Dwaine Clarke began working with Ardor SEO a year ago, and since then, we've made phenomenal strides with NNN Deal Finder's website performance. With some thorough web optimizations, high-quality targeted messaging, and diligent practice, NNN Deal Finder has established itself as an industry leader in the triple net lease market - and now we're tackling bigger fish.

In this commercial real estate case study, we're going to take a look at how far NNN Deal Finder has come with Ardor SEO and how we accomplished it together.

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About Dwaine Clarke & NNN Deal Finder

Dwaine Clarke is the founder of NNN Deal Finder, a company designed to help passive investors find the best commercial real estate investments to reduce their risk and benefit from exceptional financial rewards. It's commonly known that triple net lease properties are some of the safest, most secure investments over the long term. They provide predictable cash flow checks, allowing investors to grow their savings, and build on their investments for the next generation.

Dwaine Clarke is a buyer's broker who focuses on the needs of investors. He helps clients navigate the NNN market and guides them to find an investment that suits their goals. 

Through NNN Deal Finder, clients search for highly profitable mid to long-term lease investment properties in the triple net lease market. This helps passive investors generate lucrative returns by delegating operational costs such as property tax, insurance, and maintenance expenses to the tenant. That way, landlords can become involved in profitable real estate asset ownership with minimal overheads, and tenants have the flexibility to customize the facility in the buildings they lease.

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NNN Deal Finder partners with reputable commercial brands that provide stable tenancy for the investor and occupy buildings in desirable locations. Property types include pharmacies, convenience stores, gas stations, medical office space, and fast food/restaurant franchises.

In addition to NNN Deal Finder, Dwaine is also the founder and Managing Director of Passive Investors’ Club, a community of investors who seek to build their wealth by generating passive income in commercial real estate.

Before & After

When we started in January 2021, NNN Deal Finder's website had a relatively low organic reach and was not ranking highly on search engines within its niche. The site received 411 organic page visits per month and was ranking for seven keywords, none of which were in the top three positions in Google. 

This simply means there was space to fire up the cylinders and turn this real estate website into the lead-generating machine it should be. So that's what we decided to do.

NNN Deal Finder yearly total traffic overview

Website Traffic Growth

In the ensuing 12 months, NNN Deal Finder's web traffic and convertible leads have exploded. Dwaine Clarke and his team now receive an average of 38,264 organic page views per month! This is a 9209.98% increase!

During the last year, we have received 170,671 organic pageviews.

NNN Deal Finder - Different traffic overview for a year

Organic Keywords

Feb 2021

NNN Deal Finder - Feb 2021 Organic keywords

Feb 2022

NNN Deal Finder - Feb 2022 Organic keywords

In February '22, we're organically ranking for a total of 582 keywords in the top 10 positions in Google. Out of which, 232 keywords are ranking in the top three positions. 

This means NNN Deal Finder is one of the first solutions investors find when searching for triple net lease commercial real estate investment opportunities online. 

A 9210% spike in average monthly visits and an 8314% increase in organic rankings in Google confirms that we're on the right path. And we're only getting started.

Lead Conversions

Convertible leads' engagement with the website is performing significantly better than competitors in the niche. 

We've achieved a bounce rate of 36.95% - eleven percent below the industry standard - with an average session duration of just over five minutes.

That's twice the amount of time people spend on competitors' websites!

What Strategies Improved Traffic and Increased Qualified Leads?

A successful SEO strategy is like a well-oiled engine made from many individual components that support the overall success of a business and its website. Of all the SEO strategies out there, we've focused on creating keyword-targeted web pages, and backing them up with high-quality informational content. In addition, we've built a strong network of backlinks to the website and optimized the site for a flawless user experience.

Here are some of the key strategies we've implemented with NNN Deal Finder to help bring the outstanding success they are experiencing today.

Targeting NNN for Sale Keywords

Real estate is a competitive industry. We use Real Estate SEO to position our client's websites directly in front of the right people as they begin a search in Google. This is what gets businesses ahead of their competition in the online space. Using buyer-friendly, real estate keywords in web pages and informational content is one way to attract relevant traffic that is ready to convert.


We began by targeting almost every "NNN For Sale" keyword and created a series of new property pages for NNN Deal Finder. Next, we added valuable optimized informational content to these pages to magnetize a steady and reliable stream of ready-to-buy customers through their website. Also, we do real estate content marketing to make sure it reaches the right channels and audience.

We're currently looking for new avenues to dominate as well.

Strategic Link Building

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to NNN Deal Finder. It is one of the primary search engine optimization techniques used to increase a website's rankings in Google, as it identifies the site as an authority in its niche. The more links you can build, the higher your website will rank.

Links are categorized into three groups: internal, external, and backlinks. Internal links connect your informational content with other relevant pages on your website. External links tie your content with other authoritative websites that can provide value to your customers in a non-competitive subject. Backlinks are a link from other relevant websites that connect their customers to your web content.

Writing quality and in-depth content and ranking on the top 3 results helped us bring backlinks to our website organically.

Writing Informational Content 

Gone are the days when buyers search for purchases only. In the age of information and technology, people look for value, connection, and meaningful experiences when making a purchase. Providing high-quality informational content is one of the best ways to create value and meaning for leads looking to buy.

Good content achieves a number of things. It establishes a brand as an authority within its niche, helps customers refine their goals and understand the bigger picture of how to achieve them, and it helps customers identify whether the brand is the best fit to conduct business with. In short, it builds nourishing relationships between a business and clients.

Informational content can appear as blog articles, web page content, and emails - to name a few. 

It’s also essential to optimize existing content to keep it relevant and updated.

Since January 2021, we have added 68 pieces of Location Content and Property Page Content to cultivate leads and establish NNN Deal Finder as a triple net authority.

Funnels to Effectively Manage Leads

Funnels are designed to tailor messaging to specific audiences at different stages of the buying process. Rather than focusing on sales, it considers the full sphere of the customer journey and nurtures relationships to build better customer experiences. Messaging enters into informational content as well as active campaign funnels, which help a business guide leads into the best possible outcomes based on their goals.

The stages of the customer journey revolve around awareness, interest in a subject, decision-making, and taking action. Though this is a simplified scope, these are the primary areas of messaging development we have focused on to transform potential customers to converted customers once they have landed on NNN Deal Finder's website.

Conversion funnel for a website

Website Optimization

Website optimization refers to how well the site technically runs. This includes whether the website is compatible with multiple devices, the speed at which it loads on a page, whether customers can easily understand what to do once they arrive, and addresses any malfunctioning links or poor-quality images.

In times of high-speed internet and multiple devices circulating through the masses, a business cannot afford technical issues on its website. Here are a few of the optimization techniques we've brought in to aid NNN Deal Finder's site over the past year.

Phone and laptop

Mobile-friendly and Fast Website

It's common for consumers to carry around a mobile device and conduct online searches as they have spare moments throughout the day. This is why ensuring a website is graphically acclimatized to mobile screen dimensions then loads within a quick time frame is essential for businesses. Sites that are not mobile-friendly can cause frustrated customers to engage with other businesses instead.

We've ensured NNN Deal Finder's content loads within a second, which is within a safe range for mobile web surfers.

Targeted Messaging 

Targeting messaging to the specific audience reaching out to your business is the best way to cultivate a relationship with your leads. It helps them effectively self-identify with the need for the services you offer. Through targeted messaging leads grasp that you deeply understand their needs and challenges and that you can provide a solution. 

By telling leads which action to take through strong calls to action, you can help guide their experience as they connect with a business that will solve their problems.

Fixing Tech Issues

When a website experiences tech issues such as poor quality images or links that do not work, potential customers share a similar frustration to when they are subject to slow loading times and bad graphics. Suddenly, their search for help becomes laborious and difficult.

You need to ensure that all links within your content are live and efficient, and that image resolution is high to make the customer journey as easy as possible when people land on your web pages.

Similarly, ensuring you have a clear and simple website blueprint so people can easily navigate your website will keep people on your pages for longer.

Transform Your Website into a Sales Machine

Search engine optimization is an effective long-term strategy for generating reliable, predictable lead flow in the online space. As you can see in this commercial real estate case study, mountains can be moved in just one year - and this is just the beginning! If you're ready to develop your website into a property sales machine like NNN Deal Finder, talk to the SEO experts at Ardor SEO today!

In today's world, digital experts are affordable and employ teams of experienced professional IT and content professionals. Our team is a vibrant mix of talented real estate professionals and writers who live, breathe, and create an all-things-real estate. If you find yourself too busy or overwhelmed by the things you must do to soar to the highest visibility to both buyers and sellers in your area, don't be shy - discover real estate SEO experts.

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