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Ardor SEO is has the ambition to become one of the biggest authorities in all things digital marketing. Prestigious businesses from all over the world visit our website. Many of them become our clients! Now, we've decided to open up our blog to high quality guest posts articles from outside writers.  

According to the clients who visit our website, these are the types of posts they most enjoy:

  • Advanced SEO tips well explained with screenshots
  • Insights (with data screenshots) of Google algorithm updates
  • Quick wins for ranking boosts that even non-technical people (like our clients) can manage on their own

Benefits of guest posting on ArdorSEO.com

Having your article posted on ArdorSEO.com will give you a prestige piece posted on a thriving international agency website. This makes a great reference to not only put on your writing resume, but to also use as a verification of your skills. Simply refer prospective clients to your post on our website for an easy reputation boost.   

Submission guidelines

At the bottom of this page is a submission form to propose an article. Here are the article guidelines:

  • Word count: 800-2000 words
  • Images: include at least 3 images (1000 pixels wide jpgs). At least two of these can be screenshots. However, for the featured image of the article, please use a conventional image. If you're stuck, check Pexels for free stock photos. 
  • Submission format: you have three choices: Word document, text file, or link to editable Google document. 
  • Author Bio: in the final submission, include a photo of yourself (optional), a short biography (ideally with a link to your Linkedin profile) and the link to your personal website. 
  • Posting fee: there is a $250 posting fee for this service. This includes editorial and SEO support. Basically, our editors will help to make sure your article is of the highest quality. Then, our SEO team will format your submission into pristine html, add internal links, add metadata and do whatever else is necessary to make your article stand out. This fee covers our services, and gives you a prestige link that you are free to use for your own self-promotion. Win-win!

Topics: What Should You Write About?

Propose an article about any of the following topics. When writing on these topics, 'how to' guides and case studies work best. For case studies you should include data screenshots where possible.

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Local SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Sales Strategy
  • Remote Working/Digital Nomads
  • How-tos
  • Case Studies

Submit your idea

ArdorSEO editors reviewing article proposals

Our editors will evaluate your proposal and get in touch if they like your idea.

Submit your idea and let's see how it goes. If your idea is approved, our editors will be in touch. That will result in you becoming a member of an elite club made up of some of the industry’s biggest leaders. You’ll be in great company (ever heard of The Next Web or SEMRush?)

You’ll receive a great contextual backlink from Ardor SEO (we only host high-quality content from guest bloggers in our niche), and it won’t be buried in a small author bio box that you’d have to squint to see, either.