Mastering Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

It’s a brand new episode once again in The Hidden Why. Leigh Martinuzzi, the genius behind the podcast show, invited the Coolest Guy in SEO, Kris Reid, to join him this week. Both successful men talked about Kris’ achievements and his own hidden why.

The Guy Behind The Hidden Why

Leigh Martinuzzi is a life coach, author, and a podcast speaker specialising in lifestyle design. He believes that everyone has a better purpose in life, coming from his own experience. He has had his own challenges that he had to overcome which he paid forward by helping others achieve their own maximum potential.

He published books such as Pillars of Success and Delegate to Freedom for the inspiration of others. Aside from this, he has tools to share like The Life Compass and The Ultimate Life Map.

Leigh believes that progress is the key and not perfection. In fact, he doesn’t think that the state of perfection exists. He thinks that people need to wake up and tap into their inner motivation for them to break barriers. So he offers scheduled coaching sessions for people to discover their own hidden why per his guidance.

The Coolest Guy in SEO

Kris is a native of Australia and has earned his software engineering degree from the Queensland University of Technology. Post-university, Kris moved to London and worked for big companies in the finance industry. He has worked for Europe Visa among other established names in the field. After the economic crisis, Kris lost his job and moved back to Australia and started developing his own game.

In the process of building his game, it came to Kris’ mind that he needed a way to market his game. It was then that he started exploring the wonders of backlinking, analytics, and internet marketing in general. Kris shifted his focus to link building and built his own company.

Today, Kris now has Ardor SEO with teams coming from Phnom Phen, the Philippines, California, and Australia.

Living Life with Passion and Purpose

Competing with other businesses as an entrepreneur is very demanding. Kris said that the key to getting through it and achieving more is focus. People should focus on what they want and what they need to do in order to achieve the goal.

For Kris, he has his own to-do list that he creates daily. Part of his everyday routine is to do yoga, get coffee, and plan what he needs to do for the rest of the day.

Kris’ daily routine makes him more productive every day and as he describes it, “winning” every day. Leigh then gathered some words from Kris regarding his work. Being the Coolest Guy in SEO, Kris gave some information about quality content and SEO in general.

How SEO Works

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one way of marketing things online. It encompasses several methods of promoting a business which includes content marketing and link building.

What is backlinking and why is it important?

Backlinking is building a network of links that redirects to the money site. Kris explains it further using the logic of Larry Page, developer of PageRank algorithm. If many are linking to a person’s website and using it as a reference, then it can be assumed that this website is the authority of its niche.

Link building helps people to make their site and its contents more visible. One way to do it, he suggested, is by guest posting on another site from the same niche. They then provide a link back to the money site. However, receiving content from someone else do not have the same impact on the business.

Kris emphasises that the architecture of the site is very crucial to its ranking. More links should direct to more important pages and less on least important links. When it comes to link sharing, authority sites have more value than social media shares.

Quality Content in Internet Marketing

Publishing quality contents is valuable to internet marketing. Google evaluates these posts which, in turn, affects the authority of the page. This was explored by Kris and Leigh during this podcast episode. Kris sited that one should spend 10% of their time working on their content while the remaining 90% should be spent linking and sharing.

Furthermore, fresh content actually makes a difference to search results. People prefer to see recent information rather than something from the previous year. It is also important for one to highlight the service they bring to the table rather than their business name.

Usually, searchers will look for a solution to their problem and click on the first result they see. If the content of one’s site has less information that satisfies the reader, they would simply go back to the search page instead of staying more on the site. This affects the bounce rate and conversion rate of the website.

What Should a Good Content Have?

Content should target what people want to know about. As experts in their own niche, entrepreneurs and website owners should know what their market is frequently searching for. It should be something shareable and something that catches the attention of readers.

Compelling title tags and descriptions also help Google understand what the site is about. Google checks on the meta descriptions and shows the snippet on the search results. Otherwise, it picks up words from the page which they find more informative.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the episode, Kris was asked what his definition of success was to which he answered with “Freedom.” Today, Kris has the freedom to work whenever he wants and wherever he wants.

He also shared that if he could give advice to his younger self, he would tell him to be more patient. Living life with passion and purpose for Kris means doing what he loves doing which he also encourages others to do so.

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