The Entrepreneur Effect on Why Outsourcing and SEO Fits to a T for Terrific

Adam Smith once stated in the Wealth of Nations that if a country overseas is able to offer more economical goods and services than what another nation has, it is wiser to purchase from them. Today, it has gradually become more logical to rapidly growing companies to redirect secondary corporate tasks by outsourcing. This holds true with SEO or Search Engine Optimization, being one of the most common corporate industries seeking outsourcing in Asia and other regions. A good SEO service provider can improve a company’s website’s online visibility, IT marketing strategies, and search engine ranks, among others.

This article will be relating the topic with a SEO podcast interview last August 8, 2016 on the Entrepreneur Effect with Kris Reid, the founder and CEO of Ardor SEO and the Coolest Guy in SEO who bravely outsourced manpower for both SEO Cambodia and SEO Philippines. These two Asian countries have yet to be explored for SEO domination, but that didn’t stop Kris Reid from building potential SEO empires out of both of them.

Here we will be discussing on why Outsourcing and SEO can come into great terms with each other. Meanwhile, the SEO podcast with the Coolest Guy in SEO will support some points along the way by sharing some of his experiences on this venture.

But first, what does outsourcing really mean?

When a company assigns a certain business procedure to an external foreign organization while looking into improving the quality of service, lowering costs, encouraging innovation and others, it is referred to as outsourcing. The effects of outsourcing are specific from one industry to another, but it is usually done with the best of intentions all the while facing unknown consequences of either improving or lowering quality depending on how it is managed.

Let us discuss the benefits and drawbacks of allowing your SEO company explore and get into outsourcing:

SEO outsourcing will help lower company expenses, additional infrastructure and technology costs.

Considering the currency difference and material availability, one of the biggest advantages of outsourcing is all about lowered expenses for labor, infrastructure, and technology. On top of that, local market access and taxes vary regionally that allows you to save more funds. In the SEO podcast, Kris Reid was asked on why he set up operations in Cambodia despite being from Australia and the UK. He stated that Cambodia is a quaint city where you can get anywhere you want to easily and get a stable electricity and internet connection effortlessly. Considering the pay rate, office rent, costs of materials and other things in these regions, expenses are kept to a minimum.

SEO outsourcing will allow you to recruit more skilled workforce with less competition involved.

Kris Reid mentioned that his SEO Cambodia and SEO Philippines team was just as great as any native ones, if not better. The Philippines is known for excellent English proficiency while at Cambodia there is not much competition around. Outsourced labor usually consists of highly educated, technically skilled, and multilingual workers who work for only a portion of US salaries without compromising quality.

Trust issues, security risks, and control concerns posed when outsourcing workforce.

With all these benefits, it seems very enticing to go out of your way and take the road less traveled by with outsourcing for your SEO company. But outsourcing is not for the pessimistic and weak of heart. Kris Reid also encountered many challenges whilst paving his road to SEO success, and these usually revolved around trust, control and security risks.

In the SEO podcast, he explained that his SEO business mostly earned clients of medium size, with no set niche from the UK, US and Australia simply because he can relate the best with people from there. Kris Reid explains that in the SEO industry, your role is to take over someone's brand or site. You will have so much influence on their brand to the point that you can destroy it. It is harder to make that commitment if you can’t even build rapport and trust to your clients. Especially so if you’re just maintaining skype conversations and calls with your clients. But he says that you can always make up for it by having great marketing.

Conducting your SEO business overseas can also present problems with security. Kris Reid also had his fair share of unfortunate events in retrospect. There was a time when an employee was caught embezzling funds for quite some time. Since he was living in different places at varying times, overseeing all the minor details can be quite a challenge. Now, he implemented some checks and balances involving some basic accounting rules like funds liquidation as to avoid unseen problems in the future.

When managing employees in different locations, control can also be a setback. Kris Reid said that it was quite difficult to get everyone in on what’s ahead. In order to sell the dream of where his company was headed, Kris Reid, being the coolest guy in SEO that he was, always instigated team bonding sessions with his fifty SEO Philippines staff and pow wow sessions with his SEO Cambodia people just to pump them up and empathize with the bigger picture he was going for.

What’s in store for SEO startups looking into outsourcing?

When Kris Reid was asked to give advice to entrepreneurs wanting to outsource and change, he made a point stating that everything is possible nowadays since we work over on the Internet. Outsourcing will allow you a financial advantage while gaining more credible experience. Kris Reid is also looking into learning new skills in marketing, furthering his knowledge on driving new traffic to convert into customers. It is all looking good for Kris Reid and his Asia SEO team. He plans on improving his chat support team for social media integration and sales funnels focus on growth. In the SEO podcast, he even invited listeners to join a contest to win a website audit that includes 60-80 page of data. That just goes to show the progress he and his outsourced staff are making.

Listen to this great SEO podcast with Kris Reid about how SEO and outsourcing goes great with each other here: > - podcast landing page