in SEO a bad result means a penalty, so you don't want to play with fire here).

Jared Codling

Slingshot Accelerator

When Kris's team first contacted me about improving the SEO of my website, I was skeptical.

However, when they provided some value up front by shooting a video about my site and showed me where it has problems, I appreciated it. I knew about some, but not all of them.

So, when I asked Kris to conduct a thorough audit, I was thrilled when I saw how detailed it is. He also spent a lot of time going over it with me via Skype.

Now, I'm fairly well versed about SEO, but Kris and his team shed new light a number of things and I appreciate their expertise more than ever. I look forward to the next phase of our working together.

Tom Augenthaler

The Influencer Marketer

When Kris approached me I gotta say I was skeptical. There is a lot of spam on Linkedin. I'm thankful that Kris persisted.

Kris is one of the few guys in the digital marketing and SEO space that gets what agency needs and knows how to support the company's strategy.

From day 1, Kris has been attentive and eager to please. It's nice to do business with someone who wants to serve.

Joshua Jarvis

Blueprint Digital

Meet The Team

That will be taking care of your success.

kris reid

Kris Reid

CEO / Digital Growth Specialist

Alex Zuev

SEO Team Manager

Arpad Balogh

SEO Strategist

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