Want to get your listings to the perfect audience located in the geo-targeted area where your listings live? If so, real estate Facebook ads, hosted by the famous 2-billion member platform, are waiting to make your inspired real estate success dreams a reality.

Real Estate Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are inexpensive if you know how to manage your budget, and they can reach the perfect customers if you understand how to create compelling ad copy. When it comes to building your brand, maximizing the reach of your website, growing your business, and keeping your ad spend low, Facebook ads are a fantastic, proven tool for every real estate company.

What Should I Avoid?

The top real estate agents in the world know that being successful in advertising often means knowing what not to do. Never act like you're just selling something. Don't go big on empty promises about "the best property in the world." Forget cliches that offer the "house you've always dreamed of" at "prices too low to believe."

Simply put, if you want to promote and sell a listing, avoid being pushy at all costs. But doing the exact opposite of an over-ambitious sales approach is also off the mark if you're looking for marketing success. Respectful charm married to elevated visuals plus engaging ad copy must never be confused with a boring, passive approach to getting listings noticed and sold.

What Should I Enhance?

What you need to create is an online presence that is authentic, natural, and dazzling, all without an excess of razzle-dazzle. What you need to do is create tasteful, clear, sumptuous real estate Facebook ads.

Your job when creating and publishing real estate Facebook ads is to balance all of your spectacular content, including photos, videos, blogs, articles, and testimonials in clean lines, showing off a graceful campaign while also exciting your audience into clicking and visiting your properties.

This is no small feat, but once you conquer the art of digital selling without being a typical salesperson, you will have interested buyers making a beeline to your properties.

Follow our guidelines created by real estate stars who are in the know when it comes to getting results via Facebook ads.

Real Estate Agents: Reach Your Perfect Audience on Facebook

But before you can acquire potential buyers, you must know how to set up and geo-target your real estate demographics. This means you must NOT send out your gorgeous video ad or other real estate ads to fifteen-year-old boys living in Alaska when you are instead seeking thirty- to sixty-year-old people earning about $100,000 a year and living near Miami.

Always be careful to choose that perfect target audience who's searching for realtors in your specific area. Narrowing down your prospects for when you create Facebook ads means you will be spending money wisely.

Before you press publish on your brand new ad that is sure to grab plenty of attention, you need to know how to target your audience.

Follow these simple tips to get your ad approved, published, and showing up on your local, perfectly-chosen leads' social media pages.

  • Create your ad and choose your photo, making sure to write brief content. Your photo must be well-lit and match the topic of your content. The ad format is important for appealing to potential buyers.
  • Include a link for readers to click. This live URL link can go to a listing or your landing pages.
  • Open Facebook and go to your ad management area in Settings. You will see simple instructions on how to upload your photo and content. Make sure to include your exact live URL link in this ad area as well.
  • You will see a drop-down box with options. Choose your location, being careful to stay within your sales region. It is fine to go out to a 10- or 25-mile radius from your listing address.
  • Choose the age of your potential clients. In real estate, you may want to consider 30-55, and if you want retirees, up the age.
  • You can choose the income of your potential clients so that your real estate ad reaches people who can afford your property.
  • If you like, you can also check "interests" and fill out job titles, etc. This is extra, however, so it may be best to click house sales or real estate.
  • Lastly, you must choose a budget. You can play around with how much you want to spend and how long you want to spend your ad money. Start out with $10 a day for five days, for example, and play with it until you reach the perfect budget spend.
  • Once you're done uploading and choosing demographics for your Facebook ads, click submit. It usually takes about 24-48 hours for an ad to be approved.

Get more Real Estate Leads now!

You must have a charge card on file with Facebook in order to launch your ads.

When your real estate ad is published, you can then visit your ad manager to see how many people in your targeted audience viewed the ad or clicked on it. You may also see questions from interested parties to answer.

Shine a Spotlight on Every Listing

All real estate Facebook ads must share one thing: a tight storyline. What does this mean?

As you probably know, you must attract and retain the attention of your targeted audience in about sixty seconds! The most successful Facebook ads all share some vital qualities. One of the most compelling reasons anyone will read and view your ad and then click is your story.

Every ad must share one specific tale. You can feature one listing, using specific visuals to share the story of a family home that is blocks away from the best school in the area or of the luxury-mansion that places you on vacation 24/7, right in your own backyard (complete with pool and ocean view!).

When it comes to Facebook ads, think small.

Successful real estate agents know the secret to selling more listings is often to focus upon specific listings, one at a time. By honing in on the gorgeous aspects of any one listing, you will attract viable home buyers who like what you're selling.

Don't be afraid to publish a different ad every week, since you can highlight your incredible listings as if each one is a star. Make every one of your listings the leading lady, and you'll soon be the top agent in town!

How to feature individual listings on Facebook ads:

  • First, look at your chosen listing with fresh eyes. What really makes this spot stand out? Is it the family-friendly location? If so, feature a photo of the home with the local school on your ad.
  • In a nutshell, figure out who your target audience is for this particular property and highlight what will attract home buyers.
  • Armed with your angle, tell a story about your listing in three short paragraphs. Make it informal, snappy, and always related to the photo or video.
  • Include a link to the actual listing, not just your website!
  • Make sure your listing has a spot for visitors to book an appointment.
  • Have your name, photo, and email handy on the landing page.
  • If you are using a video, keep it to 60-120 seconds tops. It's a teaser, not a feature film!
  • Keep your ad going for about five to seven days, then switch it for a new listing or a new video or photo with a different "story" about the same listing.
  • Remember to use key phrases or words such as the location, neighborhood, and any unique features this listing offers.
  • Don't forget to create a new landing page for each and every listing. This makes every single property you represent a star, which will attract numerous leads.

Use Video Testimonials for Real Estate Facebook Ads and Build Trust

Testimonials create a strong emotional bond between you and your new clients. Numerous statistics prove that using testimonials in ads or content will bring dramatically higher interest and sales to your real estate business.

For example, one recent study reports that having customers view testimonials brings about sixty-two percent more sales! Every time a potential client connects with your former happy clients while watching a testimonial, your chances of selling a listing grow tremendously.

Ninety-two percent of people surveyed said they read positive reviews before making a purchase. Eighty-eight percent of consumers in the same study also said they trust personal testimonials as much as personal referrals.

Check out our tricks of the testimonial trade.

  • A video testimonial should be brief, about 60-120 seconds.
  • Film your testimonial in a well-lit, bright place.
  • Tell your client to be natural and to just say something positive about his/her own personal experience working with you.
  • If possible, have him/her stand in front of the home they purchased.
  • Take out one strong, positive phrase from the video and use it as your title.
  • Keep your video testimonials on your website on its own landing page, with a snappy title.
  • Be creative and include pets or small children or do a short testimonial in your happy client's well-lit kitchen or on their back deck.
  • Don't be afraid to add some humor.
  • Every time you close a deal, be sure to invite your happy client to do a brief testimonial. Tell those who agree you'd like them to talk about one pain point they encountered while buying or selling a home and how you solved it.

Enjoy a Successful Ride with Carousel Ads

If you love the idea of getting more "bang for your buck" with Facebook ads, then carousel ads are for you! This famous format is not only available on Facebook ads but also on Instagram, Messenger, and Audience networks.

Facebook's carousel ad format allows you to showcase up to ten different photos within one ad. The key to the success of this entertaining, engaging style of ads is that every single image includes a unique clickable link.

If you really want to show off every single room plus the outdoor space of a listing, you can easily use ten different amazing photos in one ad. Or, if you want to share more than one listing and highlight the diversity of your real estate company's listings, you can literally show ten different listings in one ad - each with its own clickable link to a different landing page!

Every time you publish a carousel ad, your chances of finding a serious buyer grow because your audience will be charmed and mesmerized by the changing visuals.

Facebook can automate the order that your images show, but you can also easily determine this yourself by just opting out of the automated optimization feature.

You can show off before and after slides in order to visually prove how a once neglected or unpopular space was transformed with a little design help. Show off staging in a house for sale to wow house sellers, too.

With more dynamic, creative space within one Facebook ad, you can hit multiple hot leads simultaneously!

Set up your first Facebook carousel ad here.

Reach Eager Audiences with Facebook Live

Are you really ready for your close-up? With a little planning, you can take over the entire real estate social media platform via Facebook Live.

Facebook Live is a live video experience where you can share your expert advice and solutions to home buyers' or sellers' real estate challenges, along with your prized listings.

Just like any cinematic event, your Facebook Live must be interesting and have a story arc. Many successful real estate Facebook Live hosts invite a specialist such as a roofer or a home inspector to join them, which effectively attracts double the traffic for your event.

Remember to plot a beginning, middle, and ending for every Facebook Live. Just as with any planned event, you should create some valuable free information as a giveaway to your audience.

Why not offer a free home valuation for sellers? There are numerous free home valuation calculators online that you can share. Or offer expert advice from a banker who approves mortgages, or invite a credit fraud leader to discuss how to safeguard private financial information during a bid for a house.

You can create a "pain points" PDF and offer it free to anyone who attends the Facebook Live by emailing each attendee a copy. This strategy lets you gather everyone's email for future marketing campaigns!

Since everyone loves asking questions, offer a live Q/A session at the end of your Facebook Live event. Engagement is a key tool for bonding with your target audience, so keep it personal and professional. Answering questions and asking for opinions from your attendees will build trust along with your brand recognition.

Real estate ads can be used within Facebook Live, and you can also transform your entire event immediately into a Facebook ad once it's finished. Just capture a photo from the event, create a title, and invite everyone to click to receive a free URL to the important real estate event they missed! Just make sure to have a form for them to fill out their name and email address when they click on your URL link.

Offer an "Instant Experience" with Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a dynamic, full-screen experiential ad type that is called Instant Experience. This is perfect for all your mobile ad viewers, who view in much higher numbers than people sitting at their laptops.

Did you know about 4.53 billion people are online on any given day? Mobile phone usage is the driver of most online views, and that usage has grown by 222 percent over the past seven years!

Instant Experience is a full-screen experience that opens after someone taps your ad on a mobile device. These ads pop up in mobile Facebook news fees, stories, Instagram feeds, Instagram stories, and more. You can create an Instant Experience to visually highlight your brand or products and services.

Here are some amazing ways to take advantage of Instant Experience:

  • Mesmerize your audience with the instantly loading, full-screen gorgeous visuals and content.
  • When you use instant Experience, think immersive advertising that uses gorgeous photos and brief, snappy verbiage and has energy.
  • This is where you can tell the true story about your real estate company, your journey as a realtor, and why you love particular listings.
  • Facebook shares numerous templates that you can use within the Instant Experience.
  • Let your story unfold with the dynamic progression of photos, text, clickable links, and buttons.
  • Viewers can watch a video and also swipe through - and click - on photos in a carousel.
  • Photos can be tagged, and you can use live buttons to link these images to your landing pages.

Make Your Call to Action Irresistible

Choose Words Puzzle

Now that you know how to streamline your Facebook ads and content to a local area that will target appropriate home buyers, you need to understand how to activate buyers' curiosity and desire to know more NOW. Your role as an expert real estate agent is to build a sense of urgency in just a few words.

A CTA is a brief, two-sentence text that usually offers a problem and a solution. In many ways, it is much more difficult than writing the content for an entire website because every word counts.

Use our expert CTA tips to make each CTA perfect.

  • Include a problem that you offer a solution to first to pique the interest of your potential home buyers or home sellers. One example could be this sentence: "Sick of throwing away your money every month on rent that is often more expensive than a mortgage for your own home?"
  • For the second sentence, always solve the challenge of the prior content. In this example, you might write: "Our [hometown here] [realtor name here] can find your forever home at the right price so you can build your net worth today."
  • You can create a CTA for any type of listing, such as for retirees, first-time home buyers, and veterans, plus active-duty members, downsizing families, growing families, and more.
  • Real estate prospects must identify with your problem and solution and always be in the correct geographic location that your ad targets.
  • You can also use your CTA to feature an open house, including a clickable link with details in your second sentence.
  • Always include a clickable like and your contact information.


As real estate experts, we hope you enjoy our real estate ad strategies that offer best practices and deep insights into your Facebook ads. Your ad copy must always be clear and engaging and give your audience a compelling reason to click on your link for a house tour or to learn more.

Remember, your real estate website must have a prominent landing page that receives clicks and gathers names, emails, and other information that will help you bring the perfect home buying or home selling solutions to your new clients.

With elevated content that includes brief, well-lit videos and gorgeous photos, testimonials from happy clients, and your new insights into how to make real estate Facebook ads and all social media bring your success, your real estate prospects will grow exponentially.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Facebook Real Estate Ads Really Work?

Yes! A real estate Facebook ad campaign is a common and effective way to generate leads and grow your business online. The platform connects millions of individuals with real estate businesses and services every day.

As a part of a greater marketing strategy, Facebook ad campaigns work by targeting a specific audience locally, building brand identity, and creating brand awareness. The platform's special ad category allows agents to create a lead ad targeting buyer leads by either location or personal interest.

Real estate agents can showcase homes to Facebook leads with video ads and gorgeous imagery in the carousel ad format. Additionally, they can schedule a virtual tour and information sessions with an event ad, increasing powerful lead generation activity. Online advertising to Facebook users encourages engagement and discourse between real estate agents and their clients, which builds strong relationships based on trust and authenticity.

What Rules is Facebook Real Estate Marketing Bound By?

Facebook's special ad categories have a few limitations to help combat inequities, social injustices, and political corruption. The platform has outlined a comprehensive social and political issues ad authorization process so that businesses can understand the potential restrictions on advertising.

With that in mind, the restrictions are targeted at products and services or advocacy relating to social and political issues. In addition, Facebook rules prohibit the use of profanity, sexual innuendo, and intolerance. The underpinning idea is to encourage non-discriminatory discourse, and these ad formats still offer highly targeted placement.

How Do I Calculate ROI On a Real Estate Facebook Ad?

Calculating ROI for a Facebook ad may sound like a tricky maneuver, though really, it's quite simple. On the platform, you can keep track of how much you're spending on advertising versus how much you earn from it. To calculate your return on investment, divide the revenue you have produced as a result of your real estate Facebook ads by the cost of the adverts.

Can a Real Estate Facebook Ad Process be Simplified?

Yes. Facebook advertising can take up agents' precious time as they plan digital media and text for their online marketing strategy. The good news is that ad campaigns can be prepared in advance and scheduled for a later date and time of your choosing through Facebook's business suite.

This allows real estate agents to create one or several months' worth of advertising or content, and the business suite will take care of posting it at the time and date specified. This allows agents to go about business as usual, rather than pouring hours regularly into their advertising strategy. What's even better, you can go back to Facebook and view, change, or update your real estate Facebook ads before they are distributed!

Want to stand out from the loud real estate chatter on Facebook and social media? Our real estate experts have all the tools and strategies to help you find success every time you post a Facebook Ad. Get in touch today!

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