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Advance your digital marketing career with a booming real estate SEO agency!

Ardor SEO is a remote-first SEO agency specializing in Real Estate Marketing. We’re growing fast and looking for audio production experts like you!

If you want to develop with a company where your relationship-building and influence will be celebrated, and your podcast development strategies enhanced, apply now!

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Are You a Skilled Podcast Coordinator Who Can Generate a Strong Following?

You love collaborating with accomplished professionals in the US, to cultivate insights, trends and advice on how to thrive across multiple disciplines and niches in real estate. You strive to be the most trusted voice in real estate, providing services that save your audience time and help them effectively market their real estate business.
Your goal is to intuitively connect with many people across different backgrounds, capabilities, and roles to create a foundation for meaningful conversation, which supports Ardor SEO’s brand positioning as the go-to guide for real estate marketing, growth and development.

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Nurture Strategic and Compelling Conversation

You are a leader in podcast production and you’re looking for a skilled and passionate team to elevate your career and skyrocket sales with. In this role, you’ll work closely with our hosts, guests, content, and development teams to drive performance objectives and grow our brand into a leading voice in the real estate industry.

Work Life Balance

Discover Flexibility and Passion

You’re looking for a dedicated approach to personal and professional development… A secret sauce of sorts that binds the squad together and helps you grow as an individual and team alike. With the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world and a strong network of intrinsically motivated experts, the Ardor community creates an environment where each member can contribute to engaging projects as they thrive and strive to accomplish their goals.

Frequently asked questions

What Will My Responsibilities be as Real Estate Marketing Manager for Ardor SEO?

You’ll take ownership of organizing, scheduling, and managing the flow of podcasts and related content projects, building realistic production calendars and delivering to a deadline. You love collaborating with hosts and guests to assist with relationships and preparation where needed, and you are a master at scheduling comprehensive interview calendars months in advance. Your ability to tailor, adapt, and edit podcast content is enhanced by the creative show ideas you contribute to the production team. 

What Are the Working Hours at Ardor SEO?

This is a full-time remote role at 40 hours per week, where you have the flexibility to choose your working schedule.

What Experience Do I Need as Real Estate Podcast Coordinator for Ardor SEO?

You’re not shy about jumping into an existing process and coming up with solutions or potential fixes to process issues - but you take the time to learn and understand what’s existing first. Your 1-2 years’ experience managing podcasts from start to finish demonstrates your compelling communication skills - both verbal and written- and your ability to meet deadlines and deliver results under pressure. You’re able to keep the overall picture and the minute details of a project in your head at the same time and prioritize tasks accordingly. You’re eager to learn: You appreciate the opportunity to dig into a challenge and discover new insights, while keeping your sense of humor and perspective.

How Much Will I Be Paid?

You’ll receive an attractive monthly salary according to your qualifications and experience. Unlike what you’ll find at most remote-first companies, you will also receive holiday and sick pay.

Is This a Long-Term Opportunity?

Yes! Once people pass their probationary period and join the team at Ardor SEO, they stay with us for a very long time - we’re a great place to work!

How is Performance Evaluated at Ardor SEO?

All team members have individual KPIs/Metrics based on their role that are assessed on a quarterly basis. Individual goals and targets are in line with company-wide goals and targets. Performance is evaluated on the basis of these individual goals/KPIs but also the overall value that you add to the company, for example, sharing information on a regular basis with team members, creating helpful SOPs for processes, suggesting new ideas, and running company wide training sessions.

Can I work remotely or is this a traditional office job?

This role is fully remote. Ardor SEO is a remote-first company with a highly skilled team of SEO professionals located around the world and in various time zones. We rely on fluid communication and a culture of accountability to ensure high levels of client satisfaction and efficient collaboration across teams.

What is Ardor SEO’s philosophy on continuing education and professional development?

Ardor SEO encourages continuous growth and development, and provides a library of courses, e-books and audio books across multiple subjects and disciplines to help our team perform at their best. We regularly share latest trends, developments, and tools in our fields, with a strong focus on collaborative knowledge sharing.

What is Ardor SEO’s philosophy on work-life balance?

You’ll become immersed in a rich environment in which each individual can flourish and strive to accomplish their goals. By providing a flexible working schedule, with the possibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world, Ardor SEO promotes a healthy work/life balance and a multicultural environment in which individuals can learn and grow as a team.

What’s in it For You?

  • An attractive payment package to reward you for your skills and performance targets
  • An amazing SEO business that's growing fast. We’ve helped clients scale from $59M in sales to $621M in three years, and that’s just the beginning…
  • A portfolio of inspiring and productive clients to build meaningful and lasting relationships
  • An owner that cares, communicates, and will support you to excel
  • A forward-thinking, engaging team that gets fast results and values collaboration
Alex Zuev

Alex Zuev

SEO Team Lead

" I take immense pride in being part of a team that strives for excellence - from regularly brainstorming new ideas to adapting quickly to changes in the industry. The incredible camaraderie among my teammates motivates me daily to work hard and stay motivated, knowing that together we are making a tangible difference. "

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Arpad Balogh

Arpad Balogh

SEO Strategist

" ArdorSEO has provided me with an amazing opportunity to work as an SEO strategist. Working here is a great experience - the people are wonderful, the salary is competitive and I'm able to work from home, which adds to my flexibility. I'm thankful for this job and highly recommend ArdorSEO for anyone looking for an SEO position! "


Aleisha White

Content Marketer

" I've been a content manager at ArdorSEO for the past three years and it's been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Working with ArdorSEO has given me the opportunity to travel and grow as a professional in my field. I appreciate the support from all of the team members, which enabled me to quickly become an expert in content management. I highly recommend ArdorSEO as a great place to build your career! "

Rodion Mamin

Rodion Mamin

SEO Specialist

" I joined ArdorSEO as a Junior SEO specialist, and it's been an incredible journey ever since. My team mates have been incredibly supportive in helping me to learn and grow - I've now taken on the management of several large projects and am continuing to develop. It feels great to be part of such a great company and I'm looking forward to building my career even further with ArdorSEO, eventually becoming a Senior SEO specialist! "

Avery Carl from eXp Realty ringing the NASDAQ closing bell

Our Awesome Clients

A few years ago our client, Avery Carl was a full-time bartender. Now, she's ringing the NASDAQ closing bell on behalf of eXp Realty! Since working with Ardor SEO in 2019, Avery's sales have skyrocketed - The only two things she did differently? She hired Ardor SEO and brought on more agents to handle the volume.

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