Kris Reid Gets Hacked in a Podcast by John Nastor

Kris Reid gets hacked! John Nastor, the famous entrepreneur hacker, had a one-on-one discussion with Kris, the Coolest guy in SEO. 

In this knowledge-filled discussion, the search engine optimisation (SEO) duo discusses the importance of backlinks and how using these links can turn into a business.

The Coolest Guy in SEO

The Coolest Guy in SEO Kris Reid

You must’ve known who the Coolest Guy in SEO is. If you haven’t, then this episode of Hack the Entrepreneur introduces him to you.

Kris Reid is the CEO and founder of Ardor SEO, a leading SEO company serving clients from all over the world. However, Kris was not always an SEO expert. Before he claimed his throne of success, he was just like any person, an employee.

Reid started off as a graduate in software engineering in Australia. Then he went to London to work in finance, but an unfortunate event brought him back to Australia. 

There, Kris built a safe desktop application without any way of knowing how to introduce and make it known to other people. So, he studied SEO, a practice that helped his application reach the knowledge of internet users.

Kris became fond of SEO and studied everything he needed to know about it. Later, he built a company focused on providing SEO services.

About Hack the Entrepreneur

Hack the Entrepreneur is a famous podcast hosted by the great entrepreneur hacker, John Nastor. The podcast is widely heard by interested individuals who are seeking to discover the fears, habits, challenges, and techniques of big-name successful entrepreneurs. Its episodes have been downloaded millions of times now, and this large number proves that Hack the Entrepreneur is a great source of knowledge for a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs.


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What Is Success

John starts the interview with Kris on the latter’s definition of success. Humbly answering John’s question, Kris says that being free to do his mornings the way he likes them is already a form of success. His success also reflects on how he keeps his business growing and stable without losing his head.

Using Backlinks to Improve SEO

It is no doubt that backlinks are important in increasing SEO. They are even considered as the backbone of Google that made it possible for the search engine to surpass its strong competitors. 

But, what are backlinks exactly?

In this podcast episode, Kris explains the process of backlinks by comparing it to a book. 

How do you know a good book?

It’s usually because someone recommended it, it is a good read. When that book is being referenced by someone, then it is no doubt an authentic reference.

Backlinks, as they discuss, seem to work that way. One website published content or an article. Another site sees the material to be exemplary and links the source website. Then, all the other websites link the source website pushing it at the top of the search results.

Kris’s fascination with backlinks prompted him to start a backlinking agency. However, Google is ever-evolving, the same as anything in the technology industry. Later on, backlinking was not the leading player of SEO anymore, and rankings have leaned more on the importance of quality content.

With the changes made by Google, Kris’s innovated as well, and that is Ardor SEO of the current time. The company is now helping a lot of businesses and organisations with their online reputation and presence.

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Hiring Offshore: Cambodia and the Philippines

Even though Ardor SEO’s founder is good a lot of things, he also has his flaws. One of the things he is not so good at is hiring his army.

Kris admits that the hiring process goes through a lot of people. Though hiring is not his cup of tea, Ardor SEO has an army of talented people working hard for their clients.

The company now consists of employees from Cambodia and the Philippines. The Philippines, being a country with excellent English language skills, is understandably the best option.

Hiring offshore also helped the company reduce its expenses, giving it a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Hiring Offshore: Cambodia and the Philippines

SEO is never stagnant; it is continuously changing and improving. As founder of an SEO agency, Kris keeps up with the competition by updating his knowledge. He reads articles and studies new algorithms and methods to improve his company’s SEO service.

Listen to the full podcast between Kris and John on Hack the Entrepreneur. 

If you want to know more about Ardor SEO or about the company’s fantastic CEO Kris Reid, simply search “The Coolest Guy in SEO” on Google.