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Do you want to make money on recurring income on your website received from reselling our SEO services?

Perhaps you are in need of custom white label SEO services, or perhaps you require a private label reseller service.

Does your SME or organization own a website but lack sufficient resources to invest in staffing and training for digital marketing challenges? Ardor SEO helps you overcome this barrier using white label SEO services to enter and compete in the digital marketing arena.

Our organization offers guaranteed SEO results. Therefore, you can rest assured your market receives premium content when you partner with our affiliate program. Your customers won't only receive more leads; they'd attract better conversion rates, increasing your chances of return customers.

There are many small companies and organisations with websites who do not have the resources to invest in staffing and training for digital marketing challenges. However, this barrier can be overcome by using white label SEO services to enter and compete in the digital marketing arena.

Ardor SEO offers significant returns and commission-based opportunities from our affiliate SEO programs.

We directly serve a wide range of industries, from real estate companies to marketing consultancy agencies. By partnering with you through our affiliate program, we help these industries to help you. For instance, as a real estate SEO company, we offer optimization services to our customers directly, on the one hand. And on the other hand, businesses like yours make earnings through our professional SEO services partner program.

We also help eliminate the need for white label SEO resellers and Digital Marketing Agency owners to fully understand SEO and its intricate nuances.

By becoming a White Label Reseller, you can mark up our pricing and make whatever profit your market can support. 

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our white label seo reseller services include everything

What does our SEO Reseller Partnership include?

Ardor SEO operates as your in-house team – we will deliver all documentation and reports with your branded company logo.

Our SEO Reseller of course, includes the SEO Services (Link Building, Local SEO, SEO) and Digital Marketing services we prodive. 

We can also support our partners by providing SEO training, web development consulting and any other specific needs that you or your clients may want.

Forget Cold Calling

How can You benefit from our White Label services?

Working with a SEO reseller is one of fastest and easiest ways to get involved in digital marketing. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Focus more on business: by leaving the SEO expertise to us, you can focus on branding, without having to worry about technical issues.
  2. Fast and easy results: reseller solutions provide a fast and easy means to power up marketing campaigns with flexible branding. Forget about the technical details, let us handle the work.
  3. Save money and time: we provide fast solutions for digital marketing companies that preserve your human resources - no development or troubleshooting headaches or running your own SEO services.
we offer seo solutions for digital agencies
seo packages that suit everyone

SEO Packages that suit everyone

Our white label SEO reseller program has members from all over the world. Here is just a broad sample of the types of business who use our services:

  • SEO companies and Ad Agencies: we provide the services that traditional ‘old media’ companies are still adapting to.
    While large corporations change slowly, our team is lean and fluid and agile.
  • Marketing consultants: We support many independent contractors with strong local connections who seek to use advanced SEO techniques as part of their campaign strategies.
  • PPC management operations: Pay-per-click campaigns can be complex and unproductive. Our certified digital marketing experts can remove the headache and provide crisp effective results.

Why should your partner with Ardor SEO?

Here are three key reasons why our SEO white label services are revered in the industry:

  • We maintain a team of international SEO experts with specialisation in different areas of search engine optimisation and digital marketing.
  • We maintain healthy partner relations by focusing on delivering clear results that your clients can see in the search results.
  • We are always up to date with what Google is looking for in quality content and websites, and always studying to keep abreast of new algorithm developments, making our SEO Services the best.
ardor seo white label services

What does our SEO Reseller Partnership include?

If you’re an agency owner looking to for an expert SEO reseller product and earn sales from our white label SEO services, you found it.

Forget the pain and the headache of hiring and managing a whole SEO team.

We offer documentation and reports with your company name and logo on the dashboard, which you can straight up send to your client. 

Cut Down on Agency Cost!

Our SEO Services helps you cut down on agency cost without sacrificing efficiency. To get started with the process, talk to us about your agency requirements, and we’ll work out your own SEO Reseller campaign.

We’ve worked with some of the top marketing agencies and local SEO companies used our SEO Reseller product as well. We’d be glad to work with you!

Forget Cold Calling!

Who can benefit from our SEO reseller program?

At Ardor SEO, our main aim is to work with a wide range of clients, including agencies that want to take advantage of our reliable private label SEO reseller platform, as well as documentation and reporting products and service.

These include search engine optimization companies, content marketing service providers, email marketing consultants, and PPC management firms that require accurate documentation and reporting to help their own clients place well on the web after several months.

We all know that some of the businesses that need SEO the most are clients like startups and small local SEO companies that don’t have the time and budget for their marketing strategy and link building goals. 

Also needing such a service are SaaS and private niche companies that have specific target audiences for their social platform, as well as page and local companies that require the right keyword data from the analytics dashboard to rank their brand well.

Finally, SEO is key for highly competitive customers and agencies, as SEO services allow them to gain leads and help them carve out their value for the world.

What Business Owners think about Our Service

We have worked on a number of projects with Kris and the team at Ardor.

In our experience they are knowledgeable and proactive, and take a great deal of genuine interest in a successful outcome for the client.

While SEO is always a challenge as there are no fixed rules, I feel comfortable with the way they operate in that they have good, solid reasons for making any recommendations.

Also, their implementation has been faultless, along with their reporting and feedback.

Crockford Carlisle is happy to recommend them.

Sandy Crockford

Sandy Crockford

Crockford Carlisle Pty Ltd

Kris really knows his stuff - I guess when you outsource SEO, you always have this risk of the cheap mercenaries not giving a F about your business. Because Kris actually understands business; he acts as this awesome 'translator' to his team. So you get a great price, and a great result (and lets face it, in SEO a bad result means a penalty, so you don't want to play with fire here)

Jared Codling

Jared Codling

New Hack Every Week

As a client of Ardor SEO, quite happy for the service. Ardor team has a vast knowledge in the field, pretty confident choice if you want to grow your business and search results. Highly recommended!

Eduardo Alvizuri

Eduardo Alvizuri

Brands Direct Online

When Kris's team first contacted me about improving the SEO of my website, I was skeptical. However, when they provided some value up front by shooting a video about my site and showed me where it has problems, I appreciated it. I knew about some, but not all of them.

So, when I asked Kris to conduct a thorough audit, I was thrilled when I saw how detailed it is. He also spent a lot of time going over it with me via Skype.

Now, I'm fairly well versed about SEO, but Kris and his team shed new light a number of things and I appreciate their expertise more than ever. I look forward to the next phase of our working together!

Tom Augenthaler

The Influencer Marketer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to join as a white label SEO reseller?

Since our white-label SEO reseller program is free, you justsign up through our page, and your agency will gain access to our platform and earn more sales.

You can then talk to us about the right optimization needs of your customers, and we’ll help you by creating a marketing strategy for each client along with the number of hours needed to get your client to number one. We will then leave you to decide if you want to take advantage of that plan or not.

You see, you can create your own dashboard for your sales and marketing. That’s the beauty of having easy access for products to sell.

How much should I spend on a white label SEO programme?

Everything Ardor offers is bespoke. We tailor-make our programmes to suit our clients’ needs. To know exactly what tools and strategies to use for a certain website, we do an analysis of where the site currently is and then build a road map to get it where you want it to be.

Most likely, the services you are going to require and pay for include competitor analysis, technical audits, website design and development, on-page improvements, keyword research, content creation, link building, and toxic link removals.

But, smaller clients require a smaller budget. A local SEO client might require less budget than a big Digital Marketing agency.

Do you offer custom packages?

Ardor’s white label SEO reseller packages are tailored to every client’s needs. This allowed us to build a broad customer base that includes other SEO companies, advertising agencies, marketing consultants, pay-per-click (PPC) management firms, global e-commerce sites, and local businesses.   

If you mostly want link building we can provide that. If you think you would skip link building and stick with Local SEO instead, we can do that as well!

As a partner, we could even support you by providing SEO training, web development consulting, and any other specific needs that you or your clients may require.

Are there any requirements to be a reseller?

Once you agree to use our white label SEO products, we will require full access to the client’s dashboard and its analytics. It’s also very important for us to be able to understand your customers, so we also need access to any company background and other relevant data based on your agency.

These would allow us to create a strategy on the dashboard so we can send a website to number one on Google and improve its social growth.

Apart form that, any Digital Marketing Agency can join our reseller program!

Do you deliver reports?

Of course we do!

To ensure our clients are aware of how their seo campaigns are doing, we are transparent with implementing our white label SEO reseller programmes. This includes making reports on the links that we built for them and the ranking performance of their websites on the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Our SEO Report are completely unbranded, and they come with the seo packages so you can go ahead smash you logo on it and take all the credit for the traffic increase we have provided! 

What do you need to know about documentation and reports?

Ardor SEO is a brand best known around the world for our extensive documentation and reporting services that manage all aspects of your client’s marketing campaign. Our reports give you access to a list of both accomplished and ongoing tasks, monthly ranking data, and all other relevant information from Google Analytics presented on the dashboard.

Does a reseller product need to follow some restrictions or specifications?

Being one of the top expert SEO companies for years, Ardor SEO doesn’t have any specifications or restrictions regarding the program to our agency resellers and their clients.

Our main aim is to keep everything straightforward by outsourcing to you the exact white label SEO products and tools that your customers need. After we share them with you, you can use that data as your own and mark up our prices so you can earn your targeted sales based from within your goals and achieve success months after. 

Do you guarantee results?

For the many years that Ardor has been on the market, the company has been selling safe backlinks for a variety of websites. They are of high quality and algorithm-update-proof, as well. Not only that we create links that efficiently drive traffic to a website, but also remove existing toxic links that are harmful to a site.

Although we create awesome backlinks, it would not make a difference if the site is not properly designed itself. For this reason, we also offer web design and development to those who need these services.

With our commitment to making our clients’ websites and reputation better, yes we guarantee results. However, to get measurable results from SEO, you will need our long-term reseller program for your websites.

What niches do you work in?

Here at Ardor SEO, we are capable of taking on every niche. This means that you can say “Yes” to any client that approaches you, as we have all the manpower and resources to optimise their websites.

Our business was built on serving a variety of companies and organisations from different sectors, after all. So, whether your clients are engaged in the hotel business, health industry, etc., we have all that is needed to improve their online visibility and reputation.

How many clients can Ardor take on?

Unlike other white label SEO resellers, Ardor SEO has no maximum limit when it comes to accepting clients into our reseller program. If we get too many clients, then we have all the resources to expand our team and make sure all our clients’ requirements are met.

No matter how many websites you want us to optimise and market, we can assure that all projects will be completed by the agreed deadline. Being able to deliver at earlier dates does not even come as a surprise when using our reseller services.

How long does it take to get results?

How fast you see results from our SEO campaign depends on a lot of things:

For example, if a website has a lot of On-Page SEO Issues that have to be fixed, it will take longer than a fully optimized website. 

Local SEO takes less time, than a reputation management campaign would.

Also, if a business is engaged in a fiercely competitive environment, then it would require more effort to snatch those higher search rankings.

But usually, the backlinks that we build kick in after around three weeks or so and the On-Page Optimizations that we do usually show effect in the first/second month!

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