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If we’re going to take a page out of the history books, you’ll find out that real estate has been in existence from time immemorial. However, it’s worth noting that the terms in which transactions took place are changing.

Although ads on newspapers and other information mediums (radio, TV, and listings) were sufficient to transact and close deals in the real estate market, more and more people are turning to social media these days. Why? It’s easy to use, fast, and more importantly, convenient. 

If you intend owning a real estate business, you’ll want to reach a wider audience, and with social media, you can accomplish this goal. According to research conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 77% of real estate agents used social media to promote their businesses.

That said, the subsequent paragraphs offer an insight into harnessing the powers of real estate social media and influential platforms to note. 

Also, to kickstart your real estate journey in full gear, we’ll be handing out some handy tips and why engaging the services of ArdorSEO might yield positive dividends in terms of engagements. 

Real Estate Social Media Marketing: Which Platforms Rank High?

To make huge strides as a real estate firm, you need to be active on specific social media platforms. Why? To reach out to your target audience and get patrons.

On the Internet, there are several platforms. Nonetheless, you’ll have to go with popular options. Emphasizing the NAR research of earlier, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram were social media platforms used by realtors the most.

While you might be excited about this prospect, these platforms don’t have the same mode of operation. Therefore, the way you get engagements on Facebook might not apply to LinkedIn and vice versa. 

Thankfully, we’re on hand to run through these options and give you a solid foundation on what to expect and how you can maximize each platform. 


Almost every “Dick and Harry” with a smartphone probably has the Facebook app. Thus, over the years, Facebook has cemented its status as the top social media platform globally.

To start things off on Facebook, you might want to create a dedicated business page rather than the preset option (a personal page). 

Although a personal page might work if you’d like to connect with close friends & family, a business page has its perks, especially if you want your real estate enterprise to have a greater reach.

Besides maintaining that professional stance, a business page accords you the luxury of using add-ons like Business Analytics to craft posts for a set target audience. 

Since we live in a world where people care so much about optics, be creative about your posts. If you’re posting pictures, add some designs to make them pop. With this, your post might attract second glances from regular folks going through their timelines.

If you’d like to step things up a notch, you could look towards Facebook ads. While you’ll be charged a fee, it’s worth considering because Facebook’s algorithm ranks posts with engagements higher.

For details on how they work, we’ve created a post that’ll put things into context. 


Created some years back, Instagram’s ownership switched hands and is currently under Facebook. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Facebook and Instagram have become popular alternatives amongst realtors. 

When placed side-by-side with its parent company Facebook, Instagram doesn’t prioritize connections that much. Instead, it’s more concerned with showbiz, and can you guess what realtors want to do? It’s easy, SHOWOFF!

If you’re a newbie on this platform, all you need to reach that audience you’ve always wanted to target is to create a stellar caption that tallies with the pictures you intend to post. Additionally, adding your contact details will go a long way in ensuring that intending patrons can quickly get a hold of you.

Also, you can avail yourself of the “Instagram story” add-on to post pictures. Nonetheless, it’s essential to note that Instagram removes these pictures after 24 hours.


Unlike the first two picks, LinkedIn, at first glance, doesn’t look like a real estate social media platform you can engage to gain patronage for your realtor services. But then, we’ve learnt never to judge a book from its cover.

LinkedIn takes things further, as creating a portfolio on this social media space grants you access to other professionals in your field (real estate). Depending on the connections you’ve formed, you can get clients due to referrals.

That said, if you’re running a service, it’s better to create a personal page and a business page. While your business page might get many clicks, people, more times than not, want to see the face behind the enterprise. 

Content for Real Estate Social Media Marketing: What Should Appear on Your Page?

Now that we’ve seen what social media platforms are regarded as top picks by realtors, the question on the lips of most real estate agents is – what do I post on my page to gain traffic?

Person writing on white paper

One thing that’s lovable about the real estate industry is that there aren’t any set rules. Consequently, you can post almost anything on your social media page.

However, there’s a “but” in the mix. You see, people are different and most times, seeing a particular set of posts from you can become monotonous. 

For context, imagine you’re constantly posting photos about different structures. It might seem exciting for your audience at first, but they avoid your posts entirely as time goes on. 

Therefore, you have to activate the saying “variety is the spice of life” on your social media posts. Let’s take a look at specific content that might generate the traffic and engagement you need. They include:

Photos of the On-sale Property

As we’ve opined earlier, visuals are everything in the social media market. Hence, ensure that you take property photos that have some pop to them. 

Since you’ll need real-world buyers because photos won’t sell themselves, endeavour you craft interactive captions. Here, you can add contact details and other interesting facts about the said properties.

Would you like some pop on your photos and don’t know how? Well, it’s time to get creative. For some context, Instagram provides some filters that can make pictures look more appealing. However, don’t overdo it as they might look unreal to your target audience.

Start-up Stories and Testimonials

Clients aren’t robots, and sometimes, they want to know that your business has a human aspect attached. 

Therefore, you could draft some stories about how you began your business, the challenges you faced along the way, how you overcame all those drawbacks and became a force in the market.

Alternatively, you might want to post some testimonials from contented clients on your page. 

For instance, when a satisfied client posts positive feedback on their Facebook personal page, you can seek their consent to post it on your business page. 

If they agree, you could draft a post with a caption in the lines of – “Mr X was all smiles when he saw his newly acquired beach condo, would you love the same? Hit us up on..” 

With posts of this nature on your page, you get to earn the trust of individuals you’ve never seen before and just maybe, get a business deal struck in the near future.

Covering Open House Events

Are you looking to get outside the “Virtuality” of social media for a little bit? Organize open house events on properties you have listed as a realtor. Although you could take some photos and post them on your page, you can strike those lucrative deals when you’re able to market yourself to your clients.

First off, you’ll need to plan the event and create a scenery sure to attract people. Next, you can use social media for advertising the event by designing a banner that ticks all the boxes for “aesthetics.” 

For those who can’t attend, you can run a live stream on Facebook or Instagram. By imbibing all of these steps to the latter, you earn the trust of prospective clients.

Renovation Hacks

While making property sales might come off as the primary goal of a real estate social media business page, it isn’t. 

Here, veer off your typical posting pattern and give your followers quick and interesting hacks concerning renovations and maintenance tips to ensure their homes stand the test of time. 

Although a video will make things more interactive and practical, a blog post on this subject matter should do just fine.

What’s Next for You and Your Realtor Agency?

Using the above social media platforms for your real estate business and applying the correct content is everything if you’re looking to get those engagements. 

However, it’s easier said than done. If you’re finding it difficult to hit the right target audience, you might want to engage the services of ArdorSEO

With a reputation for growing real estate engagements, get your realtor business at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) without hassles when you choose this SEO service.

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