Distinctive. Exquisite. Unforgettable. Just like your fantastic real estate listings, your website must be an inspirational, experiential tool for all buyers and sellers. Every time you create content, you must rise to the occasion of selling dreams, which is no small accomplishment.

It's daunting to create exciting new real estate marketing concepts every day that elevate your website and your listings. At first, it's fun to come up with out-of-the-box website concepts that elevate your listings. But reality sets in fast.

Online Marketing

Like all realtors, you're busy on the road showing houses to prospective buyers. Your day-to-day schedule is packed with showing listings, negotiating property prices, checking the closing details, and inspecting every tiny detail so your deal will be successful.

If you want to stand out from the competition in the crowded arena of the real estate industry, you've got to embrace your creativity and harness the power of your website, SEO, email marketing, social media content, and more.

Don't despair. Our real estate marketing experts are armed with cutting-edge ideas to transform your website from ho-hum to dazzling. Let's get your real estate or brokerage firm website ready to dominate your playing field.

Here are a dozen creative real estate marketing strategies to promote your listings, generate more leads, and grow your brand. We've come up with tips for real estate marketing beginners and experts.

1. Plan a Real Estate Strategy Built Upon a Diversified Foundation

You will attract many new leads if you understand and implement a tech-savvy real estate SEO strategy. A strong SEO, aka search engine optimization, means your real estate agency pops up online when anyone in your area searches for homes for sale or about top realtors.

Managing SEO in real estate is critical for your success. Whenever a potential lead types a question or asks their digital device about properties, you want YOUR website to pop up, not the competition's sites!

Here are some real estate website SEO tips to get you started.

  • Write an SEO strategy. This plan means you create a comprehensive real estate SEO plan and calendar that lists branded content needs to include and publish on your site, as well as all of your email marketing.
  • Build a responsive website that offers visitors a clear, instant snapshot of who you are and how you can help them. A responsive real estate website is always formatted to look perfect on all devices, especially mobile phones, laptops, digital pads, etc.
  • Make sure to design clean, bright landing pages for your website.
  • Show off your real estate content with stunning photos, brief videos, and stellar writing.
  • Take the time to brand all of your images and content. Just paste branding such as your logo in the corner of all your digital content.
  • Your SEO strategy should include a form on your real estate website that captures your leads.
  • Always include keyword phrases that people will Google when searching to buy or sell a home in your area.
  • Publish new content often so your SEO will grow, and you'll see rewards with ever-growing search results.

2. Create a Geo-Targeted Market Survey for your Real Estate Audience

As any modern-day real estate agency owner will tell you, a top-notch SEO strategy includes publishing a quiz online. Engaging people with their interests will build your brand recognition and position you as the top real estate agent in your area.

Just like the surveys on HuffPost or Buzzfeed that go viral, your real estate quiz can reach many more prospects for your listings.

Get started with these steps:

  • Make a list of thought-provoking questions you can ask your target audience.
  • Focus on one type of quiz that tackles specific categories of real estate questions. For example, ask questions about the financial realities of your readers or mortgage rates.
  • Keep your survey brief, to about six questions tops.
  • Have some questions with yes or no answers and also some multiple-choice questions.
  • Be sure to include a form within your survey so readers can get their results and the overall results of your survey. Ask for their contact information such as name, email, and phone.
  • You can also offer a complimentary gift, such as a downloadable article from a blog post you've written or a $5 coupon for a free coffee at the local cafe. The quiz participants can submit their answers and contact info, and you can email them their reward.

Another incredible SEO expert tool is to offer an interactive Q/A section in your surveyor on your website. Visit Answer The Public, a free digital search engine tool. You can create lists of questions linked to your keywords, so visitors or survey participants can type in a search and get answers!

3. Share a Video to Introduce Your Branded Real Estate Agency to the Public

You live and breathe your business every day, 24/7. Many potential leads do not know your brand and what you can do to help them during their real estate journey to the outside world, so show them.

Plan a brief, five-minute video to introduce yourself, your real estate business, and your services to a new audience. Think of it as an elevator pitch, where you creatively toot your own horn.

Keep your efforts professional, but always add a touch of your personality to the video, and be sure to share a success story, too. Homebuyers and sellers are looking to find a personal connection with a talented real estate agent since they’re facing the most expensive purchase or sale of their lives.

Remember to include the geographical location you serve since Google will feature local data on search engine results pages.

4. Share the Local Hot Spots Near Your Real Estate Listings

Everyone knows location is key in the real estate industry. What better way is there to capture the charm, fun, gourmet-worthy, or other spectacular traits of your listing's neighborhood?

Grab your dog and visit the local park, and have a friend take some shots of you interacting with other pets. Take a stroll down Main Street, capture the local cafes and hot spots, and don't forget to show off the dry cleaner, grocery stores, and boutiques!

Since many families will be purchasing new homes, take a walk from your listing to the nearby school, and narrate the walk as you film. Show potential clients how safe and walkable their new home would be if they purchased your listing!

5. Educate the Public about Real Estate Pitfalls and Solutions

What sets you separate and apart from your competition is your ability to grab new leads by being the top real estate expert in your area. As one of the best realtors around, you can build your website traffic with relevant leads by offering them education about specific real estate topics.

To get started, follow these article blogging tips.

  • Choose specific niche issues every home buyer or seller discovers when buying or selling.
  • Write educational pieces that are about 500 words maximum.
  • Make sure to include a great photo that illustrates your image. Humor can work well here.
  • Create an engaging title.
  • Use a call-to-action at the end of every piece of content. 
  • As the expert realtor, include at least one statistic and include link building in your piece by making your named link connect to your information source.
  • Use keyword phrases.
  • Offer a “listicle,” which is a numbered shortlist of your lessons.
  • Make a "How To" or "How NOT to" series.
  • Share your articles on your website, social media, LinkedIn, YouTube, and in email marketing.

6. Offer Free Real Estate Home Valuations

Everyone loves a freebie! To attract more home buyers, why not offer a free home valuation? Homebuyers and sellers want to know how much their home is worth.

Why not take the confusion out of their home valuation and offer a free way to figure out this crucial data?

Find a photo, and add hyper-local words in a caption, such as "Want to see how much your Miami House is worth now?" Then have an open clickable box for name and email. You can then take clients to a free home valuation calculator on your site. 

Once the prospective client sends their contact information, follow up with an informal, friendly email. Say hello, thank them for checking out your free home valuation tool, and ask if there is any real estate question you can answer. Include your name, real estate business name, and full contact information.

Check out this free Chase home valuation online tool to see how this works for your clients.

7. Reward Real Estate Customer Referrals & Clicks

You don't have to spend a fortune to make potential clients feel like they're essential to you. Your marketing strategy should include some campaigns that offer something free if a lead agrees to watch a video for a specific listing or if a happy client refers another client.

Think small. Why not offer leads a $5 card for a free latte in the cool coffee shop down the block from your listing or something similar? Everyone loves a gift.

You can also offer a branded fun gift that will pay off with potential sales. A research study shows that nine out of ten consumers who get promotional, branded products remember the business name! Even better, the same study reports 82 percent of people who received branded promotional gifts had a deep impression of the firm doing the giveaway.

8. Share Video Testimonials from Happy Clients

Word of mouth recommendations are the lifeblood of every successful business. Real estate clients often bond with their realtor, so call some of your favorite, most satisfied clients and ask if they would do a brief video bragging about their experience with you.

A study by Strategic Factory reports ongoing client testimonials to bring in about 62 percent higher revenue!

Your past clients will likely gladly give you a thumbs-up, so don't be shy. Ask for a brief, two-minute video testimonial, thank your clients with a small gift, such as a pound of gourmet coffee or a cool branded water flask.

9. Support a Hyper-Local Non-Profit

The saying "It takes a village" is never more true than in any local community non-profit. As you grow your real estate empire, don't forget to find out about the non-profit organizations in your town.

Every neighborhood has some non-profit cause, and if you are looking for a project to support that impacts every community, consider food insecurity. Food insecure Americans don't have enough food for their families due to the economic crisis. About 116 million, or 89.5 percent, of all US homes, are food insecure. The pandemic, massive unemployment, and business interruptions have created the perfect storm for many in various income ranges to fall into this category.

Sponsor a school drop-off non-perishable food drive or run an ad in the local paper asking for food to be dropped off at your office on a particular day. Helping others not only makes you feel amazing but also builds your brand recognition in a way you will be most proud of in the years to come. Plus, your SEO once again will boom.

10. Publish Real Estate Websites for Individual Listings

Digital marketing will engage everyone who’s involved in a home search, build your SEO, rank you the highest for every local real estate search, and bring relief to anxious home buyers and sellers.

Your website is your home base, but when you want to shine a light on a specific property, why not build a simple, elegant website?

Websites for individual listings are on the fast track to becoming the hottest real estate SEO strategy. With so many affordable, self-build drag-and-drop website builders available online, you don't need more than a few hours to design a new website to show off a particular listing.

You’ll bring in more traffic to each listing, and your clients will be thrilled. Your hard work building a unique website just for their listing will be long remembered and possibly rewarded by future referrals.

How to set up a simple listing site: 

  • Feature ONLY one listing, so it is the “star” of the website.
  • Post gorgeous photos with captions.
  • Use strong keywords, and make sure you include local verbiage.
  • Include a spectacular video tour.
  • Use digital email marketing to get the word out.
  • Have clickable links for clients to make an appointment to view the listing.
  • Include link building by posting a clickable link on the site that goes to your main real estate agency landing page.
  • Share it on all social media. Announce the site as if it's a new celebrity making a debut. Have fun with it!
  • Show off the website to your clients.


We hope you take advantage of these powerful SEO strategies. Your real estate business needs an elegant website with incredible SEO visibility.

As you work on your website and marketing, always use keyword phrases and remember to brand in a gentle yet visible manner. Try out new ideas to build your SEO, such as surveys, rewarding clients and clicks, supporting local non-profits, offering free home valuations, and more.

Maybe all of that takes too much time. We get it - you’re a busy business owner. So, why not hand this over to the professionals? At Ardor SEO, we’re equipped with ample experience in real estate SEO; let us take your website to the top of Google’s first page!

About the author 

Kris Reid

Kris Reid, the Coolest Guy in SEO, is the CEO of Ardor SEO. His expertise lies in helping real estate professionals get more leads and customers to predictably grow their business. Get to know Kris and learn more about our team here.

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