American and Native English speakers preferred!

American job applicants
Jobs in Chiang Mai for foreigners with North American accents (many of our clients are in the U.S.)
  • Earn great money – 60,000+ Baht
  • Flexible working hours
  • Full Thai visa sponsorship

Ardor SEO is a digital marketing agency led by none other than the coolest guy in SEO, Kris Reid. We offer more than just search engine optimisation though. Also, we provide professional services in social media response, authority marketing, content creation, and reputation engineering.

We have offices in the Philippines, Cambodia, and Australia. But right now, we’re looking to further expand our reach in the US and that’s where you would come in if you were hired. This is your chance to land one of the best SEO sales jobs in Thailand yet. Looking for a flexible, remote way to legally work in Thailand? We will set you up and even sponsor your work visa!

What to Expect: How Our SEO Sales Process Works

  1. Our lead generation team contact people about a video audit to get interest. Once they get a lead, they pass it over to the SEO sales manager.
  2. The sales guy does the video audit which takes about 5 minutes to do. You’ll be giving some free practical advice they can use to fix their website here.
  3. You, as the SEO sales manager, will then send the video audit to the lead and organise a follow-up call.
  4. You’ll do the scripted follow-up call for the initial strategy. This is of a fixed price and designed to be tailor-made. It’s a strategy that takes them from where they are today to where they want to be.
  5. After the initial strategy sale, the next sale is the implementation. This is much more technical and one of our analysts will handle this until you have the knowledge to be able to handle this too.

If you would like to continue the conversation, please make us a video presentation on why you are the best person for this position and should move to the next level.

What We Are Looking for in an SEO Sales Manager?

  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Communication in a business setting as our customers are B2B
  • Any real numbers to show your sales skills with closing rates
  • Your LinkedIn profile with a recommendation
  • Any other material you have to show that you’re an outstanding salesman that can look after our customers and provide great value

This SEO sales job is a great chance to work in Thailand and you’ll be given the freedom to work when you want and make excellent money. Plus, we’ll train you and generate all the leads you’ll ever require!

Almost all of our sales are done over video call so we want to see how you present yourself.

To apply, please upload your video to YouTube then send an email entitled Chiang Mai Sales Super Star” to


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