The United States is the top country in the world for real estate investments. Every day, real estate investors, comb through Google search results and other search engines for the top real estate investing opportunities.

To entice hundreds of interested parties to visit your real estate website and take an active interest in your real estate investments, you need to create Google SEO strategies that will engage and deliver them to your keyword-rich website.


Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to how your website performs anytime someone searches for what you are selling online. Your SEO is the driver that will deliver any qualified buyer or motivated seller to your website's doorstep if you know the tricks of working with the almighty search engine, Google.

Our SEO strategists have created a comprehensive guide to help you grow your online brand visibility and reap robust real estate investment sales. For real estate investors, SEO is a must-have.

Search Engine Optimization For Realty Investments

Your real estate investing must be visible online each time a potential client conducts general or local searches for properties or real estate opportunities. The first thing you must do to take advantage of SEO as a driver for your real estate investments is to seek higher rankings on Google.

Fortunately, there are many forms of search engine optimization for real estate investors.

These simple tips can take you from zero to hero when it comes to getting the word out about your investments.

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How Search Engines Benefit Real Estate Investors

Website User Experience

This must be seamless at all times. If your website opens slowly, website visitors and screen readers most likely will not return.

Visual Appeal

Remove all clutter or confusing images from your website's keyword-rich content and home page. Then do the same for all of your web pages.

Relevant Keyword-Rich Content

Research keywords and create an impressive list weekly for your website. Make sure to find keywords and phrases that specifically identify what you are selling: real estate investments.

Do target keyword research and utilize strong keywords in titles, meta titles, within your website's content, and in photo or video captions.

Keyword research will help you find the highest volume of Google ad words relevant to real estate.

Give Your Website an SEO Checkup

To reap the many profitable benefits of sharing your investment listings online, you need to check your website to make sure you’re maximizing your Google SEO ranking. If you are making technical errors and leading search engines do not recognize your website properly, you may be virtually invisible to online readers.

You’ll certainly never reach the first page of Google search results!

Auditing is an ongoing process. If you don't feel comfortable doing this type of audit, be sure to check online for numerous websites, such as Ardor SEO, that offer affordable expert real estate IT assistance.

There are multiple ways to improve SEO for real estate investors.

  • Correct any broken internal linking and external linking. Simply click the anchor text to see if it works.
  • Ensure all your website content looks fantastic, specially formatted for mobile devices. As the top search engine, Google rewards mobile-friendly, stunning websites with higher SEO rankings in searches!
  • Do keyword research and always use specific keywords when creating content. Use these keywords in titles, meta titles, website tabs, real estate investor sections, etc.
Title tag SEO
  • Use specific locations and property types in every target keyword to attract the appropriate buyers to your website.
  • Consider using an SEO service that caters to SEO for real estate investors. This will help you build the most high-ranking real estate website possible. As a real estate investor, you have plenty of options for affordable, effective SEO services.

Create a Real Estate Investor Google Business Page

Your keyword-rich website needs to be Google-friendly. Visit the search engine to create your first free Google business profile. The techies at Google are very knowledgeable and offer easy-to-understand guides for any realty experts looking to promote their real estate investment business through SEO.

Google Analytics

After you answer some simple questions, you will have your own Google business page. You can add your photos, business name and address, email, website URL, and a brief “About Us” blurb.

Once you make your Google real estate investor page and verify your business with Google’s search engine, you will know anyone searching for what you have to sell will see a professional-looking, mobile responsive, and visually pleasing website on their mobile devices.

This free service is a game-changer for finding real estate investors and sharing your brand with the world.

Add a Real Estate Investment Blog to your Website

Millions of people every day search online to learn about investing, saving for retirement, finding a safe investment, and much more.

This is why SEO is so crucial.

Adding a blog or blog post to your keyword-rich website is the key to maximizing your brand and reaching your target audience.

Person holding the sticky note in laptop monitor

Real estate investors come from all walks of life. They may be active-duty veterans, retirees, families looking to build a nest egg, or anyone with a dream to make a profit doing something they love.

Write snappy content, include one or two great photos or a video, and use relevant, specific keywords. Every time you make a blog post, share it through your social media posts and any other marketing channel.

Include external and internal linking and watch your organic traffic grow through Google!

Create Drip Marketing Campaigns

If you've got a coffee pot, you already know precisely how a marketing drip campaign works. With a small, steady stream of water, your coffee will brew to roasted perfection.

Drip marketing campaigns serve up actual content with a slow, steady stream of marketing content, shared with the public over a series of sent emails. Also called funnel marketing campaigns, drip marketing campaigns can increase realty investment visibility exponentially.

Unlike traditional marketing emails, drip campaigns will enjoy very robust open and click rates, with up to 70 percent open and 30 percent click rates!

Here's how to create your own viral investment sales tool online with email marketing.

Optimizing Drip Campaigns

  • Make your subject brief, savvy, relevant, and engaging.
  • Build 7-10 brief, informative, and engaging emails with clickable link text and imagery.
  • Create a call to action, made up of a two-sentence beginning with a question or problem. Then end with a solution, always link building to your keyword-rich website.
  • Once you are happy with your emails, take the time to sign up for free tools or very inexpensive campaign services, such as Campaign Monitor.
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  • Email marketing services are vital if you want to send out professional, visual, and stunning emails that get opened and read.

When you send out funnel emails, you should ask for the name, email, and phone number of every motivated seller, buyer, and recipient.

Lastly, if someone clicks on your website, you must call them - as fast as possible. Studies show that 60 percent of people who click want to speak to you about their interest in your services.

If you do not have a robust email list that targets the local market, search online and purchase a qualified list. Prices vary, but these potential client lists are worth their weight in gold!

Feature Video Tours on Your Home Page

The best way to get offers on your real estate listing or investment properties is to create amazing videos and share them everywhere. To boost your sales, you must be comfortable developing and sharing brief but engaging real estate videos.

Consistent, relevant shares may significantly impact SEO.

Follow these three video creation and sharing rules to make a significant impact on your bottom line:

  • Make videos brief and keep them moving along. Don't dryly explain your strategy. It’s a better idea to show it!
  • Have a sense of humor. People love enjoying lively videos. You could do a virtual tour, but add in some kind of funny element or include pets, etc.
  • Use anchor text to link to your website and any other marketing channel or any other page you may have.
  • Tell a story with a distinct beginning, middle, and end.

Always remember, working with a professional is an excellent investment for your future. It's easy to hire affordable videographers who can elevate your video tours beyond your highest expectations.

Show Off Your Real Estate Investments on Your Home Page

Conquering SEO for real estate investors isn't impossible, but it's not for the faint of heart! You need energy, strategy, and creativity to take over the internet to send buyers and motivated sellers to your investment website.

Many times, real estate investors are interested in a specific real estate investing website. But when they visit the website, they lose interest.

Here's how to leverage SEO and not lose anyone who clicks onto your site.

  • The colors of your web pages must be complementary and not harsh in any way.
  • Keep your different pages clean, connected, and uncluttered.
  • Do keyword research and find keywords, phrases, and titles to boost organic traffic.
  • Include engaging, keyword-rich content containing clickable link text.
  • Include your social media accounts at the top or bottom, using small clickable logos for each platform.

Don't Bury the Lead: Design a Website Solely for Your Investment Properties

When creating SEO-friendly content, don't bury the lead! This vital phrase means you want to feature top news about your investment opportunities prominently.

In other words, don’t miss out on lead generation by being vague, modest, or boring. Give the best part upfront.

In today's affordable website design world, you can easily create and publish a real estate website or hire a firm you find online to accomplish this task.

Create a new real estate investor website by considering the following:

Domain Name

Purchase a domain name from sites such as GoDaddy and SquareSpace.

Host Platform

Choose a host platform, like SquareSpace or WordPress.

Engaging Content

Populate your new real estate investment-specific website with your blog, the awesome keyw0rd-rich content you've created, and great visuals, including photos and videos.


Embed a prominent "contact us" button linked directly via email and phone.

Informational Value

Write educational real estate investing content to substantiate the investment.

Social Proof

Share testimonials from satisfied clients to prove your worth!

Social Networking

Share your real estate investor site in social media posts with photos, long and short URLs, and SEO-friendly keywords.

Work with Real Estate Aggregator Sites

Real estate aggregators are online sites that collect relevant content and share them on their large, popular sites or programs.

Icon real estate green

Unlike many local market listings, online aggregators list the houses for sale near schools, hospitals, cafes, and more and share those schools and services' rankings and reviews.

Local realtors cannot disclose many types of information due to local government regulations, but aggregator sites can share anything and can pop up in investor search queries more often.

From crime rates to school reviews, aggregator sites cast a wider net to capture and generate leads.

Search online to find these online firms that specialize in real estate.

Wear Two Hats: Passive Real Estate Investment Expert and Mentor

SEO for real estate investors is not always a walk-in-park. Thankfully, your SEO success can keep growing as long as you continue to elevate your keyword-rich content and share it on all of your platforms.

Since you are an expert for real estate investors, consider morphing your knowledge and experience into a profit-making machine as you build your brand as a passive real estate expert and mentor.

Think about the hundreds or thousands of real estate agents that will know your work via search engines that have already boosted your SEO campaign. It makes sense as you raise your visibility to the first page of Google searches, that you offer education and mentoring services to fellow realtors.

All realtors are also looking for motivated sellers, buyers, or a way to invest their hard-earned money in real estate. Educating them about passive real estate investing is the perfect step to networking and reaching new clients and sales.

Being a mentor means you can help shape the newest crop of realtors, and as they move onwards and upwards, you will have many new vital connections.

From active-duty military members to anyone with a busy career that wants to try real estate investments, organic leads can generate through Google SEO. Real estate investors' SEO opportunities are boundless.

Power Up Your SEO and Clients with a Survey

Asking people specific questions is a proven way to create engagement that boosts lead generation and converts sales. Just ask Harvard! The Harvard Business Review conducted a study where people were called and asked questions as part of a survey.

They discovered that "customers we surveyed were more than three times as likely have opened new accounts, were less than half as likely to have defected, and were more profitable than the customers who hadn't been surveyed."

Create a real estate investment survey using our helpful pointers.

Introduce Yourself and Your Purpose

Include a well-written introduction about your real estate investment business and reasons for the survey.

Target Your Questions

Write questions for specific demographics (age, income, location, type of business, and interest).

Vary Your Questions

Offer your target audience yes-or-no and open-ended questions. You might ask about investment preferences, desires, and pain points.

Once you are ready, simply email your list of people who are potential investors. Using surveys can be a great strategy to market, build visibility, and improve SEO for real estate investors.

Some well-known survey firms include SurveyMonkey and MailChimp.

The key here is to follow up with your contacts and offer to schedule a call with them. Once you are in discussions with interested investors, lead generation and sales will follow.

Do a Real Estate Investment Webinar

Live Webinars offer a treasure-trove of sales opportunities and also grow your SEO. Today's inexpensive platforms offering webinars are straightforward to use and offer important data for generating organic leads and sales.

When it comes to SEO for real estate investors, this is a powerful tool.

Follow these key steps for making a great real estate investment webinar.

  • Go online and choose an affordable system such as Zoom or EverWebinar for your real-time or taped webinars.
  • Create a website blurb with all info and a photo, a marketing email, and then post it on your social media.
  • Promote the webinar for a minimum of two weeks beforehand.
  • Create a PowerPoint with relevant charts, facts, and statistics.
  • Create a simple pdf with realty investment statistics, then upload this onto your webinar site as a free giveaway.
  • Use the analytics portion of your webinar platform to collect the names, emails, and phone numbers of all registrants.

Follow these key steps for making a great real estate investment webinar.

  • Go online and choose an affordable system such as Zoom or EverWebinar for your real-time or taped webinars.
  • Create a website blurb with all info and a photo, a marketing email, and then post it on your social media.
  • Promote the webinar for a minimum of two weeks beforehand.
  • Create a PowerPoint with relevant charts, facts, and statistics.
  • Create a simple pdf with realty investment statistics, then upload this onto your webinar site as a free giveaway.
  • Use the analytics portion of your webinar platform to collect the names, emails, and phone numbers of all registrants.
Icon online learning
  • Activate your webinar system to offer replay videos for use on your website, blog, social media, etc.

Once your webinar is complete, check your Google search results and contact anyone who registered or attended. Consider inviting a well-known famous investment expert or financial planning professional to co-host your webinar.

You will create a big buzz and also receive many more viewers since your co-host will also promote the event!

Boost Your Top Facebook Posts and Consider Google Ads

When you post on Facebook, you can easily see if boosting your post makes sense. If you have a popular post, visit your Facebook account's advertising manager section and boost your published piece.

You can spend as little as $30 and create a buzz, especially if you do this once a week.

Another primary consideration in your SEO strategies should be using Google Ads. Google is the number one online search engine on the planet, so flex your digital muscles with some ads to target any motivated seller or buyer through Google.

Google offers free live help creating and publishing ads and will show you how to choose specific demographics for your paid ads. When you use the Google PPC model, you only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

Running simple Google Ads with an SEO-friendly, geo-located keyword title and meta description can bring in many new clients.

With Google PPC and other models, you can spend as little as $100 and almost guarantee results—which beats spending hours and hours doing ad and keyword research!

Wow Your Investors: Numbers Don't Lie

Your target audience is tailor-made for charts filled with relevant numbers that support investing in real estate properties.

A high-quality real estate investor website, social media accounts, and SEO campaign must have some colorful charts filled with financial considerations and profits.

Use keyword anchor text and link building to direct visitors to well-known real estate investment articles in national publications such as Forbes or CEO. Tell a story about your journey as a realtor turned investment-savvy expert.

Trading black and white

Numbers are a critical piece of the puzzle if you want to rank higher on Google and impress investors. It’s all about who you’re targeting. Is it a motivated seller, a prospective buyer, or a trustworthy investor?

Share case studies and stick to best practices while discussing financial information.

Summarizing SEO for Real Estate Investors

Our guide has covered the most critical key steps you must take to conquer SEO for real estate investors. If you follow our numerous tips, you will enjoy business growth and soon be a well-known leader in your field.

SEO for real estate takes a lot of work, but as a realtor, you are a feisty, passionate professional with a talent for seeing the hidden beauty in many properties.

If you still have pressing questions or concerns about SEO, consult the FAQ below.


Is SEO for Real Estate Investors Worth It?

SEO marketing is the backbone of modern business and online marketing. The internet reaches billions of people, so why wouldn’t you make the most of it for your real estate business?

Handshake agreement for both person

What is the Best SEO Strategy for Real Estate in 2022?

Your website, social media, and communication channels should work in conjunction to fully optimize your real estate business.

Consult SEO experts to ensure you make the most of these critical marketing tools.

How Much Does SEO for Real Estate Investors Cost?

According to the latest data, small businesses across the world spend on average between $500 and $1000 per month for SEO. Consult a top SEO company for a package that works for you.

How Do You Find a Good SEO Agency for Real Estate?

Every SEO package varies depending upon clients' preferences, needs, goals, and objectives. Feel free to contact the SEO experts of Ardor SEO to discuss your SEO strategy today.

In a real estate landscape overwhelmed with chatter, how do you stand out and rise to the top of Google SEO? Our real estate and IT experts created a plan specifically for your SEO for real estate investment strategy.

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