SEO Deconstructed and Delivered to You Simple and Clear on Traffic & Leads Podcast

In an episode in Traffic & Leads Podcast, Kris Reid shared amazing insights about the world of SEO and how it can help business owners generate leads and make a profit. With podcast host One-Click Lindsey throwing deep and probing questions, you are guaranteed to learn about SEO clearly and concisely.

Find answers to questions about keyword research, the 20/80 rule, bounce rate, link building, and more that are right on the mark. Even someone with little knowledge about digital marketing will gain a better understanding of it at the end of this podcast.

Who is One-Click Lindsey?

One-Click Lindsey

She is the host and founder of Traffic & Leads Podcast, a weekly show designed to help entrepreneurs to generate more leads and traffic online and, in turn, increase profit and grow their business. She is also a web strategy expert working with small business owners.

She interviews top industry-professionals to provide listeners relevant and useful tips that they can use to achieve business success in the virtual marketplace. With information gleaned from first-hand experience and observations, the show is sure to educate and inspire.

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Who is Kris Reid?

Founder of Ardor SEO and The Coolest Guy in SEO, Kris is an expert in search engine and digital marketing, with extensive knowledge about the business, from link building to content marketing.


Kris is a fount of SEO-related knowledge and anyone who is trying to wrap their heads around SEO is sure to learn more about it and how to make it work by simply asking him to share his knowledge. With a love for helping people help themselves, expect to be educated and come out more knowledgeable about search engine optimisation.

Learn more about Kris through Ardor Media Factory’s post about The Coolest Guy in SEO.

What services does Ardor SEO offer?

Apart from search engine optimisation, the company offers reputation engineering and authority marketing. Check them out here.

Traffic Tip: Search Engine Optimisation

This podcast tackles everything related to SEO, jumping from one element to another until everything came together to create an educational piece. With One-Click Lindsey asking all the right questions and Kris providing spot-on answers, the entire show is an experience.

The SEO Journey

Backlinks provide the foundation for websites to gain authority and Kris recommends that everyone should understand the concept behind link building to fully grasp its purpose and function.

He provided a good example out of Larry Page’s idea about book referencing. As a Google co-founder, he knows exactly what he was talking about.

What was the idea exactly?

Say, for instance, you’re writing a book. If other people use it as a reference when writing a thesis and other materials, the more authority your book gains. The same works for websites.

Links can come from various sources, including broken links, comment post links, and link exchanges.

building website links

Before any links can be built and shared, however, keyword research must be done first. Failure to identify the keywords you need to use is like “putting the cart before the horse,” according to Kris.

Google AdWords is one of the most recommended tools for keyword research. Business owners can also look into their competitors’ keywords to get an idea of what they should use on their website.

When it comes to content, Kris calls it “everything, really, to an extent.” After all, without quality content, there will be no quality links and no online visitors who stay long enough to save you from a high bounce rate, a signal that tells Google whether you are a good search result or not.

But focusing on content alone will not generate positive results, either. This is especially true if no one is visiting your site to read its content.

As a solution, Kris recommends the 20/80 rule where you spend 20% of your resources making content and to spend 80% to promote it and get people to read your content.

How do you get people to read your content?

The strategy you use will depend on your niche. As Kris pointed out, some niches gain more traffic through PPC, others through SEO, and some through social media.

Why do businesses need SEO?

Because Google wants to provide the best user experience which means providing only the most relevant search results. SEO is a strategy that will transform your website and make it relevant to your customers, helping you meet Google’s primary goal.

With over 200 ranking factors that the search giant looks into, search optimisation is more important than ever. Know whether or not your website loads fast, especially on mobile, or when your host server is often down.

Can a business owner do their own SEO?

Considering the basics of SEO is not that hard, anyone can do their own SEO. But Kris recommends that you do what you do best and leave the rest to the experts.

And One-Click Lindsey agrees. She likened the situation to doing taxes. Anyone can do it but accountants know more and can do more. And when the IRS comes knocking, you need someone’s expertise to deal with them. The same is true when Google comes knocking on your website.

How can you tell if an SEO agency is doing Black Hat SEO?

There is no magic formula for doing so, but Kris says that a company that promises to get you results without even asking you questions about your business, what you want to get out of your website, or where you envision your company to be in the next 6 months or a year is sure to engage in something dodgy.

Don’t miss out on more tips…

Listen to the entire podcast and be amazed by the exchange of ideas going on. Get the tips and strategies right from the experts themselves and take home valuable ideas that you can use to your advantage.

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