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As a real estate investor or realtor, you have probably tried all types of social media channels for lead generation, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and maybe even TikTok. However, most realtors haven't tried YouTube marketing. If you've given YouTube a try, chances are you packed it in when your first few videos didn't garner many views. 

Sadly, most realtors aren't leveraging YouTube marketing, although it's one of the most effective and cheapest ways of generating seller and buyer leads online in 2022. In this guide, you'll learn why YouTube is the perfect platform for promoting your real estate agency in 2022 and the best strategies for getting clients on YouTube.  

We will also share the best YouTube channels to follow as a real estate agent. These are realtors that have leveraged this popular social media platform, and you can follow what they're doing and replicate it.

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Lastly, we will disclose how optimizing YouTube videos will benefit your social network growth and local search engine optimization.

Does YouTube Work for Realtors?

If you've been wondering if YouTube for realtors is an effective real estate marketing strategy you need to pursue the following points should address your concerns.

YouTube SEO is Easy

Search engine optimization (SEO) for local real estate companies to help them rank higher in Google search engine result pages (SERP) is becoming quite difficult to achieve each day. It takes months or even years to be on Google's first page. 

Fortunately, it isn't as hard with YouTube SEO. Although Google owns YouTube, it promotes its videos organically in search results. Simply give your videos great headlines, add the right keywords, and include long and attractive descriptions for the best results. 

Don't forget to publish videos regularly, and in a few months, you'll start getting views on your video from various prospective home buyers and sellers. Simply put, YouTube videos help your website indirectly. 

Consider adding videos in other content types, like blog posts. That way, people will spend more time on your real estate website watching videos, and this increases 'Time on Site' and reduces bounce rate and will, in turn, enable your content and website to rank higher in SERP

YouTube Users Value Originality

YouTube doesn't care about your acting prowess. You don't necessarily have to be a professional actor or a theater personality to become famous on YouTube. As a matter of fact, people will connect easily with you at a personal level due to your originality. Simply impress your audience with your unique personality and voice.

Stand Out From Competition

People looking to sell or buy a home are often bombarded with many listings each time they go online and check on Google or similar search engines. Consider standing out from the competition by publishing guides on various aspects of this home selling and buying process. 

Your audience will enjoy watching this easy-to-consume information while also viewing you as an expert in real estate, leading to more clients and leads. 

A More Personalized Sales Funnel

You'll need a sales funnel to collect real estate leads online. Consider adding your YouTube videos into your drip emails rather than sending just textual messages. That way, your branding message looks more personalized, and you'll build your brand faster. 

As a local real estate business, you need to focus on personal branding. Your leads watching your video content can be the game-changer you need to grow your local real estate company. 

A realtor trying to open YouTube and post informative video content

Best YouTube Channels to Emulate:

The following are some of the best YouTube real estate channels to follow as a savvy realtor or investor.

1. Bryan Casella

A quick real estate YouTube videos search will probably see you stumble on the name Bryan Casella. His channel has more than 170,000 subscribers, and his content ranges from talking about being a real estate professional and Zillow, to interviews with other realtors and working with investors.

He also works with Loida Velasquez, a popular YouTuber with about 60,000 subscribers.

2. Jessica Riffle Edwards

This realtor in Wilmington, NC, broke out from Coldwell Banker's YouTube Channel and presently has about 14k subscribers. Some of her videos have gotten over 100k views, and she posts lots of home buying tips regularly. She also makes videos driving around her neighborhood. 

3. Matt Leighton

A licensed Realtor in Arlington, Virginia, Matt Leighton has over 16k subscribers on his YouTube channel. He covers various topics ranging from home selling and buying tips to the best properties on the listing market. He profiles each neighborhood in his county, and each video has hundreds and thousands of views. 

4. Nan and Company Properties

This Houston-based real estate company works with clients worldwide. Although their YouTube channel has less than 200 followers, they're pretty consistent with their video publishing schedule. They cover luxury living, lifestyle, listing information, and market updates, and their videos get hundreds and thousands of views. 

5. Mike and Cindy Jones

This couple offers information on the home selling and buying process. Mike and Cindy Jones also promote their newest houses for sale through video, displaying the best features of the listings. 

They organize a Live stream on Thursdays, and with about 1.6k followers, some of their videos even get thousands of views.

6. Greg Luther Coaching

With over two decades of working as a real estate coach, Greg Luther offers five to 20 minute videos showing tips and tricks on various topics. His video titles are always clickbaity, and his coaching program includes online training on topics like "The Art of Copy," perfect for writing content on real estate, "Bulletproof" (for listing presentation), and "Luxury Agent Mastery." 

Greg Luther also offers weekly training and hosts live events. 

7. Krista Mashore Coaching

An active realtor in California, Krista Mashore is also a coach with over 4000 subscribers to her channel, featuring lots of content for lead generation and video marketing. 

Some of her videos are often Q&As with her audience. 

How Do Realtors Start a YouTube Channel?

If you're considering YouTube for realtors it’s best to find a few channels that inspire you. Consider modeling your own on another successful YouTube channel that's in your line of real estate. 

Note their channel's appearance, how often they upload, and the type of videos they make. Next is to create a video publishing plan. Determine the time and days you'll publish your videos and how much high-quality content you can post each week consistently. 

Consistency is vital when drafting your posting schedule. YouTube favors channels that frequently publish video content. More so, your viewers will look forward to your videos because they already know you follow a plan. 

We recommend two videos each week or at least one. Consider uploading on the same days and times. When making YouTube videos, don't worry about not having the best video equipment. Your smartphone camera and ring light can do the trick. Simply ensure there's no noise in the background and your face is clearly showing.

A real estate agent setting up her phone camera and ring light to create video content for her YouTube channel

How Long Should a Real Estate Video Be?

While real estate investors looking to leverage YouTube marketing for lead generation are always worried about the type of real estate videos to make and impress their prospective buyers and sellers, the real confusion lies in how long a real estate video should be. 

The truth is, there's no fixed length for real estate videos. Different video types have varying lengths, depending on the property elements, complexity, and size. However, ensure the real estate YouTube marketing video doesn't get past ten minutes. 

Most videos over ten minutes become boring and make it hard for the viewers to watch to the end. On the other hand, the video shouldn't be below three minutes.

Optimizing YouTube Videos for Local Search Engine Optimization 

The results of Google searches always include YouTube videos because the social media platform is a product of Google. Therefore, your videos can appear in local Google searches in your location with a few simple optimizations. 

Some of the optimizations you can do include:

Focus on Keyword Search Optimization for Your Videos

Go to YouTube's video manager page and set your content keyword descriptions. Conduct quality keyword research and use relevant and specific keyword-related terms to achieve outstanding results for your video visibility in search results by the right audience. 

YouTube also suggests relevant keywords related terms, and when your video is highly optimized, it stands a better chance of appearing alongside other related videos in YouTube's sidebar feed. 

Geotag Your Video

Geotagging your videos associates it with your business location's GeoCoordinates, helping search engines to use your data and connect your channel to area searches most relevant to you.

Pick a Knockout Title

Your title is the first thing your viewers will see, so ensure it stands out. Your focus should be on enticing your prospects with something engaging and relevant to the video. Examples of words you can use in your title include "breathtaking" and "beautiful." 

When used to describe the places you intend to show your viewers in your video, these words will pique their interest. 

Drop Your NAP Details in the Description

You'll want to ensure your audience can easily reach you and connect with you by adding your name, address, and phone line (NAP). While you don't have to include your complete physical address information every time, ensure you insert at least an address or a phone number. 

Final Words

YouTube for realtors can massively impact your real estate business. These tips will help you generate more subscribers and leads through your real estate YouTube channels by creating quality informative videos that get organic views. 

As your social media channel keeps growing, your real estate business will enjoy new leads that you can easily convert to customers and you'll be on your way to becoming a successful millionaire real estate agent. 

If you've realized the benefits of YouTube for real estate video marketing and want to give it a try, work with a reliable online marketing agency like Ardor SEO. They can help you boost your real estate YouTube channel and optimize it for lead generation through content marketing. 

As a leading online marketing firm, we also offer other services like web development, social media marketing, web design, digital marketing, local SEO, and search engine marketing. Contact us today to give your business more visibility!

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