Using SEO to get online attention on Kevin Rogers Copy Chief Show

Copy Chief host Kevin Rogers talked with Kris Reid, the founder of Ardor SEO about the real importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in marketing and business.

The interview delved into the complexities of SEO, simplifying it for anyone to understand, and provided listeners with tips on how to improve content and how it affects the sales and traffic in a website.

Listen to the show and you will be able to get some ideas on how to improve your website tremendously.

Meet Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers used to be a stand-up comic that became a copywriter and later became a copy chief. He dedicates his time and skills working with successful marketers and copywriters around the globe to produce higher sales campaign in their field.

He also wrote a book called ‘The 60-Second Sales Hook’ about effective marketing strategies that could help people in their business. He then created Copy Chief to help business owners improve their sales conversions and to help copywriters provide value to clients.

Meet Kris Reid ‘The Coolest Guy in SEO’

Kris Reid

Dedicated to content and website improvement, this cool guy has been featured in a lot of podcasts that talk about SEO and he wastes no time in sharing his insights about how SEO works or its importance. He founded Ardor SEO after he lost his job when the global financial crisis hit London.

It was his online game project that led him to the world of SEO. He needed a way to tell people about his game and lead them to it. Since then, he has continued to improve the products and services he offers his clients.

Do you find that people are overlooking SEO?

Kris answers this with yes, as he believes different people market at different levels. Many focus on AdWords and Facebook most of the time. Others don’t even use the internet to market, they use the traditional way of advertising like through television and newspapers.

He then explained the benefit of SEO compared to other marketing strategies is the fact that people are looking for you and there is already an existing demand. Interrupt marketing, like Facebook adverts, is not as effective since you bother target audience in the process.

How many simple things can we do with SEO?

There are so many beautiful websites that web designers dedicated their time creating, but have no metadata set for Google to detect the description of the page. An astonishing 90% of the websites found on the internet have next to no SEO. One thing that could totally help your content is knowing what your market is and go for the low-hanging fruit. Developing your brand eventually will give you results and that fruit will turn into an apple.

With the use of proper keywords, a website can move up from page eleven to page ten. It can be done by just editing the title or content a little bit at a time to reach your goal. The front page gets 33% of the clicks, the second gets 28%, and down to the tenth gets a measly 5% clicks.

One of the effective strategies in coming up with proper content is understanding how Google works, what PageRank is, and what domain authority is.

What made Google unique over the past search engines like Yahoo!, is that it focuses on authority of the websites. This enables Google to present more relevant results and, at the same time, made their ads available without annoying the users.

Google AdWords works on relevancy of the keywords typed in. If the keyword matches your product, you get cheaper charges, if not, it is more expensive since it gives users a bad experience.

How do companies who sell SEO services work?

Kris relates an experience about a poor salesman who sold himself as an SEO expert and who falsely advertised his services to people. The problem with the SEO business is the possibility of, as Kris puts it, getting burnt because of the bad experiences from the past.

SEO never works overnight, it takes a long while to develop and it requires patience to get it out there. Unlike paying for Google AdWords that could shoot up your keyword in merely 10 minutes, SEO doesn’t really ensure the popularity of the chosen keyword overnight.

Kris then said that SEO is effective when you stick to a certain functioning process and it helps you get more traffic to your website in the process.

SEO companies ultimately provide report that there are improvements in the website and assure the customers that they do earn money from the services hired. The number one goal for every SEO company is that they keep the customers happy and create a win-win situation for both parties involved.

How did Ardor start?

Ardor SEO has fifty talented employees. It started as a link building company. Because page ranking requires important relevant links, there are a lot of specialised people who create content for the links.

As they were working with link development, they were able to get SEO company clients that provided more websites for Ardor SEO to tackle on. It helped them grow into a full-service company, especially when they went all the way to assist some SEO companies that require assistance in boosting their product worth.

What content is ideal for any website page?

The ideal content for any website is one that understands the purpose of your website and what it should be doing to the users around the globe. Providing customers solutions to their problems and a reason to visit your website often will help tremendously in earning the hearts of customers in the long run.

Showing them a thorough answer to their problem and giving them information that could link your business with them will get you better traffic results.

Using the three levels of urgency will also help in achieving your goal.

What are those urgency levels?

Listen to the entire podcast on Copy Chief to know the answer and get detailed information of all the topics discussed on the show. You can also listen on iTunes, and Stitcher.