Real Estate Agent Avery Carl

Avery Carl is a professional real estate agent and owner of The Short Term Shop, an agency specializing in short-term rental investments, providing clients with everything needed to get started including an easy-to-use cash flow calculator.

The business covers the highly sought-after areas of The Smoky Mountains, Destin 30A & Panama City Beach in Florida, and Gulf Shores and Orange Beach in Alabama. 

Avery Carl, along with her expert team, has helped hundreds of investors find their perfect rental property. The business works closely with its client to provide them with assistance with searching for the best investment property, executing the purchase, and even negotiating closing terms.

Avery’s clients love her and the Short Term Shop for its no-nonsense, professional, and customer-focused business ethos. If you want to buy the best investment property possible, you call Avery Carl.

In this article, we explore the case study for our client The Short Term Shop. ArdorSEO helped Avery’s site stand out with new features.

Before and After

When we first began in January 2021, Short Term Shop's website had a very small organic reach and was not doing well in search results for its niche. In addition to ranking for XX keywords, none of which were in Google's top three results, the website received XX organic pageviews per month.

This just indicates that there was room to transform this real estate website into the lead-generating powerhouse it ought to be. So we made that our choice.

Avery Carl Monthly Traffic graph

Short Term Shop's site traffic and converted leads have skyrocketed during the last 12 months. Currently, Avery Carl and her staff average XX organic page visits every month! This is a rise of XX percent!

We have had XX organic pageviews during the past year.

Lead Conversions

The website engagement of convertible leads is doing noticeably better than that of specialized rivals.

Our bounce rate was XX percent, which is eleven percent lower than the industry average, and our sessions lasted an average of little over five minutes.

That's twice as long as visitors spend on rival websites!

Monthly result graph representation

Strategies we used to improve traffic and get qualified leads for Short Term Shop

A successful SEO plan is like an efficient machine with several parts that all work together to promote the development of a business and its website. We concentrated on creating web pages that were keyword-focused and supported them with excellent instructional material. We also built a strong network of backlinks to the website and optimized it for easy navigation.

The main strategies we employed to help Short Term Shop attain their present level of success are listed below.

Focusing on Local Keywords in Short Term Shop's Service Areas

The real estate industry is quite competitive. We use real estate SEO to show the websites of our clients to the right people when they conduct a Google search. This is what sets businesses in the online realm ahead of the competition. Including buyer-friendly real estate keywords in sites and instructional content is one way to draw targeted traffic that converts quickly.

For Tim Stout, we started by developing a number of brand-new property sites that aimed to rank for almost all "real estate agents" keywords. Then, we added worthwhile, specially written information to these pages in order to draw a steady stream of clients who were prepared to make purchases through their website. Additionally, we oversaw the distribution of the real estate content strategy through the proper channels.

Right now, we're also looking at new strategies towards dominance.

Building Strategic Links

Link building is the process of getting other websites to refer back to Short Term Shop. It positions a website as an authority in its subject, making it one of the most popular SEO techniques for enhancing a website's Google rankings. If you are able to create more links, your site will rank higher.

The three sorts of links are backlinks, external links, and internal links. Internal links connect your educational content to other pertinent pages on your website. External links tie your content to other reputable websites that may provide value to your customers in a non-competitive market. Backlinks are links to your website's content that come from other relevant websites.

We gained organic backlinks to our website by creating high-quality, in-depth content and ranking it in the top three search results.

Creating Informational and Valuable Content

There is no better way to improve your SEO and generate new traffic than creating authentic, relevant, and valuable content for your visitors. In real estate, there are plenty of confusing and overwhelming topics that require simplifying. 

Creating authentic content that helps potential homebuyers and investors understand the industry is a great way to get more traffic to your website.

Web design agency

For example, understanding the return on investment for rental properties is a widely discussed topic and is hard to understand for many. Creating a blog post or video that explains ROI calculation on rental property investments would help potential investors.

Through your content, you can demonstrate your industry expertise to build credibility for your business and allow people to trust you and your team.

Google and other search engines are focusing on the importance of authentic and relevant content for their ranking algorithms. They want to ensure that their users get the best information possible when they search for a query. 

There are many other ways to find information, including via blog posts, online sites, and emails, to name a few.

Additionally important is optimizing outdated content to make it relevant and up-to-date.

Since January 2021, Short Term Shop has posted XX pieces of XX content and XX pages of informative content in an effort to generate leads and position the company as a local real estate authority.

Optimized Website

Website optimization describes how a website functions technically. This include assessing the website's compatibility with a range of devices, how quickly it loads on a website, if visitors can understand what to do once they go there, and fixing any broken links or poor-quality visuals.

Nowadays, when individuals can access information via a variety of devices and high-speed internet is available, a company cannot afford technical issues with its website. We've used a variety of optimization techniques over the past year to benefit Avery Carl's website.

Mobile-Friendly and Quickly Loading Website

When they have spare time during the day, consumers usually carry a smart phone with them and conduct online searches. Because of this, it's crucial for businesses to make sure that a website runs fast and is attractively optimized for mobile devices. Customers who find websites that are not mobile-friendly annoying may instead look for other businesses.

We ensured that the content loads quickly enough for mobile web users—under a second—on the website of Short Term Shop.

Map world abstractly world

Effective Messaging

Customizing your messages to the many audiences who contact your business is the simplest way to establish a relationship with your prospects. People can effectively self-identify with the product or service you offer because to this. Leads are aware that you comprehend their needs and challenges and that you are able to provide a solution through tailored messaging.

By telling your leads what action to do through appealing calls to action, you can help shape their experience as they work with a firm that can solve their problems.

Resolve technical problems

Similar to how people feel when faced with slow loading times and bad aesthetics, potential customers are annoyed when a site has technical issues like poor quality images or broken links. Their search for help becomes difficult and time-consuming.

You must ensure that all links within your content are live and functioning, and that picture quality is great, to make the user experience on your website as simple as possible.

Similar to this, having a simple website design that makes it easy for visitors to navigate will keep them there longer.

Link Building

There are three links to focus on. They’re internal, external, and backlinks. Each helps significantly to improve the SEO performance of your content.

Internal links help you to connect your content with other content on your website.

External links connect your content to other people’s content that is relevant and useful to your readers. The focus should always be on linking to authoritative and credible websites.

Backlinks are a link on other websites that directly link to your website. 

Stay Updated

Search engines like Google monitor the activity on your website. They want to see regular content being uploaded, which tells their algorithms you’re putting energy and time into creating content for their users.

Uploading new content is the most obvious way to keep your website fresh, but you can also consider optimizing and repurposing old and existing content. If you have an old blog post that still gets lots of traffic, you could repurpose the content into a video shared via social media to gain more traffic.  

GMB optimization

One of the best methods for bringing in new clients for real estate brokers is Google My Business. With a GMB account, you can give current information about yourself to users of these services, dramatically increase your visibility on Google Maps results pages, and generate leads!

In order to rank on local results, we produced GMB articles with the pertinent keyword and geotagged images. Additionally, we finished and improved the GMB profile section. To improve our position in local search results, we also created citations.

How you can Increase Traffic from Qualified Leads

Google penalty recovery services

Increasing traffic is great, but only if you direct the right kind of people to our website. If you get 100,000 visitors a month but only 2% of them are interested in real estate, that isn’t beneficial to your business.

A qualified lead is a potential customer that you know is interested in your product or service. To qualify a lead, you can offer them something useful in return for their information, such as a guide on how to buy your first rental property. 

The free but handy guide will help separate those interested in investing and those who are not. This allows you to add more qualified leads to your database, which will lead to a higher ROI.

The Trusty Cash Flow Calculator

The trusty cash flow calculator on the Short Term Rental Shop website is an excellent example of giving your customers something useful in return for their information. 

The calculator has been designed to help property investors understand the operating Cash flow and check just how profitable a potential rental property may be. 

Property investors find this tool extremely helpful and, therefore, are likely to seek the Short Term Rental Shop services when it comes to buying their new rental property.

Giving their website visitors access to such a useful tool helps build trust and credibility for the real estate agency. It shows that they care about investors, have expertise in the industry, and are likely to help make good property investment decisions. 

More Customers, More Houses Sold, and Financial Freedom

You created a real estate agency because you’re passionate about helping people find the perfect home or property investment. Buying a house is a big deal for many people, and they need companies like yours to help guide them through the process.

The real estate SEO case study above shows how we can make your business more visible online so that you can spend more time focusing on helping people buy their dream homes. 

Having a solid SEO strategy will help you increase organic search traffic, build up the number of qualified leads, and ultimately make more sales. 

Why not leave the worries and stress of SEO to us? We’ll bring in the customers, and you close the deal. Imagine a future where you have a constant stream of new customers and a healthy income stream.

In today's world, digital experts are affordable and employ teams of experienced professional IT and content professionals. Our team is a vibrant mix of talented real estate professionals and writers who live, breathe, and create an all-things-real estate. If you find yourself too busy or overwhelmed by the things you must do to soar to the highest visibility to both buyers and sellers in your area, don't be shy - discover real estate SEO experts.

About the author 

Kris Reid

Kris Reid, the Coolest Guy in SEO, is the CEO of Ardor SEO. His expertise lies in helping real estate professionals get more leads and customers to predictably grow their business. Get to know Kris and learn more about our team here.

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