Tim Stout started working with Ardor SEO about a year and a half ago, and we've achieved incredible progress with Tim Stout and Associates' website since then. Tim Stout and Associates has proven itself as an industry leader in the real estate market in Georgia thanks to some extensive site optimizations, high-quality targeted messaging, and persistent practice - and now we're tackling larger fish.

We'll look at how far Tim Stout and Associates has improved with Ardor SEO and how we got there together in this real estate agent case study.

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About Tim Stout and Associates

Tim Stout and Associates is a group of local real estate professionals dedicated to selling some of Coweta and Fayette County's most desirable homes.

For anyone, real estate transactions can be a difficult process. Tim Stout's compassionate staff are trusted by buyers, sellers, and real estate investors to guide them through these issues with honesty, understanding, and enthusiasm.

Tim Stout and Associates has always had one purpose in mind: to give back to society by assisting clients in finding their ideal homes, selling their homes, or acquiring profitable investment properties to diversify their portfolios.

real estate properties

Tim Stout became a realtor in Newnan not long after arriving in Georgia, subsequently creating and coaching a team of real estate experts ready to take on any challenge, including Newnan's challenging housing market.

Tim Stout and Associates works relentlessly to maintain their reputation as one of Newnan's greatest realtors with over 10 years of experience in helping people find their dream home.

The team is now selling houses in Coweta, Newnan, Senoia, Sharpsburg, Peachtree, Moreland, and Lagrange, with listings of some of Coweta and Fayette County's most popular homes.

Before & After

Local cities such as Newnan, Georgia, and the surrounding areas have been targeted. We also enhanced his Google My Business page, and he now ranks in the top three for all Newnan GA-related keywords.

Tim Stout's website had poor organic traffic and was not performing effectively on search engines within its specialty when we started in February 2021. The site received 13 organic page views each month and ranked for seven keywords, none of which were in Google's top three.

This simply meant that there was room to rev up the engines and transform this real estate website into the lead-generating monster it was meant to be. Which is exactly what we did.

Tim has a strong link-building budget, and he is now receiving on average 700 visitors from his target market. Every month, he becomes bigger and bigger.

Here’s the organic traffic growth for the website since they started working with us last year.

Organic Keywords

Organic Traffic and keywords when Tim Stout started working with us:

In April of 2022, Tim Stout and Associates was organically ranked in the top 10 places in Google for a total of 70 keywords. There are 1007 keywords that rank in the top 100 places.

As a result, when clients seek local real estate agents online, Tim Stout is one of the first options they come across.

We're on the right track, as evidenced by a steady increase in average monthly visitors and organic Google keywords. And this is only the beginning.

Within one year Tim's website traffic continuously grew and is still growing thanks to our SEO practices.

Here’s the growth in terms of organic traffic and organic keywords in the past year for Tim Stout’s website.

Strategies we used to improve traffic and get qualified leads for Tim Stout & Associates

A great SEO strategy is like a well-oiled machine with many different components that work together to support a company and its website to grow. We focused on generating keyword-targeted web pages and supporting them with high-quality educational content. We also developed a robust system of backlinks to the site and optimized it for a smooth user experience.

Here are some of the primary methods we used with Tim Stout and Associates to assist them to achieve their current level of success.

Targeting Tim Stout & Associates for local Sale keywords in his service areas

Real estate is a highly competitive field. We employ Real Estate SEO to put our clients' websites in front of relevant individuals when they do a Google search. This is what puts companies ahead of the pack in the internet world. One strategy to attract qualified traffic that is readily convertible is to include buyer-friendly real estate keywords in websites and instructive material.

We started by creating a series of fresh property pages for Tim Stout that targeted practically every "real estate agents" keyword. Then, to attract a continuous and reliable flow of ready-to-buy clients through their website, we added valuable customized informative material to these pages. We also handled the real estate content strategy to ensure that it was distributed to the appropriate channels and audiences.

We're also exploring new ways to dominate right now.

Strategic Link Building

The practice of obtaining various pages to link back to Tim Stout and Associates is known as link building. It is one of the most common search engine optimization tactics for improving a website's Google results because it establishes the site as an expert in its field. Your website will rank better if you can generate more links.

Internal, external, and backlink links are the three types of links. Internal links tie your informative material to other pages on your website that are relevant. External links connect your content to other trusted websites that might offer your clients value in a non-competitive field. Backlinks are links from other related websites that lead to your website's content.

Writing high-quality, in-depth content and placing it in the top three search results helped us get organic backlinks to our website.

Writing Informational Content

Gone are the days when shoppers just looked for things to buy. When making a purchase in this age of knowledge and technology, customers search for quality, relationships, and meaningful experiences. One of the most effective strategies for general purpose and worth for leads who are ready to buy is to provide high-quality instructional material.

Good content marketing accomplishes a variety of goals. It positions a brand as an expert in its area, assists consumers in refining their goals and comprehending the larger picture of how to attain them, and assists customers in determining whether the business is the greatest match for doing business with. In a nutshell, it establishes healthy relationships between a company and its customers.

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Informational material can be found in a variety of formats, including blog entries, web pages, and emails, to mention a few.

It's also critical to optimize old material in order to keep it current and relevant.

To develop leads and promote Tim Stout and Associates as a local real estate authority, we've uploaded 20 pieces of Property Page Content and 28 pages of Informative Content since Feb 2021.

Optimized Website

The technical performance of a website is referred to as website optimization. This involves determining if the website is suitable for a variety of devices, the speed with which it loads on a webpage, whether users can readily comprehend what to do when they are there, and addressing any broken links or low-quality graphics.

A firm cannot afford technological troubles on its website in these days of high-speed internet with people accessing information via a range of gadgets. Over the last year, we've implemented a number of optimization strategies to help Tim Stout's site.

Fast Loading & Mobile Friendly Website

Consumers frequently take a mobile device with them and do internet searches when they have free time during the day. This is why it is critical for businesses to ensure that a website is visually adapted to mobile screen size and loads quickly. Customers who are annoyed by websites that are not mobile-friendly may seek out other companies instead.

We made sure that the material on Tim Stout and Associates' website loads in under a second, which is within a safe range for mobile web users.

Great Messaging

The easiest method to create a connection with your prospects is to tailor your message to the unique audiences that contact your company. This enables people to successfully self-identify with the services you provide. Leads understand that you understand their requirements and difficulties and that you can give a solution through customized messaging.

You may assist direct your leads' experience as they interact with a company that can address their problems by informing them which step to take through compelling calls to action.

Fix Tech Issues

When a website has technical faults, like poor quality photographs or broken links, potential clients are frustrated in the same way they are when they have to deal with sluggish loading times and awful visuals. Their hunt for assistance becomes arduous and demanding.

To make the consumer experience as simple as possible when they visit your website, you must verify that all connections within your material are active and functional, and that picture resolution is excellent.

Similarly, having a clear and straightforward website layout that allows visitors to simply traverse your site will keep them on your site longer.

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Optimizing GMB

For real estate agents, Google My Business is one of the most successful strategies for attracting new clients. With a GMB account, you can greatly boost your exposure on Google Maps search results, provide up-to-date information about yourself, and earn leads from individuals who use these services!

We published GMB articles with the relevant keyword and geotagged photographs in order to rank on local results. We also completed and enhanced the GMB profile area. We also built citations to help us rank in local search results.

If you search for "real estate agent", "real estate agent near me," "realtor near me," or "real estate agency" from the Newnan, GA area, you will find Tim Stout GMB:

Optimize Your Website to Get More Leads

In the internet realm, search engine optimization is an efficient long term strategy for creating consistent, predictable lead flow. Mountains can be moved in a year, as you can see with this real estate agent case study, and that's only the beginning!

Talk to the SEO specialists at Ardor SEO immediately if you're ready to turn your website into a real estate sales powerhouse!

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