Businesses that want to stay ahead in today's competitive market have no choice but to embrace innovative technology like real estate marketing apps. These programs allow you to express your ideas, host digital open houses for prospective clients and sell commercial or private properties with ease!

Get more Real Estate Leads now!

With so many real estate apps out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth your time.

The best apps also perform professional photography and aid task management. They also facilitate better business relationships between you (the developer) as well as app users in general with their features that help close deals on the go!

The best real estate apps for making your marketing strategies more effective in 2022 have been coming out all year. Some of them are old, while others were just released this past summer - but they're each worth checking out if you're a Realtor who wants to grow their business!

Best Real Estate Apps for Customer Relationship Management

CRM issues are a common pain point for real estate agents. Do you struggle with following up on leads for potential prospects? Are you missing information and analytics regarding your client's interests? What about the dreaded scheduling blunder?

You can use any realtor app below to nurture and expand your client network. A CRM app can help you digitize and consolidate various relationship-related tasks, ensuring that you don't overlook the details.

1. FollowUp Boss

FollowUp Boss enables you to respond to leads more quickly and nurture them, ultimately converting more prospects to listings. This tool is popular among realtors due to two key features: connecting teams and following up leads. 

Consider utilizing the team inbox option to route all incoming texts, calls, and emails to a larger sales platform (this way, anyone in your group can respond if you can't). Furthermore, you can track the outreach activities of individual agents.

This app has several advanced features to investigate and numerous ways to personalize your leads. Fortunately, email and phone support are available every day.

2. Propertybase

Mobile apps, text messaging, pipelines, call logging, dialers, and other features aren't optional in a CRM tool if you want to stay ahead in the housing market.

Fortunately, Propertybase is reliable, checking off nearly every box that today's property brokers and real estate agents require from an app.

Propertybase is an all-in-one system that won't disappoint you, blending a solid salesforce-based customer relationship management with MLS incorporation and excellent IDX lead-generating websites that function in unison.

If you include a ready-to-use transaction management platform, you might not have to spend any additional cost on other real estate marketing apps.

3. Pushover

You're constantly on the move as a realtor, so it could be challenging to stay on top of what's going on with your social media apps and website.

However, push notifications are an excellent way to receive micro-updates conspicuously.

Nevertheless, push notifications aren't available for everything. However, Pushover allows you to receive real-time push notifications from several sources on your Android devices and IOS.

Additionally, Pushover integrates with IFTTT, a service that connects other apps. For instance, you can add your blog commentary RSS feed to Pushover and IFTTT to start receiving push notifications when someone makes a new comment.

4. DocuSign

If you're a realtor who hasn't used DocuSign, you're missing out on a helpful app that hit the industry a few years ago. 

DocuSign enables you to manage paperwork from any location. The tool makes it easier to manage your contacts and obtain signatures from a single place.

Also, there are realtor-specific plans to help you receive all of the essential features in one spot.

You won't have to fret about organizing your books or forgetting to sign documents anymore because you get to see the status of all unsigned or signed copies. 

Furthermore, you can arrange them based on whether they’re finished or awaiting signature.


The CINC will handle your leads and function like a personal concierge, getting the individuals on the phone for you.

Excellent Mobile Apps for Real Estate Marketing

You’ve probably heard of some incredible marketing tools to improve your photos, videos, and overall business, so you can attract new clients. Try using one or more of the following apps to display your latest listings.

6. PromptSmart Pro

Do you find it challenging to remember everything to say while performing video marketing? 

PromptSmart is a smartphone teleprompter app that helps you shoot videos faster no matter where you are. You could be at a recent open house, office, or anywhere else while reaching your target audience.

Your script could be in PDF, RTF/TXT, Microsoft Word, or a Google Doc, and the application will hook up to services such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, and others to open your files. 

The app utilizes voice recognition, scrolls while speaking, and stops when you take a break. (If you deviate from the script, it pauses, making it an excellent resource for a real estate agent who gets easily distracted).

It's available for iOS and Android, with varying prices, depending on whether you want to buy it once or get an ongoing subscription.

7. Ripl

Ripl is an image and video app that allows real estate agents to create branded social media posts. You can upload logos and customize your brand styles (such as fonts and colors).

The app brands the images and videos you make, an excellent feature that helps distinguish your content on social media platforms and boost your real estate business.

It comes with many design templates to help you get started quickly, allowing you to share to multiple social media accounts or platforms at the same time, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Likewise, you can schedule posts in the future. It is available for Android, iOS, and desktop platforms.

8. Quik

Quik is an excellent app for editing videos and making small stories out of your photos. It's perfect if you want to create compelling content!

This app lets you use over twenty themes for your final video, each with its own transitions and graphics. Additionally, you can add music from a library containing over a hundred free songs and change the text overlay. 

Although we wouldn’t recommend Quik for listing videos, it’s an excellent option for creating short video stories following a recent customer appreciation event.

9. Canva

While Word Swag seeks to eliminate the need for graphic design apps, Canva fully embraces its position as full-feature image design software. 

Canva helps you create social media-friendly videos and photos. It also offers other features like creating printed items, including event invitations, business cards, holiday cards, among a whole range of goods.

Canva on mobile has a lot more capabilities than you'd think. You can download it for free, but you’ll need to buy credit in-app to unlock additional features. 

Agents who want to stand out in today's competitive market should consider upgrading to a pro-level subscription service. By adding your company logo and color palette, you can create more compelling content for future clients!

10. Adobe Photoshop Express

This app has long been the realty photo editing application of choice for professionals looking to improve images supplied through real estate photography.

It’s pretty much the most popular photo editing and modification application in real estate.

Its applications span photo editing to generating intricate digital drawings and paintings that look like they’re hand-made. 

Top agents in the sector make it their go-to app because it helps them create excellent images that attract prospective clients. 

Although Photoshop is subscription-based editing software, Adobe offers a free trial for a week on its creative applications for both the macOS and Windows devices.

If you're in the business of buying and selling real estate, then this one’s a must have! With amazing photo editing tools, your listings will stand out from the rest.

11. BombBomb App

If you're a real estate agent, you know that marketing is key to your success. You need to put yourself out there and reach new potential clients constantly. That's where BombBomb comes in. 

This app is the ultimate marketing tool for real estate agents. It allows you to easily create videos and send them to your contacts. Videos are a great way to connect with potential clients and show them what you have to offer. 

Plus, BombBomb makes it easy to track your results so you can see how well your videos are performing. So if you're looking for an easy way to boost your marketing efforts, BombBomb might be the app for you!

Best Apps for Lead Generation and Open Houses 

The following apps for real estate are suitable for generating leads in the realty market. 

12. RPR App

Reports you create and share using the RPR app can help boost your social networking lead-generating campaign. 

The app, designed specifically for realtors, provides access on the go to a countrywide, parcel-centric database of commercial and residential properties.

Likewise, you can easily generate and send branded real estate reports and local industry activity reports whenever and wherever you want. 

Furthermore, you can utilize your mobile's location to see nearby sales or dig deeper into any building to see mortgage, tax, past and distressed data, dynamic mapping, and flood zones.

13. Zillow Premier Agent

This free software is necessary if you have Zillow listings or intend to have some. It has numerous appealing features to make it a one-stop-shop for realtors.

Zillow Premier Agent also provides a free database that allows you to transfer leads from or BoomTown through Gmail. You can also successfully set more appointments and schedule reminders, tasks, emails, and texts.

14. Block Party 

Block Party is a go-to app for realtors who host open houses regularly. It's completely free, customizable, and comes with a QR code sign-in function. 

The app also offers customized branding for the largest brokerages, email and text follow-up, single property websites, lead verification, and other services.

Another option to generate a dynamic QR code is Beaconstac. It's a QR Code management platform which allows changing the destination URL without re-printing the QR Code.

15. Leadpages

Landing pages are an essential part of creating the perfect conversion-focused website. With short attention spans being common these days, it's necessary to make your landing page as interesting and engaging as possible in order for people to visit! 

One common mistake made by businesses with strong marketing campaigns is not utilizing this awesome tool called Leadpages which helps you create highly effective webforms (which also happens to be super cheap) on demand right from within your site or blog post - saving time AND money!!

Other Real Estate Marketing Tools

Besides all the tools listed above, there are other ways to boost your position in the real estate market. You can accomplish this through:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google is the most popular search engine in use today, and with good reason—it's free! But what if you want to rank higher on Google? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help get your web page into Google’s top results by following certain practices that improve its visibility and positioning for organic searches (that means without paying).

Since keyword research is the most popular way for individuals to find and access digital content like attractive real estate investments, an excellent SEO strategy is critical for increasing the quantity and quality of visitors to your website.

Search engines like Bing and Google typically use a crawler, also known as a programmed bot or spider, to collect information about websites.

SEO focuses on unpaid traffic also called organic or natural results, instead of paid or direct traffic. Unpaid traffic can come from various sources, including video search, news search, image search, and sector-specific search engines.

As a digital marketing tactic, SEO considers the way search engines function, the programmed algorithms that govern their actions, the things people look for, the general keywords inputted into the search engines, and the ones their targeted audience prefer. 

Do you want to appear on the first page of search results with your competitors if a potential client inputs a keyword relevant to the service your business provides? 

If the search engine doesn't list your brand among the first ten results, another company has won a new client, or you've lost one. Click here to find out how to avoid this issue.

SEO is essential for all budding real estate agents because their websites can get more traffic from search engines if they rank high on the results page.

SEO can draw new clients to your site and let you deepen your company's relationship with them over time by building trust.

You don't have to be an SEO expert to utilize this advertising strategy, as there are many professionals online who can assist you with the process.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns enable you to acquire immediate credibility with incoming leads, distinguish your hot prospects, and stay in the minds of those who aren't prepared to act. 

Real estate agents can use email drip campaigns to boost their trade. They are a series of automated promotional emails sent when a contact triggers an event.

Any action, such as joining an email list, can be a trigger. For example, if someone registers to find details about a San Francisco property like the sales price and other essential information.

In your instant response email, you provide the contact with an option to click on to express their interest. Click segmentation lets you add the individual to a list, activating a process that includes sending them information about the property.
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Social Media Applications

In today's competitive advertising environment, real estate investors should register on social media and use it extensively and regularly.

The power of social media to boost brand awareness, establish credibility as an investor, and create a slew of new business is unrivaled in real estate marketing.

With approximately 2.3 billion individuals worldwide operating social media applications like Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube realtors must utilize social media to the fullest extent possible.

Bottom Line

Whether you're a realty investor or a small business owner, it's critical to make the most of your resources. Many applications and tools can help you build your digital marketing strategies, business relationships, and gain more leads. If you're not sure about using a specific app for real estate, try the free version first.

You can also test run a few paid versions of real estate marketing apps that industry experts recommend before settling for the best app that suits your real estate business needs.

Remember, real estate apps aren’t the only means to advertise your brand. You can also try other reliable tools like SEO and social media platforms to obtain leads. 

If you're unfamiliar with search engine optimization, consider hiring a renowned specialist to do the heavy lifting for you to  give your business the attention it deserves.

In today's world, digital experts are affordable and employ teams of experienced professional IT and content professionals. Our team is a vibrant mix of talented real estate professionals and writers who live, breathe, and create an all-things-real estate. If you find yourself too busy or overwhelmed by the things you must do to soar to the highest visibility to both buyers and sellers in your area, don't be shy - discover real estate SEO experts.

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