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Social media has become one major outlet for real-time information dissemination. Due to this merit, it's unsurprising that 4.48 billion individuals use related platforms worldwide.

Social media grants real estate agents the luxury of advertising their services to existing and future clients. And with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) affirming that 90% of home buyers begin their search for a home online, now's the time to leverage social media to increase the reach of your real estate business. 

However, successfully generating leads through social media platforms isn't all about making funny videos and listing posts for TikTok and Instagram. You must devote your time and effort to increase brand awareness.

But are these all the ingredients needed to capture social media leads? While they're essential bits, there's more to the jigsaw puzzle.

Real estate social media marketing isn't smooth sailing, as you must understand what posts make potential leads tick and patronize your real estate business. 

You may have tried a truckload of social media post templates, and your business still hasn't gotten the traction you need. Well, don't fret. This article fields 20 kick-ass ideas to implement for your real estate social media posts.

Ready? Let's get started!

Looking to Kick-Start Real Estate Social Media Marketing? Consider These Three Platforms

The real estate world is super competitive, with featured realtors all vying for the top spot in their target market. Thus, social media has become integral to every real estate agent's marketing toolbox. You can use associated channels to increase your brand's reputation and attract new clients.

But there's a pressing question — what social media channels are perfect for lead generation and client retention? With many alternatives available, settling for the variant that suits your marketing efforts might seem overwhelming.

But not to worry. We've conducted due diligence to uncover the best social platforms to broadcast your real estate business's offerings and land paying customers. Notable mentions are:

  • Facebook

Facebook ranks as the most popular social media channel for those looking to acquire or sell landed properties. Fielding over 2.98 billion active monthly users, real estate agents are advised to pitch their tents here to generate leads seamlessly.

Social media real estate agents who thrive on Facebook are those who share their stories. By giving a sneak peek into your personal life, people (your audience) will know what you do and understand you're a full-fledged community member. 

What's better? Giving an insight into tales bordering on your real estate career gives you the credibility required to facilitate a real estate transaction without anyone raising their eyebrows.

  • Instagram

Albeit a Facebook subsidiary, Instagram has a unique modus operandi driven by image and video content. On Instagram, you'll need to showcase stellar visuals (typically those attached to your real estate listings) with stellar captions. 

That way, you tell your story while steering your target audience toward your realty-themed offerings.

Fortunately, uploading high-quality photos and videos on Instagram is almost effortless, all thanks to the platform's vast array of filters. What's not to love?

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform revered for its professionalism. Rather than seeking potential clients, LinkedIn provides an avenue to forge new connections with other reputable real estate business owners. 

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn users are educated and will scrutinize your posts thoroughly to determine your brand's authenticity. So, for your business to gain traction here, creating highly-researched content (with links to boot) alongside an optimized profile is non-negotiable.

Real estate professionals can connect with other revered realtors via LinkedIn.

NOTE: According to the NAR, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are positioned as the best three platforms for real estate agents looking to market their services effectively. Nonetheless, don't relegate channels like YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok to the background. With a multifaceted marketing funnel visible across these six channels, you'll have the social media presence required to garner more leads. 

Top 20 Social Media Post Ideas to Implement as a Realtor

You've decided to take the social marketing leap as a real estate agent. Congratulations! However, it's pertinent to note that real estate media marketing success requires creating engaging content. 

But what variations convert? Let's look at some proven and tested social media post ideas you can implement to kick-start your real estate marketing campaign on a well-deserved high. They include:

1. Polls and Quizzes

Polls and quizzes have become widespread on diverse social media platforms. In fact, you'll find formats hovering around things like "the most luxurious neighborhoods in California" and "top vacation hubs in the United States."

Related content attracts a truckload of engagement from your social media followers. The best part? You can create polls and quizzes as a fun activity or use them as a metric to improve your business and suit your target audience's preferences. 

2. Personal Real Estate Milestones

Is this your fifth year as a realtor? Did you sell your 100th property? Have you gone from a struggling real estate agent to owning a thriving real estate brokerage hosting top-tier realtors? 

You might naturally want to keep these milestones under wraps, sharing them with friends and family only — that's understandable. 

But have you considered creating a heartwarming write-up about the benchmark you've just attained and posting it on various social media accounts? The results will most definitely surprise you.

People typically gravitate towards success. By showcasing the milestone you've just achieved as a realtor to your followers, you'll build a human connection that'll earn you patronage in the near future.

3. Share Videos

According to a report, 86% of all professional marketing professionals use video to market their services. As a social realtor, why don't you post that video you created months or just a few days ago?

Contrary to popular belief, there's no need to go above and beyond on your videos. These clips could be a simple walkthrough around a luxury property on your listing, a vlog that grants insight into a neighborhood's history, or a behind-the-scenes video showcasing renovation activities on an abandoned house.

4. Giveaways

Agreed, you aren't Santa Claus. But you should still do weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly giveaways on your social media account. For this activity, you needn't borrow a loan from your financial institution. Your giveaways could be as simple as giving out branded t-shirts, gift cards (Amazon, iTunes, etcetera), and event tickets. 

Additionally, you can partner with local businesses to ensure improved reach within your farm area.

Giveaway posts can improve engagements

5. Retweet Real Estate Information

If you regularly make Facebook and Twitter posts, one foolproof social media strategy to implement involves sharing national and local realty-themed news and inserting a TL:DR caption that summarizes how the trend affects the local real estate scene.

Finding related news isn't daunting. Besides using Google News, you can follow the social media accounts of popular real estate entities. 

What's more? To gain engagement, you can adapt local and national realty news into a blog post featured on your website and share it on your preferred social media platforms.

6. Contests

Like quizzes and polls, contests are another great medium to engage your followers. They could be about the individual with the nicest garden, who has the most adorable pet, or who can create the best DIY hack for home renovations.

Participants who receive the highest likes or retweets (for Twitter) should be eligible for a prize.

Just like we've established with giveaways, these rewards could be gift cards or a monetary cash prize. This time, however, you're free to let your imaginations run wild.

7. Q&A Sessions

As a realtor seeking patronage via social media, showcasing your real estate knowledge is essential to attracting potential leads. You can do this by conducting a live Q&A session on your Instagram or Facebook page.

When it starts, give your followers the leeway to ask questions. Once they do, answer them promptly and refer them to other resources if needed.

By conducting regular Q&A sessions, you'll establish yourself as an authority in real estate-related affairs. The result? More leads you can convert to paying clients.

8. Fun Facts

Humans are naturally curious. You can take advantage of this attribute to tailor social media posts that showcase fun and mind-boggling facts. 

They could feature the uniqueness of a city or why people prefer a particular state. Additionally, consider giving insights into the cuisines specific to select communities and "must-visit" attractions in your local real estate market.

9. Hilarious Memes and GIFs

Life tends to get "overly" serious sometimes. But as a realtor, you can use your preferred social media channel to post rib-cracking real estate memes, hilarious images that relate to your local community, and funny GIFs understandable by all and sundry. 

So, while your real estate social media marketing scheme might be tailored towards showcasing your business's offerings, injecting a dose of comic relief to make your subscribers smile is an excellent idea.

DID YOU KNOW: Memes are great marketing tools because numerous people relate to them. A survey affirms this fact, with over 60% of individuals stating that they'd patronize companies that use memes as an integral part of their social media marketing arsenal.

10. Home Buying Tips for First-Timers

Buying a home for the first time can be a daunting activity. Show your followers that you care by creating a step-by-step guide for people purchasing a home without prior experience. This guide could include actionable tips and tricks to get the best deals and uncover homes that aren't up to standard.

Furthermore, insert a Call to Action (CTA) that redirects readers to the download page of the complete guide.

Creating home buying guides establishes you as an authority

11. New Listings

Posting home listings is one of the most common real estate social media marketing ideas for real estate agents looking to capture leads. As such, always showcase your latest listings on your social accounts.

Make sure you share these posts more than once, as there's a chance that a significant percentage of your target audience didn't see these listings the first time you posted them. Reposting new listings at regular intervals will generate more engagements and can land interested clients.

12. Home Makeover

Home sellers are constantly on the prowl for posts that'll help them increase the selling price of their properties. On the flip side, buyers typically seek routes to renovate their new spaces. 

To whet the appetites of both sets, share high-quality "before and after" images of comprehensive remodels and makeovers on a select property. 

Consider posting images and videos of makeover and remodeling projects you supervised and the process involved. Wrap things up by telling your subscribers if these activities yielded increased offers or not. 

13. Client Testimonials

Although high-quality photos on your Instagram Stories will help you attract leads, testimonials spur them to execute a realty transaction with your real estate entity.

Testimonials are usually written by an impressed client, showering accolades on your services. However, you'll need to make concerted efforts to get them. So, if you've delivered a service and the client loved it, send them a follow-up message weeks later asking them to leave a review on your Google My Business (GMB) page. 

Once they do, turn them into graphics (with their wordings intact) and post them on your social media channels accordingly. That way, you'll build the "social proof" instrumental to receiving more patronage. 

14. Blog Posts

You may have just created the perfect blog post that'll feature on your real estate website. Wonderful! But if you'd like it to gain more traction, share it on all your business-related social media accounts. 

You don't need to copy the entire write-up and make it a Facebook post. Instead, add a synopsis and insert the article's link at the concluding parts for viewers to click and get redirected to the full post. 

15. Team Member Feature

If you're part of a real estate team, consider deflecting the spotlight from yourself to a team member making considerable progress and breaking milestones within their local community. When subscribers realize you're a team player, they will likely engage your posts. 

16. Recommended Books

Your path to becoming a real estate agent might have been rocky. Did the wording of certain books inspire you to persevere and never give up regardless of prevailing odds? If yes, consider sharing their titles with your followers and issue reasons why they're great reads. 

Giving insight into life-changing books you've read is a great post idea

17. Throwback Posts

Taking your followers back to the good ol' days when things were simple is an admirable real estate social media marketing post idea. These throwbacks could include your past professional achievements or graphics that trigger a solid dose of nostalgia (like a newspaper page fielding loads of listings before the online MLS took precedence).

18. Favorite Podcasts

Social media marketing real estate agents are always on the move, catching up with clients and executing real estate deals. Although they're alone for most of these trips, podcasts (mostly realty-related) keep them company.

If any podcast has proved helpful to you as a real estate agent constantly on the go, create a post highlighting them. Your followers will appreciate the thought!

19. Contact Information

You might have heard the "click the link in my bio to contact me" jingle countless times. Unfortunately, most followers won't do this. With this glaring reality, consider adding your contact information to your posts. As such, you'll remain top of mind in clients' hearts. 

20. Posts From Influencers

They're called social media influencers for a reason. Reposting their content (especially variants tied to a top trend) will invariably attract a substantial share of engagements to your page.  

Parting Shot

Social media is an indispensable tool for realtors looking to extend their reach and garner a decent stream of patronage. 

However, to ensure a successful real estate social media marketing campaign, you must create consistent posts that resonate with your target audience. 

By combining the 20 post ideas featured in this article into your social media marketing strategy, your realty business will gain traction and recognition in record time!

Are you yearning to increase your social media presence and attract new leads without hassles? ArdorSEO is the solution. Adopting proven and tested SEO techniques, our experts will curate social media ads and posts to give your business the traction it needs to become an authority within your target market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Social Media Channel Is Best for Real Estate Marketing?

The best social media channel for real estate marketing is Facebook. Besides hosting over 2.99 billion active users monthly, this social media platform has functionalities like Lead Ads — an add-on that helps generate leads via a safe and simple registration form. 

Additionally, you can use its Messenger application to connect with clients who aren't ready for phone conversations.

Is Social Media Good for All Realtors?

Yes. Realtors can seamlessly advertise their listings, generate leads, and facilitate real estate transactions using popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

What Percentage of Real Estate Agents Utilize Social Media?

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 57% of realtors utilize social media applications daily to conduct business. 

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