The real estate market is fiercely competitive. Everyone is trying to stand out from the crowd and get the attention of their target audience.

Of course, there are various types of PPC for real estate investors to advertise their businesses and their services such as Google Ads campaigns, Facebook ads, and more.

But how will you choose the best one to stand out from the competition?

We've prepared a guide for the best PPC for real estate investors to help them get the conversions they need! Now, let's get started!

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PPC - What is it? Do You Need It?

PPC stands for "pay per click", and it's a sort of internet advertising that's done directly. As the name implies, it's direct marketing in which you pay (auction or bid style) for each visit to your website.

When a real estate investor says "Google Ads", they're generally referring to having their website advertised on multiple websites. However, in the strictest sense, it implies that you are paying for website clicks. This does not have to be done through Google AdWords. It might be on sites like LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and others. You may even put advertising on a search engine that isn't widely used.

Benefits of PPC for real estate investors

PPC continues to be a successful marketing technique due to its significant conversion benefits. Your goal as a real estate investor is to get people to look at your homes. Only techniques that drive people to your website may do this. Here are a few of the most significant PPC benefits for real estate investors.

Target Audience

PPC for real estate investors helps you to target specific demographics. This is beneficial for conversions.

For example, the traffic you receive from SEO marketing provides data you can see through your analytics program. People looking for items in your sector use particular keywords which are reflected in your analytics. To attract visitors, you incorporate these keywords into your website's postings.

For PPC advertisements, however, you can choose the audience that will view your adverts. You may do this by limiting your ad campaign's visibility to a specified demographic or platform. This increases your marketing efficiency and assists you in narrowing down your target demographic to the right group of potential customers.

Data Measurement

In digital marketing, it's critical to understand your data.

You can't afford to invest money if you don't have measurable facts to back up the figures you see in analytics. This is a key element of PPC that makes it a worthwhile investment for promoting your real estate services.

The majority of PPC solutions include data analytics that adequately explain your data. Google gives a logical and visual representation of your data, making it easy to see how far your advertising has reached and how much each click costs.

Website Traffic

PPC drives immediate traffic to your site. This is in contrast to SEO, which uses keywords to increase traffic to your website.

With PPC, however, all that is required is for readers to click on the link to your website and they will be directed to your page.

Getting leads and drawing a potential audience to your website is an important step in marketing. PPC may assist you in accomplishing this, especially if you use top platforms like Google to create your advertising.

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Measurable ROI

PPC's quantified nature makes it simple to calculate your return on investment.

After a month of setting up your PPC campaign, you'll have a good idea of how much you're spending on leads. The cost per click and the cost per lead are typically provided by most PPC platforms. If a lead costs $200 and it takes 10 leads to convert, you'll spend $2000 on each sale you close.

This quantitative flow of activities enables you to calculate your profits and decide whether your marketing approach is long-term viable.

If your calculations show that you are making a lot more money despite the high cost of leads, you should increase your efforts, maximize your approach and improve your efficiency. If that isn't the case, you still have time to make changes to your approach.

Main Types of PPC advertisements

There are various PPC advertisements such as Google ads campaigns, paid search marketing, display advertising, and more. Let's take a look at the most commonly used PPC types.

Paid search marketing

The most typical advertising you'll encounter in search results is paid search ads. These PPC advertisements are displayed at the top and bottom of Google's search results. These adverts will be labeled "ad" to signify that they are sponsored material.

There are no graphics in these adverts. If you want to make a Google search ad, you'll need to utilize Google Ads to design and set up your ad.

Begin by selecting your keywords for a successful search ad. Keywords are what cause your ad to show up in search results. If you want to reach out to people who are seeking your products or services, you must first choose relevant keywords.

Long-tail keywords are the most effective for PPC campaigns. Long-tail keywords, such as "how to sell a house in CA" are preferable for search advertisements since they generate specific leads for your business while keeping your cost per click (CPC) low.

After you've chosen your keywords, you'll enter an auction to bid on where your ad will appear.

You'll choose your bid price, which is the amount you're prepared to pay each time people click on your ad.

Your position is determined by your offer and your quality score. Google assigns a quality score to your ad. It considers factors like ad relevance and click-through rate when determining how relevant your ad is to a user's search query. You want a high-quality score so that you may rank higher for your chosen keyword.

You'll launch your PPC search ad after you've secured your location.

This is one of the many different sorts of PPC campaigns you can use to generate new leads for your company. It's one of the most prevalent kinds of marketing that produces excellent outcomes for your company.

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Display advertising

Another sort of PPC ad you can use to attract individuals who are interested in your brand is display advertisements. These advertisements can be found on Google's partner websites. These commercials usually incorporate a photo as well as text, rather than being all-text ads.

This advertising lets you target certain categories of people who you feel would be interested in your product or service. You can select a specific target market or focus on those who have visited websites that are similar to yours.

Display advertising is created in the same way as conventional PPC ads. You'll select how much you pay whenever somebody clicks by setting your bid amount.

The most significant change is that your ad wording will need to be approved by Google. To avoid having your ad rejected, follow Google's ad image standards.

After that, you'll choose industry-related websites where your advertising will appear, ensuring that you're targeting prospects who want to hear from your company.

Many individuals do not click on these adverts, despite the fact that they are run on a PPC CPC strategy. Display advertising is better for increasing brand awareness and collecting the odd interested lead who clicks on your ad.

Display advertising is a brilliant option if you're searching for something which keeps your audience's attention. It's one of several methods of paid ads that will assist more people to learn about your company.

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Social media advertising

One of the most popular sorts of paid advertising is social media ads. These advertisements show on social media feeds. It's a fantastic method to engage with people on social media.

You must first choose your platform before you can begin employing social media advertisements. You may pick from a variety of social networking channels, including: 

  • Twitter,
  • Facebook,
  • LinkedIn.
  • Instagram,
  • Pinterest.

These are the most often used networks for businesses to interact with their customers. You should select your platform depending on where your target audience spends the most time. You'll know which social media sites your target group prefers if you conduct research.

You may begin constructing your ad when you've established your platform. You may utilize a number of formats on several social networking networks. What you intend to accomplish with your campaign will determine the format.

Advanced targeting is also available with social media advertisements. Companies appreciate utilizing social media to reach important leads because you can target leads more accurately.

If you launch a Facebook campaign, for example, you may target people based on their location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and education. Digging a little deeper, you can even target people based on their income, travel history, and so on.

This precise targeting allows you to reach out to leads who are more interested in your company. One of the finest PPC ad types for engaging prospects and encouraging them to check out your organization is social media advertisements.

Retargeting PPC advertising

Retargeting is a type of pay-per-click advertising in which adverts are shown to users who have visited certain pages on your website.

Installing a 'tag' on your website that monitors website visits is necessary in order to retarget. The 'Pixel' is used by Facebook, whereas the 'Insight Tag' is used by LinkedIn. It's preferable to use Google Tag Manager to add them to your website because it eliminates a lot of the legwork.

After you've inserted your tracking tags, you can use them to retarget website visitors by establishing custom rules. For instance, you could use Facebook to target everyone who visits a specific landing page but does not complete it or adds items to a shopping cart, but doesn’t make the payment. 

As a result, the next time they visit Facebook, they'll see your ad, which will remind them of the benefits of your service and provide a link back to your website.

Retargeting is a wonderful approach to increase the number of individuals who become prospects, move them through the purchasing journey, and overcome difficulties in your marketing funnel.

Price comparison website advertising

Websites that aggregate and show prices and special offers from numerous sources are known as price comparison or aggregator websites. This includes hotel and insurance comparison websites. Users can buy directly from the vendor or via the price comparison portal by clicking on the deals that attract them.

This can help you utilize your PPC cash more effectively. Customers who are actively seeking a product or service similar to yours can be found on price comparison websites. The disadvantage of these websites is that you will be competing with other businesses.

Different PPC alternatives are available on price comparison websites. It's a good idea to compare your conversion rate to your click-through rate.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the technique of promoting someone else's items in exchange for a commission on each transaction.

Affiliates may utilize a variety of different sorts of adverts. Affiliate marketing is generally understated, and the finest marketers make you feel as if they're selling you a tale rather than an affiliate product. As a result, their audience becomes more immersed in the tale, and before you know it, they've purchased something from you.

These strategies have helped affiliates all across the world earn a lot of money. Their content is centered on persuading consumers to buy items and services by clicking on affiliate links.

Remember that affiliates aren't the only ones that make a lot of money. Companies that started affiliate marketing programs are receiving the short end of the stick. They don't have to perform a lot of marketing because they receive the rewards of their affiliates' hard work.

This is why they are ready to pay out large sums to affiliates. Because even paying out large sums to affiliates is considerably more cost-effective than promoting yourself.

The majority of affiliate marketing techniques center upon search engine optimization (SEO) and increasing organic traffic through content and backlinks.

google main page is showing on a tablet screen

Google Ads - How to Make it Work

You can have total control over your leads thanks to Google. You have the option of bidding for certain keywords or letting Google do it for you.

Furthermore, the bidding tool lets you set your maximum cost-per-click based on your budget. The platform also has a smart bidding tool that simplifies the bidding process by automating it.

Moreover, Google makes calculating your returns simple, which is a common issue with many advertising networks. You can track your ad growth using a variety of indicators provided by the platform.

Google can assist you in removing negative keywords, ensuring that you don't waste money on traffic that isn't relevant to your business. As a result, traffic that will not convert will not enter your website.

In conclusion, it's important to choose the best PPC services for your real estate business in order to get the conversion you want. If you are confused about where to begin, reach out to us and let our professional team take care of your business.

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