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You must have heard how the Internet has revolutionized global business. You may have also seen and felt it in your respective markets and industries. The Internet’s tremendous effort-to-result efficiency doesn’t risk overemphasis, and we keep discovering newer applications to make it even better.

At the eye of the action lies a social network: an Internet application that harnesses the potentials of human interaction for better business operations. Many people use social media for business, and the results have been astounding. 

From lead conversion rates to traffic engagements, social network platforms have been more effective than any other Internet technology before it.

However, with social media’s seeming ubiquitousness comes ambiguity. It’s just as effective for business as it is for pleasure, making people undermine its reach in specific scenarios. For real estate agents, there’s the tendency to underestimate an online platform where people go to watch funny videos and memes.

Options for the Best Social Network for Real Estate Agents in 2021

But we’re in 2021, and online content is in its highest demand. Let’s show you some of the best real estate agents’ social network options that allow you to get your real estate practices to as many people online.


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Starting on the list is one of the most popular social media apps in the world at the moment. It’s got extensive features and an enormous user base which makes it a veritable tool for business. Recently, Facebook’s focused on advertisements and implemented ideas that allow people to market their products to more people.

This poses a massive opportunity for real estate agents, as they can now leverage Facebook for longer-lasting customer retention. 

One way to begin is by creating a business page on the platform. It would be the “ground-zero” for your clients’ interactions on Facebook – post likes, comments, and private messages. 

More than that, a Facebook business page would be a springboard to launch your real estate ad and gather insights on how your leads are performing from time to time. You can check out our tips on how you can optimize your Facebook ads with real estate SEO methods


Twitter is one social media platform that tried to change the property market with “hashtags.” For the most part, it succeeded. The combination of strict 140-character posts and public hashtag trends allows agents to deliver compelling pitches that a large user base gets to see.

However, there’s more you can do on the platform in 2021, and you could solidify your real estate agency’s online presence with more tools and functions. For instance, there are Twitter tools that would allow you to schedule tweets at different times in the day, track specific keywords and notify you when you’ve gained a new follower. 

Adding Twitter to your existing marketing tools affords a niftier way to gain more productive leads and keep them for longer.


Instagram is a photo-centric social network for real estate agents that became popular at the turn of the decade. Thanks to their recent shift towards cross-platform integration with Facebook, you can run a unified campaign on Instagram with your Facebook business page. 

It’s a cost-effective and high-yielding social media marketing strategy that makes sense to implement in 2021. Check out our website on how you can use Instagram and real estate SEO tools to engage prospects on new property units and other relevant tips.


TikTok might seem like an oddball on our list, but it’s a veritable real estate agents’ social network in its own right. You can begin to see its full potential once you look beyond its teenage-centric reputation.

TikTok is a short-video platform that exploded in popularity in late 2020 due to specific catalysts. One of them is that we live in the realities of a global pandemic and rely on social media apps to survive the numerous lockdowns.

Another critical factor is that more people are beginning to demand short-length videos, as reports show it to be a viable information dissemination and entertainment method.

How can you use TikTok as a real estate agent? Realtors can use the platform to organize virtual tours for a luxury home property on a sales list. You can also use TikTok to reach a niche demographic who seek home buying tips in a fun and informal way.


LinkedIn provides more than an avenue for brand information. In 2021, it is a real estate agent’s social network that you can use to drive leads for your agency. Some of LinkedIn’s core features allow you to nurture your brand image and ensure that it resonates in people’s minds.

One effective way to begin is by connecting with regular contacts and setting up a referral system. From there, you can use LinkedIn’s update feature, which allows you to stay relevant on real estate topics on the application.

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Wrapping Up

Running a successful online marketing campaign requires social media apps such as the ones mentioned above. However, these applications are only half the equation, and you’d need to integrate them with your pre-existing strategies properly.

It would be best to focus on brand identity and ways to optimize it for social media platforms. This would include making your real estate ideas as visually appealing as possible by investing in professional photography for property images and virtual tours.

Also, you’d have to leverage the current socio-economic trends when creating content for your social media channels. Metrics show that most people wouldn’t want to interact with tone-deaf companies on critical societal issues, so it’s best to take a stand with your content for better engagement.

If you would like to know more about social media channels and how to incorporate them, contact us, and we’ll be glad to share more tips and insights. You can also learn more about how realtors can use real estate SEO to improve their online practice on our page.

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