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How to Increase Your Website Brand Authority: 7 Steps That You Should Take

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Brand authority is what separates successful digital marketing campaigns from those that failed to yield significant returns on investment (ROI). Zappos, for example, has a stellar digital marketing campaign, where they don’t have to force their customers to buy from them. They have a 365-day money-back guarantee and free shipping policies. They listen well to what their customers are saying, instead of insisting on what’s convenient for them. A skyrocketing ROI is the repayment for all their efforts at prioritizing customer satisfaction. 

The same principle applies to establish the credibility of your website and brand. It would help if you pay attention to what your customers want and need. Your plan should be centered around these factors. If you give them what they want, you don’t have to force them to buy your products or subscribe to get access to your services. They will be the ones frequently visiting your website to purchase whatever you are selling. 

What is website brand authority?

The concept of brand authority is defined as the trust earned by a brand from its customers. This also refers to the degree to which the same customers view your brand as an authority or a subject-matter expert. There are a host of factors that can determine one’s level of power, and these include social media engagement, online presence, and compelling content. 

Taking the definition mentioned above and applying the same in the context of the online platform, it translates into the level of trust and confidence a specific website garners from its audience and stakeholders. A fully optimised website, for example, has better authority compared to those that do not add value to their users. 

How important is website brand authority for SEO?

Website brand authority can get you high-quality leads and, consequently, help convert these leads into sales. When you know what people in your niche are talking about, you can curate high-quality content that will answer their questions and address their needs. As you already know, Google and other search engines love fresh, unique, and valuable content. 

When you continually create this type of content, Google will index your site faster, helping you improve your rank in their search results. And, when you use the right keywords in your content, on top of the high-quality backlinks you add, you’ll be unstoppable. It won’t be long until you attain the ‘subject-matter-expert’ status you’ve been aiming for! 

Effective ways to increase website brand authority

To help you improve your website brand credibility, check out these steps.

  1. Make the most of on-site content 

If you want your business to be a credible source of information in the digital world, the first step to take is to write authoritative information pieces on your blog. Identify topics that your readers will find value in reading. After that, you need to write informative, factual, and well-angled articles. You can also use these articles to introduce your products and services.

If you continue to provide high-quality, relevant, and fresh content, you’ll be viewed as a credible source of information in no time! Your business will surely benefit from this reputation boost.

  1. Find authoritative sites where you can write as a guest blogger 

Don’t be shy to share your expertise with others. When you write for an authoritative site, you can request for backlinks to your website. This is another easy way for you to generate traffic to your website while also letting more people know about your brand.

When you get this chance, please take it as an opportunity to market yourself. We’re definitely not saying you should write an overly promotional piece. Instead, make use of this platform to show the readers that you know exactly what you’re talking about. 

  1. Use social media strategically 

Social media provides a plethora of opportunities for you to connect with your customers, prospective business partners, and industry influencers. You can easily share quality content and knowledge with as many people as you can in one sitting. And, should there be issues against your company or product, you will be able to address them at once.

If your audience notices that you’re more visible, they begin to trust you more. 

  1. Show off your industry-wide awards 

If an award-giving body recognises you as a prominent business in your industry, it says a lot about your integrity as a brand. So, if you were accredited by a government authority, certified by a licensing body, or recognised by a consumer group, go ahead and brag it all out. Display your badges and seals across your website. If you want to go even further, share it on your social media account and write a blog about it. 

  1. Use customer feedback and testimonials to back your brand up 

People listen to other people who have previously tried a product or service. Since these were previous customers, listening to their feedback is like listening to a ‘life lesson’ from your predecessors. 

With this in mind, you can start highlighting the positive feedback and reviews you got from your previous customers. These will quickly boost your authority, since they serve as a form of social proof.

  1. Host an online event 

This is another way for you to position your brand and website as a leader in your industry. You can invite your social media followers to these events and conferences. You can use this medium to talk more about your brand and products.

These types of events also attract influencers who can help you establish your ‘leader’ reputation even more. 

  1. Invest your time in setting up a podcast 

A podcast can help you reach a whole new market. It will also help you build an audience among those who prefer an audio media format.

Through a podcast, you’ll have a longer and more personalised means of sharing your content. You can use this platform to explore other topics that your customer base finds valuable and relevant. You can also network using your podcast by inviting experts within and outside your industry to join you on an episode. 

Make your business stand out from your online competitors with the help of Ardor SEO

Improving your credibility and establishing your website as an authority in your niche may sound like an easy task. However, if you get to the nitty-gritty of what needs to be done, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed. On top of that, if you don’t know how to proceed, you can easily get lost. You might be running back and forth, wasting your time and effort, without any profitable results at all. 

Instead of blindly taking one step forward and two steps back, why not work with an expert in website branding? Ardor SEO has been in this industry for quite some time, helping a vast amount of clients improve their website brand authority. Our team consists of well-equipped and knowledgeable individuals who can help turn your business around and give you an edge in your industry! 

Talk to us today, and together, we can position your website and brand as an authority in your niche!

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