Video marketing plays a vital role in increasing sales

Don't get stuck in the same old marketing techniques for your real estate agency. Video content is taking over, and there are statistics to back it up! With increased traffic, clear messaging, better credibility & more revenue potential - now's the time to take advantage of video advertising before everyone else does. 

Jump into this article and find out exactly how powerful real estate videos for marketing can be for growing your business today!

Real Estate Marketing Statistics 2023

1. Easy Purchases

Real estate agents looking to attract more buyers: listen up. Social videos are your key - 8 out of 10 people make purchasing decisions after watching one! Video listings can help generate offers and interest in properties, so get started with a few posts today for maximum results.

2. Landing Page With Videos Rank Higher 

A landing page with a video has 53% more chances of showing on search engines' first page. Marketers mostly use videos to boost visibility and generate traffic. They also use them to get listed on Google search results first page. Create SEO-friendly listing videos to ensure they appear in search engines' top results. 

3. Videos Produce the Best ROI

51% of professional marketers say video content has the highest ROI. Marketers create videos for all brand types to gain customers, boost brand awareness, and increase their following. 

Every real estate agent looking to invest in marketing strategies should consider using real estate videos to boost their ROI. 

4. More Time Spent on Website

The chances of an average user spending more time on a website increase by 88% when it contains videos. A real estate agent who wants visitors to spend more time on their site would consider uploading real estate videos.

Users can quickly learn more about your real estate business and digest more information on how your services solve their needs. 

5. More Conversion with Homepage Videos

Putting real estate videos on your company's site homepage can increase conversions by 80%. Real estate agents can also upload client testimonial videos on their website homepage. Uploading a video on your homepage increases the chances of visitors requesting information, signing up for newsletters, or visiting your blog page through a call to action. 

Emails and landing pages with videos have increased click-through rate

6. Faster Revenue Growth

Marketers who post videos increase their income 49% faster than others. Real estate marketers looking to boost their revenue should consider real estate videos, as it guarantees quicker, more efficient revenue growth. 

7. Emails With Videos Have Increased Click-through Rate

Emails with a video receive a 96% increase in click-through rate. Real estate agents who send regular emails or newsletters to subscribers can include a video to increase their click-through rate.

Several individuals learn visually, so instead of sending them long texts, consider putting your messages in video format. You can reuse the videos on your social media channels and blogs to attract prospective clients. 

8. More Shares than Other Formats 

Social media marketing videos generate over 1000% more shares than images and text combined. Social media channels allow realtors to share content and increase their following.

Post more videos on your YouTube channel or other platforms to expand your audience and get more shares. While we must recognize the importance of word-of-mouth, social real estate videos will help spread your message faster. 

9. Increased Organic Traffic

Videos can offer a 157% increase in organic traffic. For realtors looking to master marketing, listing videos are a powerful way to rank high when prospective buyers search for property listings online. Unfortunately, not everyone will click on the second page of Google (or other search engines).

Therefore, ranking high on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) for specific keywords is vital. Investing in real estate marketing video strategies will help bump your site, blog, social media, and landing page for prospective buyers to visit and see. 

10. Better Message Retention

People retain 95% of messages when they view them in video format. While real estate agents and marketers still prefer tactics like direct mail and paper ads, they're only sometimes memorable. Your real estate business can stand out by using real estate videos for marketing for better information delivery and message retention.

Of course, emails, paper ads, and texts are still valuable to every realtor's marketing campaign, but including a video will produce a more indelible impression on prospects. 

Consumers are more attracted to videos than texts and images

Real Estate Video Marketing Services 

As a realtor, you know that video marketing is vital - but it can be intimidating if you don't have experience shooting or editing. Don’t worry! There's help available to get your videos off the ground and ensure they're engaging for potential clients. Check out these solutions now so your business can start making waves in no time!

Use Video Marketing Tools

If you plan to create a video in-house, consider using Boosted – a video editing app that allows you to develop high-quality real estate video ads. You can select stock footage or use yours and customize it by adding elements like text.

The app is free to download (though you must upgrade to access every video template) — an advantage for any real estate professional trying to grow their business with limited resources. 


Several video marketing services are ready to handle all aspects of your video production for real estate. Research before choosing a real estate business to take care of your listing video. Find out whether it's reliable and worth your money and time. 

Tips for Making Real Estate Videos for Marketing 

1. Create Real Estate Video Scripts

Every great content begins with a plan. Video scripts give direction and framework to real estate marketing videos. According to Hubspot, here are some vital steps to creating a good video script:

  • Begin with a brief 
  • Write an outline using the brief
  • Write the script in sections 
  • Start by introducing yourself and the topic
  • Be concise 
  • Use a real estate video template
  • Run a verbal mock off-camera

2. List Home Purchase Mistakes to Avoid

Some of your prospects might not be aware of homebuying's nitty-gritty and the latest real estate market trends. That's where you come in, help them, and build a strong rapport with them. 

Smoothen your prospects' experience by creating a video to guide and tell them what to avoid or do. They'll appreciate your support and possibly hire you to find their dream home. 

Write a script and shoot some clips while engaging with a homebuyer, or make an animated real estate video listing common mistakes and possible solutions.

Short real estate videos keep viewers glued till the end

3. Keep Your Videos Short and Concise

Viewers' attention spans are rapidly decreasing. Hence, you'll want to keep your videos short but engaging. You wish to present every necessary detail in your real estate video, but it must be efficient. 

Making real estate videos at most 5 minutes ensures you retain many viewers and potential leads before the video ends. That means you must evaluate which information is most vital. 

Don't keep the good part until the end! Roll them out as soon as possible to ensure more viewers stick with the video until it ends. 

Likewise, short videos rank well on YouTube. Although the algorithms constantly change, they favor concise videos with more viewers watching until the end.

4. Shoot a Realtor Introduction Video 

The best real estate videos that appeal to potential buyers feature the realtor. You don't have to distract viewers from the properties; however, you want to ensure that whoever sees your video will remember the face and name of the real estate agent they might soon be dealing with. 

For some, a realtor introduction video is an exciting idea. On the other hand, the idea of showing in a real estate video that many people (including prospects) will see can invoke anxiety, stress, and fear. 

However, what you'd do or say in a real estate marketing video is similar to what you'd do or speak to a prospective buyer. Hence, you shouldn't worry about starring in a video. 

Your prospects need to relate with you, not necessarily the property or house. See the video as an opportunity to share with them how you felt when buying a property, what made you nervous about the purchase, what made you confident, etc. 

As more viewers connect and relate with you, they'll see you as a trustworthy real estate expert they can work with. 

5. Create High-Quality Real Estate Marketing Videos

You don't necessarily need sophisticated equipment to create high-quality videos — smartphones can do the job. Know which social platform your content is for to enable you properly position the phone (landscape or portrait) when shooting.

Professional real estate videos require a budget

6. Create a Budget

Making a video for real estate listings will undoubtedly cost some money. Even if you have a smartphone with a good camera and video editing software on your computer, you'll still need to invest for your videos to be compelling enough to close property deals. 

Agents with poorly shot or unpolished videos will rarely succeed in the real estate market. Create and publish videos like a professional to gain people's confidence in buying their homes from you. 

You'll need specific lighting equipment to make your listed properties appealing. So, you want to set your budget to include lighting materials and professional editing. 

Taking the time to create your budget helps save money —you'll also be on schedule and better equipped for proper filming when creating your first video. 

7. Niche Down and Analyze Your Audience

Do you have specific specialties? What distinguishes you from other real estate professionals in the industry? Who are your potential buyers? 

You must answer these questions before creating real estate agent videos. Generating quality leads for your brand becomes easier when you focus on your specialties and USPs (Unique Selling Points). 

Performing an in-depth analysis of your ideal buyers and target audience is also crucial. Creating video content that appeals to suitable potential leads is easier when you understand who you wish to sell to. 

For example, a real estate agent who primarily sells family homes shouldn't create videos of luxurious homes with sophisticated interior designs. Your target audience (average families) needs help to afford such houses. 

Instead, create videos showing modest homes focusing on family values. 

8. Share Client Testimonial Videos

Testimonials enhance your credibility and build social proof. Consumers tend to buy after watching a video testimonial. Hearing and watching satisfied clients tell their purchase stories can help attract and convince leads about your services. 

After closing a deal, you can make testimonial videos in front of the client's new house. Ask your client how they felt working with you, and they'll explain how you knew what they wanted and helped solve their home needs.

If they don't know what to say, write some talking points in a paper that’ll enable them to release an impressive testimonial. 

You can compile the video testimonials you record into a montage video or share them individually. Customize them with music, and text, add subtitles, and change the order of slides and layers to create an appealing video that converts your viewers into future buyers. 

9. Share Tips to Hire a Realtor

An excellent strategy to promote your real estate services is creating a tips video, such as "How to hire a realtor." It educates people and shows you want them to enjoy the best home selling and buying experience. 

This type of video primarily requires your experience. Research to understand the features of a good realtor. Then, subtly tie the tips given to your work and experience — to show potential clients that you tick every box and qualify for every point mentioned. 

You can use phrases from previous clients' testimonials when they mentioned why they loved working with you, and it’ll help display your uniqueness. 

Sharing relevant real estate tips in real estate videos

10. Analyze Competitors' Videos

Before planning your video production for real estate, check other agents to see what kind of videos they're posting. The idea isn't to copy or steal their video idea; you want to examine what they're doing that appeals to their audience. 

That way, you'll know what's trending in the industry, giving you several ideas for the type of video you should create. 

You can also observe content gaps left by your competitors, which might interest your audience. Providing such information to them in your video will make you stand out as an industry leader. 

11. Sell the Location Too

Every real estate professional knows that a person purchases a home, not just a house. Besides, the home doesn't include only the structure but also the environment and possible lifestyle therein. 

When creating videos, let your viewers catch sight of the surrounding world. Fill your prospect's imagination with pictures of their possible lifestyle if they moved there. 

For instance, if the property you're selling is near a beach, ensure that your listing video showcases more than the beach and home — capture the surrounding shops, restaurants, and things to do within the area.

Consider making a real estate lifestyle video that includes footage of happy people enjoying their lives. Asking local business owners to be part of your video is also a great idea, and it's a free advertisement for them.

12. Perform Keyword Research 

A keyword is a specific term that internet users type to search for relevant content in search engines like YouTube and Google. 

Keyword research analyzes the most common keywords entered by your target audience —you can tactically include them in your video. 

Optimizing your blog and videos for these keywords will make them rank on video platforms or search engines. Once your videos rank well, appearing on the first page of search results, they can generate constant traffic to your property listings or website.

Real estate videos rank well with proper keyword research

13. Showcase Your Real Estate Portfolio

A real estate portfolio video collects an agent's best work. It’s presented in a sophisticated and visually appealing video that projects its value proposition and boosts trust with prospects. 

Besides your previous works, it also showcases your achievements, specializations, qualifications, active property listings, and contact details. You can even include your best testimonials from previous clients. 

To create a professional portfolio video, ensure you have written testimonials from your clients, active listings, data (number of properties sold), and images of your good-looking properties.


Are Real Estate Videos Worth It?

Yes, they are. Real estate videos offer far more than just a way to learn about you or your services. They also allow potential clients to look at all available property listings, which they’ll likely convert at higher rates! Investing in real estate videos is worth every penny, so don't miss out on this fantastic marketing tool! 

How Do I Start Making Real Estate Videos?

Creating a real estate video isn't as complex as you think. Begin with a brief, and write an outline using the brief. Divide the script into sections. Start by introducing yourself, and state the topic. Run a verbal mock off-camera. Edit your recordings after shooting the video. 

What Do You Talk About in a Real Estate Video?

There are different topics to talk about in a real estate video. What matters is staying on a relevant topic to your potential buyers. We've mentioned some real estate video ideas in this article. They include:

  • Client testimonial video
  • Home seller tips
  • Real estate agent introduction video 
  • Property listings 
  • General real estate questions
  • Real estate market trends or updates

Parting Shot

Videos are an essential digital marketing element. Unfortunately, many realtors are yet to realize the immense impact creating real estate videos for marketing can have on their businesses.

This article provides real estate video statistics proving that video creation for your realtor marketing strategies will generate more potential clients and revenue.

Video marketing has become an undeniable game-changer for realtors seeking to increase their brand visibility and sales. But creating a high-quality video that’ll capture your target audience's attention comes with challenges. 

If you lack the technical know-how, there’s no need to panic because Ardor SEO is here to ensure you get the best out of your video marketing strategy. 

Our digital marketing experts understand the nitty-gritty of video marketing and will help you make your videos visible to your target audience. With Ardor SEO, you can be confident in a top-notch SEO service that’ll help you maximize your video marketing strategy's potential. Don't miss out on the benefits of video marketing. Contact us today!

About the author 

Kris Reid

Kris Reid, the Coolest Guy in SEO, is the CEO of Ardor SEO. His expertise lies in helping real estate professionals get more leads and customers to predictably grow their business. Get to know Kris and learn more about our team here.

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