If you're a real estate agent, consider yourself a superhero. Real estate agents don't just sell a house. Instead, they help everyone fulfill their wildest dream: to find and own the perfect home. 

Bringing someone's fantasy home to life isn't an easy task, but any realtor knows that you can reach rockstar heights in the profession if armed with the right tools.

A successful digital real estate strategy will bring your listings from blah to bidding war status. With the competition of significant realtor sites and realtor chatter ongoing 24/7, you need to stand out from the fray and offer an irresistible plan to capture the interest and visits from home buyers.

Whatever your digital strategy entails, every piece of your marketing puzzle must include specific content types for search engine optimization (SEO). In our guide, you will learn how to master the art of SEO in every section we cover. 

When it comes to your digital marketing plan for real estate, your Google ranking will go from zero to hero in no time when you follow our tips.

Our award-winning team of passionate real estate agents created this guide to the 5 essential things to include in any real estate digital strategy.

Enjoy the whirlwind tour of your new digital marketing plan, as you build your SEO-optimized digital marketing for real estate piece by piece!

1. Publish a Website

Did you ever notice that the world's Olympic athletes don't look like they break a sweat? They train their bodies to win big by lifting weights while also honing their minds' creative corners to beat the competition. Every business success balances body and brain to reap results.

Just like an Olympian, a real estate agent must rise to a visionary marketing approach that will wow all home buyers. Create a stunning visual website, and your home sales will soar!

In today's world, the real estate business runs on mobile-friendly web pages that bring your vision to life in dramatic, visual ways. Digital marketing for real estate agent success means you must make sure you offer a powerful online presence for both buyers and sellers.

Some of the largest real estate companies have an online presence reminiscent of a work of art. Though you may be on a tight budget, you can also reach home buyers with stunning photos, video content, and handy real estate tips every client is yearning to know. 

But no matter how beautiful your website appears, you must follow specific rules for people doing online searches to find you. 

Here are proven tips to place your new website front and center on the internet.

Design a mobile-friendly site. People search for everything on their mobile phones, including houses. Mobile searches and usage now number higher than laptops, digital pads, etc. Though you want your site to look marvelous on any device, make sure your website looks perfect on any phone. Google now rewards anyone with a mobile-friendly design by placing them higher in ranking for all searches.

Your real estate agent website must offer visual beauty, video content, education, and clickable buttons. 

Learn about search engine optimization (SEO) to be the highest-ranking site on the internet. Your SEO requires a unique brand name, strong content, and assets such as blogs, social media, etc.

Include a catchy 'call-to-action' phrase that viewers click. This clickable button can guide those who are looking to find their forever home, to find tips on house buying, and to learn all about real estate.

Be sure to set up content as separate pages, and have a button for a free download PDF for your potential clients. As a successful real estate agent, you are the expert, and people will want to see what you know.

For every click, you must gather critical information about your real estate visitor. Have a form ready to capture the name, the email address, and the phone number. 

If this is beyond your internet knowledge, go online to find very inexpensive form creators who can easily make these pages for your usage.

2. Content is KING: Create a Blog

Content is the linchpin of every stellar real estate strategy. 

But content is not just catchy writing. A real estate digital marketing strategy offers a range of content including videos, photos, social media, headlines, and educational tips. 

A significant piece of your successful online marketing plan is creating useful, engaging content. Home buying is confusing to those who are not in the real estate profession. You have the opportunity via marketing efforts to work with your clients, work with other agents, grow your listings, appear on primary search engine results pages, and much more.

Imagine using your digital marketing for real estate and featuring one property you have for sale. A solid marketing strategy would be to highlight the location as being close to highly rated schools, so you could use a local photo of the school and write about their stellar educational features. Or, you may want to emphasize how other real estate professionals love this neighborhood and include pictures and names of beloved local cafes.

Use your knowledge as a real estate agent and write what you know in brief blogs offering helpful educational tips with a big dash of your personality. Unlike typical formal journalism, a blog is a space where you can have a sense of humor or offer personal experiences to your readers.

Here are tips for your real estate blog marketing success

step 1

Write and publish new real estate blogs at least three times per week.

step 2

Choose a catchy title for every blog and include at least two photos.

step 3

Feel free to show off some of your listings in your blog, but never write your blog like an ad. Focus on what you love about the listing in a very personal style.

step 5

Every time you post a blog, you must also immediately post it on social media accounts, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

step 7

Visit this site to see what the hottest hashtags are on any given day.

step 9

Don't be afraid to toot your own horn by sharing some testimonials from happy clients. 

step 4

Educate your public about real estate. Building trust is priceless, plus you are branding yourself as the expert in the real estate industry.

step 6

Be sure to use popular real estate hashtags so anyone searching will find your blog.

step 8

Offer a PDF download of every 'how-to' guide or any blog you publish.

step 10

Create a blog that is a virtual tour of a home and point out specific things your topic is centered around, such as an open space or new appliances or a great backyard.

By building your real estate audience with snappy titles, visuals, and education, your search engine optimization will proliferate. Along with your new branding, your reputation as the go-to real estate expert will follow!

3. Online Marketing: Tricks of the Trade

Digital marketing includes taking everything you create, from your website to your blog to your social media platforms, and sharing it with the public. Though marketing strategies vary, everyone agrees that sharing your real estate work with potential or current clients is the best way to move the needle on your success upwards.

The real estate industry is overwhelmed with websites and chatter. But if you create a clean, clear website, blog, and other content, you will be far above and beyond your competition. You never want to seem like you are using marketing tactics but instead offer personal, home buying or home selling advice to your target audience.

Here's why: SEO recognizes new content. SEO rewards mobile-friendly websites. Using new titles, education, visuals and sharing them on your website, social media, and online marketing means your ranking in Google. This system leads to successful marketing for real estate agents and more clients.

Did you know that Google owns more than 90 percent of the world's search queries? Real estate businesses profit significantly by being easily discovered on any online search.

Your marketing plan must include email marketing campaigns to push your online visibility to the top of the digital ranking. Even if you're not a marketing expert, you can successfully run an online content marketing campaign.

A guide to create your  email marketing campaign

Organize emails you have collected over the years, including past clients and potential clients.

Use your website as a foundation for all your marketing campaigns. Write a sample email by taking one of your blog post titles, educational pieces, or tab titles.

To maximize your SEO, use a title from your website and blog as your 'subject' line.

In the body of the email, use a call-to-action, such as "I saw this and thought of you ..”

Offer something free, such as a downloadable PDF for a home-buying checklist, etc.

Always sign your email like a letter, including your business name, phone, email, and URL of your website.

How to Run a Professional Email Marketing Campaign

A top way to run a successful email marketing campaign in real estate is to use a third-party platform, a paid service where you can enter a photo, logo, written content, links, and then all of your contacts to email. You will see valuable reports showing who opened your emails, who clicked, and visited you multiple times.

Discover Third-Party Digital Marketing Platforms

Digital marketing platforms will also usually reach more people than your email due to their AI tools used in emails. These systems can email large numbers of people.

You can schedule your real estate marketing to go out specific dates and times. Many savvy real estate companies use online marketing platforms for their digital marketing strategy.

These platforms will automatically delete any unsubscribed emails from your list.

Another great feature of marketing platforms is their use of a marketing sales funnel, also called a nurture campaign. This is a series of email marketing campaigns that go out to clients or potential clients numerous times. 

4. Virtual Tours & Virtual Staging

When it comes to the housing market, all the world's a stage. Anyone searching listings will want to visit a virtual tour, but you need to be confident your video shows off your properties with plenty of awe.

You have two fantastic options for sharing a virtual experience for home-buyers: offering a real-life virtual tour or virtual staging.

Virtual Tours

Your business will benefit from having a relationship with a professional photographer and videographer. People adore a virtual tour, so you need to be sure your property is majestic from every angle.

Virtual tours are the icing on your gorgeous home for sale. Potential buyers will view your stunning video numerous times and then reach for the phone to book an in-person visit. 

Using professional videos to show off properties is a part of all successful real estate marketing strategies.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is one of the most exciting new features your marketing strategies should include. Though you will want to spend the money and time creating a virtual tour, showing off properties via a virtual staging is quite different.

Photos of vacant rooms in homes for sale are transformed by a professional company that populates the space with gorgeous, perfectly proportioned stylish furniture and art!

Even if you have a minimal budget, this is an option you can afford. Many firms charge about $60 for a virtual makeover, so search online for a virtual staging company to wow you and your clients.

This feature is a tech-savvy sales and marketing tool that elevates your vacant property from dull to wow. If you are looking to mesmerize your audience, we highly recommend this inexpensive, modern selling tool.

5. Boost Sales with Social Media

No digital marketing plan for real estate would be viable without social media. Everyone you know is on social media, and when you add in gorgeous photos or videos of homes-for-sale, you will have people buzzing.

Successful real estate marketing includes all digital platforms, so posting your new blog, website, press, virtual tour, or virtual staging on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Guide to posting impactful, engaging social media posts

  • Don't be afraid to tag other real estate agents since they may bring their clients in for sale!
  • Always include a fun photo, either of yourself working at a house for sale or posing near the property's gorgeous pool. Have fun with it!
  • If you aren't good at designing social media ads or creating photos with verbiage, go online, and you'll discover many firms that specialize in mobile-friendly real estate marketing images.
  • Beat the competition with unique fun messaging in your social media posts, and be sure to include personal photos as well. 
  • Simplify the buying process with 'listicles', which are descriptive lists of tips.
  • Be sure to post where other agents are looking since other agents will bring clients to your listings.


By now, you've probably had a solid education in the real estate business of digital marketing. You can build your search engine results pages, drive new leads to your listings, experience business growth, and own your target audience. 

Don't Wait -

Take Action!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and think you might not have time for all this, don’t worry. We can help you improve your SEO rating and bring in more clients, and you’ll be able to grow your business more passively than ever! 

About the author 

Kris Reid

Kris Reid, the Coolest Guy in SEO, is the CEO of Ardor SEO. His expertise lies in helping real estate professionals get more leads and customers to predictably grow their business. Get to know Kris and learn more about our team here.

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