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Ardor is super-fast growing digital marketing company that is committed to bringing our clients to the forefront of the online marketplace and high up the ranks of search results.

We put the easy in search engine optimization and take out the guesswork while providing measurable data. We understand the value of an online presence, reputation, and visibility for the businesses of the 20th century, and we make sure our clients get the attention they deserve through the right digital marketing strategies. From the real world to the virtual world, we pave the way and help you reach your online goals.

Here is how the Ardour for Ardor started...

Kris Reid

Kris Reid

Coolest guy in SEO

It was the small things that made the journey worthwhile.

Hi, my name is Kris Reid, founder and CEO of Ardor.

 I am originally from Brisbane, Australia. I studied software Engineering at the Queensland University of Technology. Pretty much, as soon as I graduated, I moved to London to work in Finance for some very big names including Euroclear and Visa Europe.

When the financial crisis hit, I lost my job as near everyone in finance and headed back to Australia with my tail between my legs. I had always built desktop applications so I wanted to learn web programming.

 I decided to build a simple online game called Mob Warrior. As the game came to fruition, I thought how do I get people to the website to play the game. I started to learn about search engine optimisation. This marked the inception of what will be Ardor.

When did it all start?  

On fifth of April in 2010, was started. This was our first backlink service. A very simple Forum Profile backlink Service. The service was working great! A few months later we acquired a domain from another backlink service Then a few months later

Running 3 different brands became unsustainable. We needed to amalgamate under one brand 27th of September 2011 Ardor Backlinks was born!


• Ardor Backlinks grew and grew fast

• Completely remote business all with remote workers


• Moved to Davao and opened our first office at Matina Crossing.

• Ardor Content founded our Content Development System

• Started the foundation of higher quality links under the brand Ardor Ranking


• March Ardor Media Factory was launched

• Focused on high quality link development

• Business exploded! We quickly outgrew our office and needed a new location


​• Opened a 2nd office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

• Expanded our services to include full service SEO

• Developed more efficiency in link building with an ever expanding team


• Had significant growing pains and finding the right people.

• Eventually found the perfect solution with very experienced, professional remote staff in the Philippines that could provide SEO in Davao.

• Continuing to expand our SEO products / services and team

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​This year has had dramatic change already. We’ve disbanded the Phnom Penh office with everyone in Cambodia now working remotely. We’re continuing to expand with remote workers having to leaders of our linking team working remotely, leaders of our content team working remotely and all new SEOs also remote.

Rapid growth with more people handling lead generation, full-service SEO and improved business model. We need to improve efficiency in communication and business processes.

It’s going to be a super fun and exciting year ahead with much to do and plenty to learn.

Our Management

Kris Reid CEO


Founder and CEO


"Coolest guy in SEO"

matt seo team leader


SEO Director


Hailing from Australia, Matt maps out the SEO strategies that send our clients into the rankings stratosphere. After earning his stripes doing enterprise SEO for a major Australian agency, he joined Ardor and has since been developing and implementing custom strategies for every one of our clients. In addition to being a ninja at SEO, Matt works directly with all our clients to keep them updated and answer any questions about their campaign. Our clients love the personal touch Matt brings — expect nothing but clear, easygoing communication that paints a clear picture of a campaign’s progress.

Kim Chief Administrator


Chief Administrator


Kim serves as the all-encompassing lead of our Davao operational headquarters. She’s in charge of hiring staff, managing projects, overseeing quality control and making sure Ardor continues running like a well-oiled machine. We’d be lost without her savvy organisational skills. Kim also handles payroll for our global team of digital marketing experts, so it’s thanks to Kim that we’re all well-fed and looked after!

Anil Ramsey SEO Specialist

Anil Ramsey

Full Stack SEO Specialist


Toronto native Anil Ramsey came to Ardor with 10+ years of experience as a senior editor, web developer and media production manager. At Ardor he uses all of these skills to develop new projects and help clients exceed their targets. Anil is also our resident Local SEO expert and uses his initiative, creativity and knowledge of the industry to develop innovative new ways to get our clients better results. In his spare time, Anil enjoys weightlifting, blogging and mountain biking to keep his mind sharp — which is a must in an industry that is constantly evolving with new updates, trends and strategies! 

Dannea content manager


Content Manager


Dannea heads up our content team in the Phillipines, an expert team of writers who know our clients’ industries inside out and produce amazing, conversion-optimised content that has a direct impact on ranking and sales. In addition to being an incredible writer herself, Dannea is passionate about training her team and encouraging them to constantly improve and develop their skills. Outside of work, Dannea enjoys travelling and is a big fan of self-improvement. She’s nuts about positivity and her motto is “when plan A doesn't work, the alphabet still has 25 more letters” — everyone at Ardor loves her attitude and it reflects in the work she produces.

Sean Technical Director


Technical Director


Sean manages our team of savvy website developers who keep Ardor’s massive list of authority client sites running in tip-top condition. It’s Sean’s job to make sure that every website we build is not only gorgeous to look at, but is also super secure.

Aaron COO


Chief of Operations


Aaron, known by his work colleagues as Az, is the COO at Ardor SEO. Az came to Ardor with years of experience of leading and managing teams, and his chief role is to ensure that we’re all delivering the best possible results in the most efficient and productive way. Aaron is a whizz with numbers, and while his complex spreadsheet formulas might baffle a few of us, we’d be lost without them. He’s a stickler for structure and process, and the Ardor ship has never sailed smoother. In his spare time, Az loves playing football and seeing the world. 

Company Culture

Ardor is all about providing our clients high-quality services while nurturing camaraderie and strong business value within our team. Our clients rely on us to help them succeed online. We rely on our employees to help us deliver what our customers need and expect. This is why we deliberately nurtured a company culture that engages employees and encourages them to make bold decisions and face smart risks head on.

We set out to build the right team of diverse people and provide them with the tools and support they need to meet challenges and succeed. Because when they do, they push Ardor forward, helping the company take the lead in the competition.

Some of Our Awesome Team


Project Manager

Sam works from Seoul, South Korea as a first point of contact for our clients. It’s his responsibility to ensure our clients are happy — our number one priority — and are kept updated on the results of their campaign. As a multi-skilled project manager, Sam monitors ranking to identify new opportunities to take our clients to the top of Google and puts together our killer end of month reports.

Sean PBN Manager

Kary Valenzuela​​​

Assistant to the Manager

Kary is an IT sharpshooter who helps manage Ardor’s vast portfolio of websites. It’s his responsibility to provide technical quality control and make sure that every site we build works as it should and delivers the best user experience possible. Working from our Davao office, he also assists Kim with management support.


Outreach Campaign Manager

Based in the UK, Hannah is our Outreach Campaign Manager. She works with the outreach team to make sure that we’re getting only the best links for each and every one of our clients. Hannah knows that outreach isn’t just about getting valuable links that take our clients to the top of Google — it’s about increasing exposure and getting directly in front of the perfect customer, because then, they’ll buy! Hannah uses her four years experience of working in SEO, content marketing and project management to grow her team to new heights, but she loves nothing more than getting her teeth into a campaign, having worked on campaigns in every imaginable industry, from law and dentistry, to HR and travel — and she loves them all!