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A Customer Generating Machine Made For Your Business


Ardor SEO is a digital agency led by Australian Kris Reid, 'the coolest guy in SEO'. Ardor employs a roster of highly skilled remote professionals - some are based in the US, some in SE Asia and some in Europe. These rock stars are supported by an administrative squad in the Philippines. Together we work as a well-oiled global machine. We specialise in making business websites matter by funneling traffic through highly optimised website pages.

We render your business intentions into search engine optimised website pages. Optimised pages will enjoy increased rankings. Increased rankings brings more traffic. If traffic stays on your pages, reads your content and clicks through to other pages, your rankings will go even higher.

But traffic is only part of the equation: what good is more traffic if it doesn't convert? Whether your desired conversion is more form inquiries, more newsletter signups, more product sales or even more foot traffic through the door, we will put a plan in place that funnels your increased traffic and makes sure it converts

Types of businesses we work with

The following list broadly describes the type of businesses we've helped boost rankings and conversions by using our services:

  • Global e-commerce: we specialise in Woocommerce and also service Magento and Shopify sites. Most clients typically prefer to target both North American and Western European markets. 
  • Local businesses: local businesses need a different strategy than global ones, with a greater emphasis on ranking a Google My Business Map. These projects are generally set up to let the clients handle their own marketing in-house - simply using smartphone images and video clips.  
  • National vendors: we've guided a few clients as they grew from local operations into national ones, scaling their digital properties in sync with their business growth. 

Ready to take your real estate business to the next level?

Get a reliable stream of convertible real estate leads straight to your website, guaranteed! Grow your customer base and increase your business revenue with Ardor SEO! 

More about the Ardor SEO team

Want to go even deeper in getting to know the people you'll be working with over Skype and Trello? Scroll down to learn more about our history and our key team members. 

How the Ardor for Ardor got started

Kris Reid

Kris Reid

Coolest guy in SEO

It was the small things that made the journey worthwhile.

Hi, my name is Kris Reid, founder and CEO of Ardor.

 I am originally from Brisbane, Australia. I studied software Engineering at the Queensland University of Technology. Pretty much, as soon as I graduated, I moved to London to work in Finance for some very big names including Euroclear and Visa Europe.

When the financial crisis hit, I lost my job as near everyone in finance and headed back to Australia with my tail between my legs. I had always built desktop applications so I wanted to learn web programming.

 I decided to build a simple online game called Mob Warrior. As the game came to fruition, I thought how do I get people to the website to play the game. I started to learn about search engine optimisation. This marked the inception of what will be Ardor.

When did it all start?  

On fifth of April in 2010, autobacklinkservice.com was started. This was our first backlink service. A very simple Forum Profile backlink Service. The service was working great! A few months later we acquired a domain from another backlink service backlinkservices.com. Then a few months later bluebacklinks.com.

Running 3 different brands became unsustainable. We needed to amalgamate under one brand 27th of September 2011 Ardor Backlinks was born!


• Ardor Backlinks grew and grew fast

• Completely remote business all with remote workers


• Moved to Davao and opened our first office at Matina Crossing.

• Ardor Content founded our Content Development System

• Started the foundation of higher quality links under the brand Ardor Ranking


• March Ardor Media Factory was launched

• Focused on high quality link development

• Business exploded! We quickly outgrew our office and needed a new location


• Opened a 2nd office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

• Expanded our services to include full service SEO

• Developed more efficiency in link building with an ever expanding team


• Had significant growing pains and finding the right people.

• Eventually found the perfect solution with very experienced, professional remote staff in the Philippines that could provide SEO in Davao.

• Continuing to expand our SEO products / services and team

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This year has had dramatic change already. We’ve disbanded the Phnom Penh office with everyone in Cambodia now working remotely. We’re continuing to expand with remote workers having to leaders of our linking team working remotely, leaders of our content team working remotely and all new SEOs also remote.

Rapid growth with more people handling lead generation, full-service SEO and improved business model. We need to improve efficiency in communication and business processes.

It’s going to be a super fun and exciting year ahead with much to do and plenty to learn.

Meet Our Team

Kris Reid

Chief Growth Strategist

Arpad Balogh

SEO Strategist

Alex Zuev

SEO Director

Milan Berger

Operations Manager


Tomas Fonseca

PR & Podcast Host

Rostyslav Radchenko

Backlink Developer

Rujen Shakya

Web Developer

Rodion Mamin SEO specialist

Rodion mamin

SEO Specialist

Sergey Yakubovskiy

Sergey yakubovskiy

SEO Specialist

Zey Topcu

Content Marketer

Raksha Rao

SEO Specialist

Nilofar Khan

Nilofar khan

Account Manager


Roman Kravtsov

SEO Specialist


Uziel Pavia

Marketing Strategist



Account Manager

Tim headshot

Tim Calaway

Marketing Specialist

Sunny Shakya

Web Designer


Aleisha White

Content Marketer

Company Culture

Ardor is all about providing our clients high-quality services while nurturing camaraderie and strong business value within our team. Our clients rely on us to help them succeed online. We rely on our employees to help us deliver what our customers need and expect. This is why we deliberately nurtured a company culture that engages employees and encourages them to make bold decisions and face smart risks head on.

We set out to build the right team of diverse people and provide them with the tools and support they need to meet challenges and succeed. Because when they do, they push Ardor forward, helping the company take the lead in the competition.