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You have started up a furniture business and built a website for it. However, as months go by, you are not seeing the sales numbers that you hoped for. You even have some good pieces of furniture, but still, the traffic and engagement on your online store are just not where you would like them to be. Well, this could mean only one thing—you are not reaching enough people to generate huge volumes of leads that you can convert into actual customers.

The solution?  SEO for furniture stores. In a way, it helps drive traffic to your website and boost the visibility of your store.

Read on to learn why you should have an effective SEO strategy for your furniture store, and also the key components that it should have to make it work for your business!

Importance of SEO for Furniture Stores

In a fiercely competitive world that is dominated by technology and digital solutions, no successful online furniture store has made it big without search engine optimization (SEO). This is what can help your shop stand out from the clutter and compete with the industry giants for space in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

So, how does SEO help your furniture business thrive and eventually succeed?

1. It strengthens your online presence.

With a large number of furniture stores on the web today, it can be very difficult to establish a commanding online presence, especially when you have a poorly built website.

Through SEO, your site will be improved with SEO-optimized content, making it more visible to search engine crawlers and, thus, pushing it up the SERPs. Your site will become a go-to destination for customers who are looking for furniture. And, with more people visiting your online store and checking out what you have on offer, there’s a greater chance of converting them into buying customers and increasing sales.

2. It shoots your website up to the top of the search engine results.

One primary goal of SEO for online furniture stores is to make your site appear on the first page of the SERPs for furniture-related queries. SEO can help you achieve this by using targeted keywords, carefully crafted content, and much more.

However, it is important to remember that SEO takes time, and it is not something that will happen overnight. It could consist of a number of complex processes that require patience in order to be successful. So, keep at it, and you will eventually reap those furniture store quality rankings.

How Long Should You Use SEO for Online Furniture Stores?

SEO is a long-term strategy, which means that you should be using it for your business not just for the short term, but also for the long term. It requires consistent effort in order to remain effective and keep bringing customers to your site.

Therefore, even if you run SEO campaigns for a few months or years, make sure that you are frequently refreshing content and keeping up with SEO trends so as to maintain your rankings in the SERPs.

3. It increases brand awareness.

SEO can also help increase brand awareness among potential customers who are searching for furniture-related products. It helps your website appear on relevant searches, making it easier for people to recognize and recall the name of your online store.

As you build credibility and trust among your customers, more and more people will also become aware of your store. This increased brand recognition in turn can lead to more sales and higher revenues for your business.

4. It provides scalable returns.

Yes, you need to invest in SEO, like any other digital marketing strategy, to see results. But once you have SEO in place, the returns can be quite substantial and last for a long time. It provides scalable returns because it requires little to no budget after your initial investments.

For example, SEO does not require constant maintenance and can produce long-term results for the business. It also keeps your website up to date with relevant content, thus allowing you to remain ahead of other furniture store owners.

5. It helps you gain a larger market share.

By getting higher rankings and better visibility in the SERPs, you are also gaining a larger market share. SEO enables your website to appear more often on searches related to furniture, which will ultimately lead to more people visiting and buying from your store. So, if boosting traffic and sales is something you’d like for your business, it is definitely something you should consider investing in.

As you can see, SEO for furniture stores can help your business gain an edge over its competitors and succeed in the long run. If you’re looking to grow your furniture store, this is the way to go! It may require some time and resources, but it will definitely be worth it in the end.

Furniture SEO Tips: Essential Components for a Successful Campaign

SEO search engine optimization

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It requires a lot of planning and implementation to get the desired results for a specific business. Here are the essential components of an SEO campaign and some of the best furniture SEO tips on how to implement them.

Keyword Research

This involves finding, tracking, and using the most relevant keywords for your furniture store. These keywords should be related to your product offerings and should also have high search volumes.

For example, if you are selling clear acrylic furniture, you should use keywords like “clear acrylic furniture” or “clear design furniture” in your SEO campaign. On the other hand, if you wish to target customers looking for traditional wooden furniture, use keywords like “wooden chairs” or “wooden tables.”

Some of the best tools that you can use for furniture search engine keyword research are Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ahrefs Keywords Explorer.

Competitor Analysis

By keeping an eye on your competitors, you can figure out which SEO strategies are working for them. Again, you can use tools, like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz’s Keywords Everywhere open site explorer, to easily track furniture brand rankings and find out what new keywords they are using to generate more traffic. Then, you can do some tests using the same for your own marketing campaign.

Apart from keyword tracking, competitor analysis also helps you check on the SEO tactics that your competitors are using. You can then either imitate their approach or come up with something unique to stand out from the competition.


Content is king when it comes to SEO, as it helps attract users and boost rankings in the SERPs. So, make sure that you are writing valuable and SEO-friendly content for your furniture store.

Your content should be relevant and comprehensive. It should also contain keywords related to your products and services so that search engine crawlers can easily find them while crawling the web pages of your website. Keywords should also be found in other types of content your site has, such as your metadata, alt-texts, and image captions.

Aside from product pages, make sure you include other useful information, such as tips, advice, tutorials, etc. This helps establish yourself as an authority in the furniture industry, which will further boost your site’s SEO performance.


There are several ways to get backlinks, such as guest blogging, broken-link building, and influencer outreach.

Guest blogging is a great way to get backlinks from high-quality websites, as you can offer to write content related to your business in exchange for a backlink.

As for broken-link building, you can search for broken links on other websites and contact the webmaster to let them know about it. You can then suggest replacing the link with one from your website. This helps both parties—yours gets a backlink, while theirs gets fresh content!

Lastly, influencer outreach involves collaborating with influencers who are relevant to your industry. They can help promote your brand by sharing content on their social media accounts or writing about your products on their blogs. This will not only generate buzz for your furniture store but also add SEO value in terms of backlinks since the influencers themselves can link to your website in their content.

On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

On page SEO is about optimizing your web pages, such as creating SEO-friendly URL structures; page titles and meta descriptions; and keyword density and placement. This helps search engine crawlers understand what your page is all about and decide where to rank it in the SERPs. On page SEO also involves developing the website to ensure quality user experience (UX).

Off page SEO, on the other hand, involves activities, such as link building (mentioned earlier) and social media marketing. Link building involves getting backlinks from external websites that are related to your industry. Social media marketing involves creating content regularly on different platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., which can provide additional SEO value by increasing brand visibility and generating more organic traffic to your website.

Technical SEO

This aspect of website optimization focuses on improving the underlying codes and structure of your furniture site. It helps search engine crawlers find, crawl, and index web pages faster and easier.

Some technical SEO activities include optimizing page loading speed, fixing broken links (404s), creating an XML sitemap, implementing structured data markup (like Schema), and adding a robots.txt file to your site.

Localized SEO

While you are running an online furniture store to aim for a broad target audience, you are still aiming to primarily target customers in your local area. To do that, you will need to optimize efforts for local SEO to make sure that people who are searching for furniture stores in your area can find you easily.

You can achieve this by listing your business on various online local business directories and optimizing your website with location-related keywords. You can also use tools, like Google My Business, to verify and manage the information related to your store on Google Maps. This helps boost visibility in local search results and get more targeted organic traffic to your website.

More Useful Tips

Person using laptop

Apart from the furniture SEO tips discussed above, there are also other tools that you can use to improve your business and make it appealing to potential customers.

For example, you could use automated solutions that are designed to make your processes more seamless, such as EcomCircles. This dropshipping software allows you to list bulk items on a single at a time, as well as update your stocks and prices on multiple platforms, making it easier for you to track your inventory.

Besides this, you could also use an order management system to make sure that your orders are properly processed. This will help you provide a better customer experience and also prevent any potential order issues, thus maintaining the credibility and reputation of your business.

Depending on your needs, you will have an endless list of tools that you can use to make everything work for your furniture store. All you have to do is take the time to research and find out what’s best for you.

Start Getting the Best SEO Results Now!

If you find SEO for furniture stores intimidating, remember that you can always tap into the expertise of SEO professionals who can help you throughout the entire process.

SEO is an ever-changing landscape, so if you want to stay ahead of the game, it’s best to get started as soon as possible. Let us handle everything for you, so you can focus on what’s most important to you—running your furniture business!

Give us a call, and we will figure out the best SEO solutions for your needs!

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