SEO Pointers to Help Grow Your Business and Achieve Prosperity

Eric Dye of the Entrepreneur Podcast Network interviewed Kris Reid, CEO of Ardor SEO and the Coolest Guy in SEO to gather information related to SEO and internet marketing.

The show tackled the most important pointers with the least dilly-dallying, bringing to listeners great value for their time, especially if they’re business owners or website owners seeking to understand more about digital marketing and search optimisation.

In this podcast, you will learn and understand:

♦ Backlinks and their importance
♦ Google Penalties
♦ Difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO
♦ Organic traffic and how to increase it
♦ Difference between SEM and SEO
♦ Length of time to SEO a website

Eric Dye and the Entrepreneur Podcast Network (EPN)

Eric Dye is the voice and the vision behind EPN, a platform where everything you need to know about business success and prosperity is compiled in one place.

He created the podcast program after he realised that, in his 7 years as a business owner in the direct sales & network marketing industry, there was no place an average entrepreneur can go to at any time to learn, be informed, and find motivation.

He started out with a podcast with only his direct marketing team as an audience. A few months later, he served the entire company. This paved the way for the Entrepreneur Podcast Network. EPN offers a convenient source of tools that entrepreneurs can use to build their business.   

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There are other voices on the show, including Deby Cedars and Trisha Basanyi.

Kris Reid and Ardor SEO

The Coolest Guy in SEO and the CEO of Ardor SEO is a software engineer and an SEO expert. He is full of knowledge and expertise on search optimisation, making him the authority on the subject.

Ardor SEO is a digital marketing company that offers SEO services, authority marketing, and reputation engineering. The company helps clients and other SEO firms find success in the virtual marketplace.

What does Kris have to say on the topics below?

Backlinks and their importance

Backlinks are links from one website to another. The hyperlinks that visitors usually click on to open another page or website.

Thanks to the co-founder of Google, Larry Page, their importance and role in search optimisation were established.

He likened backlinks to references made pointing to a thesis. If more people use that particular thesis as a reference, then it must be reliable. The same is true for websites. The more people links to a site, the more authority it has.

Simply put, backlinks are a vote of confidence.

Google Penalties

Penalties were established to stop people from manipulating search engines. Before Penguin was rolled out, SEOs stuff keywords and backlinks in one page to rank on search engines. This is not that prevalent anymore these days.

Difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO

White hat – Is SEO done according to Google rules and guidelines.

Black hat – Is SEO that manipulates search engines.

Kris spoke about extreme black hat practices where hackers hack into a website and manipulate a page, adding links to help boost their website’s ranking.

Organic traffic and how to increase it

Kris describes organic traffic as increasing website exposure. He recommends that, if your website is on page 2 of search results, you should search for keywords that put you on that page. Then, use strategies that will move you from page 2 to page 1—which gets 98% of traffic, such as improving the site’s page title and description.

Difference between SEM and SEO

SEO refers to organic, free listings. SEM, on the other hand, is the opposite. It provides Google with the means to earn through paid listings.

Website owners who engage in SEM have to pay Google for every time their advert is clicked. This tends to become more expensive in the long run. In SEM, the one who has the most money wins.

Length of time to SEO a website

A better way to look at it is how quickly a client gets positive ROI. The sooner they earn the more likely they will spend more on digital marketing.

How is positive ROI achieved?

Find the answers when you listen to the entire interview on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network. Visit the page and you will also get a chance to win a full website audit at $2000 Valued Offering from Ardor SEO.

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