Digital marketing helps multifamily realtors reach the right investors

Real estate investors looking to take their multifamily marketing to another level can benefit greatly from Facebook advertising. This marketing medium has a lower cost per impression (CPM) than other social media advertising platforms like Google. 

Furthermore, Facebook is a much more versatile tool for apartment marketing. On this platform, real estate investors can connect with realtors and apartment marketing companies to facilitate deals.

If you'd like to get more from your multifamily real estate marketing and land investors via Facebook Ads, this article examines notable strategies to edge the competition.

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Facebook Ads as a Marketing Tool: 4 Strategies to Attract Multifamily Investors

1. Create a Brand

Branding is one of the most vital aspects of your multifamily Facebook Ads campaign. When creating your Facebook page, include keywords like multifamily property, houses, and real estate in its naming. 

That way, investors can tell what your business offers. Including these phrases also aids your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, leading those searching for realtors with multifamily listings to your page. Also, visitors can understand your brand by encountering images of apartment buildings on your cover photo. 

After fulfilling these aspects, the next step is establishing authority. On your page, insert basic information like your website's URL, office location, phone number, working hours, and other relevant content. 

Create an apartment community for your followers where you may liaise with your marketing partner to offer virtual property tours displaying the notable features linked to apartment complexes on your listing. 

The idea is to make it easy for prospects to know they're on a page or community tailored to meet their demands.

You can also enhance your business's credibility by highlighting client testimonials and transactions of multifamily properties you've sold. With these add-ons, you'll generate leads genuinely interested in your realty entity.

Ads targeting tools help to locate potential residents for your multifamily apartment listings

2. Use Targeting Tools

Multifamily Facebook Ads allow you to target specific audiences (including demographics) with your advertisements. Facebook provides apartment marketing agencies with tools to attract more leads according to their marketing budget. 

Using this social media advertising platform, you can decide what followers have access to specific messages or adverts on their newsfeeds based on certain criteria (i.e., age, location, job, and hobbies). 

You can accurately target prospective patrons by earmarking property buyers based on their income levels. Using this alternative, you can distinguish between serious property buyers who can afford your occupancy rates and mere window shoppers

Note that employing filters has one disadvantage — they rely on user-generated data or website browser history. Since individuals sometimes publish inaccurate personal information online, errors might occur. For instance, you can lose out on absentee or relocating homeowners by displaying advertisements to people based on their ZIP code.

3. Monitor Engagement Metrics and Evaluate Your Marketing Campaigns 

Monitoring your multifamily marketing ad campaigns' effectiveness is crucial for realty businesses seeking profits. Although specific agents need to be more "tech-savvy," getting a hold of critical metrics via Facebook is relatively straightforward. 

Similar to Google Analytics, these metrics are available on your business page, allowing you to monitor your digital marketing efforts. 

Notable Facebook Ads metrics include:

  • Likes: Engagement when viewers show interest in the advertisement.
  • Shares: Number of users who forwarded your ads to their page and others.
  • Reach: The portion of your audience that saw the advertisement. 
  • Impressions: Highlights individuals in your target market who viewed the advert.
  • Comments: The number of times people commented on your adverts.
  • Click-Through-Rate: The proportion of ad viewers that clicked on the advertisement to visit your website.

These metrics tell you whether your Facebook apartment marketing campaigns succeeded or failed. If the latter occurs, don't freak out. Instead, use associated benchmarks to discover what works. 

Online marketing includes testing the effectiveness of various multifamily marketing adverts. Dividing your audience into two teams and conducting A/B testing is an effective method. Using this analytical medium, you can run an advert for the first team and create a different ad for the second team to determine which variation performs better.

With A/B testing, you'll realize varied calls to action, seemingly insignificant factors (such as website background or color), or marketing campaign timelines for each team will affect the outcomes.

4. Direct Traffic to Your Website 

Increasing traffic to your apartment websites is the aim of a Facebook Ads campaign. Although this goal is comparable to what's achievable via Google Ads, the difference is how you generate website traffic. 

With multifamily Facebook Ads, you can create and target a specific audience as you're choosing an Ad Sets. This medium contrasts primarily using phrases like "sell my property in X" or other SEO phrases when utilizing Google Ads to target search engine users. 

Keyword research and local SEO for your content creation remain crucial in Facebook Ads. Incorporating this data into your marketing efforts helps you appear in the search results of people seeking your services, facilitating increased prospects.

Ensure your advert has a compelling call to action (CTA). If your marketing strategy includes follow-ups of investors via email marketing, your CTA should direct them to fill out a form where they insert their names and emails; alternatively, it should feature your listings' URL. 

Also, ensure consistency in the advertisement's message and website users are redirected to after clicking. For instance, if your call to action button says "download a free ebook," users shouldn't be sent to your website's about us page after tapping the CTA.

Additionally, make your apartment website design user-friendly for an excellent customer experience. Your leads should have access to virtual tours of your multifamily properties, apartment search bars, and other essential marketing services. 

Driving traffic to your apartment websites helps land prospects looking to lease properties

Final Thoughts 

With intuitive functionalities suitable for multifamily digital marketing, Facebook Ads is the go-to social media platform for realtors looking to attract potential investors. 

We've given detailed strategies for using this marketing tool to get the most out of your multifamily marketing campaigns. With these techniques, you increase website traffic and generate new leads.

For the best results, ensure your ad copy and CTA are compelling enough to attract multifamily property investors to your website. Integrating these aspects makes upscaling your realty business within a short timeline achievable.

Would you like your real estate business to stand out from the chatter on Facebook and earn steady patronage from realty investors? If yes, engage the services of Ardor SEO. Our real estate SEO experts wield all the tools and techniques required to create successful marketing campaigns and boost your business's reach on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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