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SEO Training #1 – Keyword Research

SEO Training #1: Keyword Research Did you ever wonder how to find the keywords that your customers are searching for? This little training will show you what keywords are, how to find your target market and their niche market and how to perform keyword research that will get you in front of your customers.What are keywords?Keywords […]

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Coronavirus and the Economy: Will You Lead or Fold?

Coronavirus and the Economy: Will You Lead or Fold?The Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire, and we were all caught off guard. This global pandemic has hurt more than just human health. Brick and mortar businesses are suffering from a decrease in foot traffic due to customer fears. Some are even speculating that if the current […]

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How To Whitelist Your Emails

The majority of Internet users won’t mind a few unsolicited emails now and then, but it’s a pain when they miss those emails that are actually more than important than the spam. This is when you need a whitelist – a list of emails that are allowed to reach your inbox – to ensure that the most important emails are found by you.

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How You Can Increase the Number of Visitors to Your Site

Want to Increase Traffic to Your Website? Here Are Ways to Do It, for Free!
If you own a website, one of your biggest concerns will be how to increase website traffic. How can you get more people to come to your site? And more importantly, how can you do this without having to spend extra?

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Ranking for a Keyword: 10 Steps That You Should Take

Setting up a website for your business is only half the battle. It also needs to rank high on search engines, like Google, for people to see that it exists. After all, a website is only as good as the traffic it gets.
It’s important that you understand the importance of keywords—and how to maximise their use. Now, you may ask, “how to rank for a keyword?”

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Keyword Search Volume: What Is It, How Can You Determine It, and Why Is It Important?

Whether you are a digital marketer, an SEO specialist, or a dedicated online writer or blogger, then you must already know how important it is to create quality content containing the key components to truly maximise the reach of your website.
From click-through rates to pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CPC) data, there are many metrics that you can use to measure the success of your website. However, one of the most important metrics is keyword search volume.

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Search Query vs Keyword: What You Need to Know

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an extensive process that is part of a broader approach—digital marketing. Given its intensity, you can expect that SEO has different sets of terminology that can be confusing when you’re learning the craft for the first time.
Today, we will talk about search query vs keyword.

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What Makes an Ethical Company and How Do You Become One?

According to Forbes, most millennial consumers are more inclined to support companies who use ethical marketing strategies.
Also, another study found out that a huge percentage of this group think that ethical brands perform better than their competitors who lack commitment to ethical principles.
This is why companies that dedicate themselves for the greater good, rather than focusing solely on their bottom lines, have seen a significant increase in support and revenue.

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