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Who are you and what do you do?

I am Kris Reid, a Software Engineer originally from Brisbane Australia but now live and work here in Davao, Philippines running my Content Marketing business.

What is Content Marketing?

That’s a tricky question and means things to different people. My idea of content market is permission marketing. It’s about engagement with people by providing content that they want to see, rather than the more traditional forms of marketing where it’s a screaming match of who can yell the loudest.

Take a billboard, radio or TV advertisement. They are cramming their product in your face in an attempt to steal away your attention and hopefully your money. Content Marketing is about producing interesting content that tells the story of your product or company and should engage with your audience or potential customers.

For example creating articles, blogs, videos or any other form of content which appeals to your target audience and that they actually want to see.

Who is it for?

Content Marketing works for any person or company that wants to develop their brand, increase engagement with their audience and even boost their rankings in the search engines.

What is the Objective? What problem are you solving?

The Objective is to make you the ultimate authority in your niche. That there is no confusion that when someone is searching for your product or service they are searching for you.

For instance when people in the UK are searching for a vacuum cleaner they say Hoover, when people in the US are searching for photo copying they say Xerox. Our goal is to the same for your brand. Whether you’re a Chiropractor in Sheffield or a Wedding Videographer in Vancouver, when your clientele are searching for your service they come to think of you.

Content Marketing is simple, right? Build it and they will come – Discuss.

The idea of Content Marketing is simple. Create quality, interesting content about your products and services. Develop a story of what you’re trying to create and that story will resonate with your target audience.

Learning how to do it correctly and finding the time and budget to create this content though can prove very difficult. After all most business owners are busy developing their products or running their business. Too busy to spend even a couple hours a week developing new content.

What is the difference between a niche site and an authority site? Do Niche sites work anymore?

Both the term nice and authority site are used by internet marketers to speak about websites that are developed primarily for advertising purposes like adsense or to sell affiliate programs.

A niche site is a small site designed to rank for a particular keyword like I bet you can guess what it is aiming to rank for? I know the site owner and he tells me it makes over $1,000 a month so I guess they still work

Authority sites are much bigger sites that don’t just target a single keyword. Keeping to the same hotel niche is an example of an Authority site. This site has thousands of pages and is massive PR7. I once spoke to the owner and he was selling the site for $50,000 so it must make considerable income.

Let’s Break it down.

What we do is a pretty complex system.

Each month we target 5 primary keywords and up to 15 long tail keywords. This helps you rank for a bunch of different terms and drive oodles of new visitors to your website.

5 X Posts on Industry specific Authority sites. We provide a primary keyword link, an image link and a URL or Branded link. A branded link is your company name / brand.

10 X Tier 1 posts. These are on some of the most popular sites on the internet, WordPress, Tumbler, Liver Journal. We provide a secondary keyword link, an image link, a URL or Branded link and also a link to another Authority in the niche. For example, say you are a small toy shop, we may include a link to Lego or Barbie to show your shop is of equal merit.

10 X Tier 2 posts. These are similar to the Tier 1 posts but rather than a link to an Authority site they contain a link back to a Tier 2 post. This is to give the Tier 1 posts even more impact.

5 X PDF posts. These are again are very much the same as Tier 1 posts but are obviously in PDF format. This is to create more variety of content and different sites linking back to you.

1 Video. Our team will research your business, products and service. Then make a short video to post on YouTube.

In total 31 published pieces of original quality content to build your brand and promote your website.

Where do you start? Key Words – Primary and Long Tail – why?

Primary keywords have more search volume per keyword but when long tail keywords are all put together they have a much greater search volume. After all you’re much more likely to search for something like Buy black evening dress Online rather than the short tail Dresses

Which search engines apart from Google are important?

The lion’s share of traffic still comes through Google. We focus our energy on Google and different country variations like or We’ve found that the other major search engines tend to have similar algorithms for ranking sites so if you win in Google you’ll win there too.

Do you use backlinks? How do you do this without upsetting Google?

Backlinks, a link from one website to another, are still important but if they don’t have context they can certainly get you into hot water. This is why we focus on creating quality original content and adding value to the internet

What are the benefits of the system to the client?

Quite simple! We develop your brand, promote your business and send more clients to your door.

Can you give some examples of how you have helped clients and with what results?

One of my favorite example is Christine Hanna from Life Studio. She is a wedding Videographer in Vancouver. She came to us at the start of the year worried about her bookings for the summer wedding season. She had a beautiful website but no traffic. This is a valuable market so as you can imagine it’s tough to rank.

I personally worked with Christine to select the best primary and long tail keywords to describe her service and what her potential customers are searching for. Then our team set out creating articles, blogs, PDFs, Social Media and videos to build her brand and make her the Authority of Vancouver Videography.

I received a lovely note from Christine just the other day that their website is now generating a ton of leads and they are fully booked for the Wedding season.

Google is always producing Algorithm updates? Panda 4.0 – doesn’t this game Google?

We do what Google wants you to do. We publish quality original content that adds value to the internet, that people are searching for and are happy to find. Algorithm changes do not affect us at all. Actually they can have a positive effect for our clients as Google shakes out the rubbish.

Where can people find out more and how can they contact you?

People are welcome to contact me directly