Knowing the vital real estate website design features is important for every real estate agent

Designing luxury real estate websites requires a unique approach to enable you to attract high-end clients. To make a lasting impression, it's crucial to choose an elegant, easy-to-use layout that creatively showcases high-quality images and virtual tours of listings, ensures mobile-friendliness, and has a simple but sophisticated color scheme. 

Your luxury real estate business success depends largely on how visible your brand is to potential affluent buyers and everything starts with your website design. 

The following top 10 luxury real estate website design tips will help make your site visually appealing, functional, and efficient, providing the ultimate online experience for your clients.

Ensure Simple Navigation

Web visitors will appreciate a site that's easy to navigate when finding relevant information before choosing your brand as their preferred luxury real estate agency. Therefore, your luxury real estate website should be accessible and easy to navigate. If web visitors struggle to find some features on your site, they'll likely look elsewhere.

Your website should have the following common features to ensure easy navigation:

  • Listings 

As a luxury real estate brand, your website should have a real estate listing section where you can indicate the properties for rent or sale. Remember to specify the property type, whether it's a villa or condominium.

  • Contact

To convert web visitors into prospective clients, you need to make it easier for them to contact you. A potential client might prefer one contact method over others. Therefore, it's best to provide multiple contact options on your real estate website besides phone number and email for future lead capture.

  • About Us

Prospective buyers love to be reassured, and one way to do that is to show them members of your team. Your About Us section can list your team members, their experiences, and details about your agency.

  • Guides

As a luxury real estate agent, having two different guides on your site is best. One for sellers and one for buyers. That way, potential clients know the process involved when working with your agency. 

  • Blogs

Blog posts help you drive traffic to your website. To educate your audience and increase engagement, you can provide valuable information on many topics like local weather patterns, financing, and property prices. 

Quality content on your blog can provide valuable information to prospective luxury homebuyers living out of state.

  • Financing

Some real estate agencies have close relationships with banks and other financial institutions offering luxury property loans and mortgages. A client might choose your agency due to such relationships, so consider adding it to your website.

Add a Search Tool

A search tool is one of the most important luxury real estate website design features that helps your web visitors look for their ideal luxury real estate selling or buying opportunities.

Some affluent buyers are more tech-savvy and experienced than others. Therefore, placing various search tools on the site will ensure all web visitors easily navigate the site, helping lead generation.  

Your luxury real estate website will benefit from having the following search tool styles:

Adding an interactive map search page will help out-of-state homebuyers study the neighborhood
  • Interactive Map Search Page

Interactive maps serve as a visual tool helping homeowners looking to move to your location and future luxury homebuyers who prefer staying close to a place of interest, like a commercial establishment or school. 

  • Advanced Search Page

This search tool is best for sellers or buyers with a clear idea of what they want. It covers a wide range of search parameters and is the fastest way to find anything on the site.

  • Quick Search Toolbars

The quick search toolbar is simple to use and perfect for first-time homebuyers unfamiliar with your location. One way to generate more leads through this luxury real estate website feature is to place it on your inner page margins and home screens. That way, web visitors can use it wherever they are on your site.

Incorporate Client Testimonials

One way to gain your prospects' trust is to make client testimonials one of your luxury real estate website design features. Reading testimonials from former clients will help potential affluent buyers to learn more about your brand and pique their interest to explore more listings on your site. 

Don't underestimate the power of referrals. A familiar network connection or glowing review might be all you need to land a potential client in the real estate industry.

Since testimonials make you stand out in the real estate industry, dedicate a whole page to it on your luxury real estate website. Also, add a few reviews on your homepage. 

Add reviews that highlight your luxury real estate agency's unique strengths. You can also ask some satisfied buyers to record video testimonials from the luxury home they bought through you.

Recommendations show you're a legitimate business, so web visitors can relax knowing your business isn't an online scam. The more reviews you have, the more it increases your trustworthiness as a company. 

People trust their fellow buyers more than businesses because they believe companies are after their own gain. Testimonials help prospects to see your real estate business as reliable.  

Remember to use the images and names of the past clients providing the reviews to enable the prospect to connect to them on an emotional level.

Also list your affiliations, especially if your key partners are in your local community. Mentioning your key association with recognizable brands and companies on your website will instantly increase your credibility. Also, your partners will appreciate the acknowledgment on your site.

Add Featured Listings

Buying luxury homes is different from purchasing regular properties. Not all real estate agents list high-end homes. Therefore, affluent buyers need to see the difference in your website when they visit. 

Your website should ooze class and luxury from its home page. If you need a luxury real estate website, contact Ardor SEO, the leading real estate web designer, for a website that reflects the type of affluent buyers you cater to. 

As a luxury real estate agent, chances are, you'll have potential international buyers. Therefore, a virtual tour of the property and its neighborhood will make it feel like home instead of simply a listing. 

You can make property searches engaging and fun for site visitors by publishing your newest recommendations and deals on dedicated website pages. Decide whether to highlight each specialized listing prominently on your website or give it its own website.

Remember to forward the website link through a targeted marketing campaign. You can also showcase the up-and-coming or new luxury properties by highlighting the latest property listings and constructions in your area. 

Ensure web visitors can easily find your high-profile listings. Also, use a customized grid layout to summarize the vital information, making it easy to read. It'll be best to create a different portal for renters if you offer property management services to enable you to segment your clients. 

Your web visitors will appreciate the ease of navigation, as it saves them time.

Add a blog section to your luxury real estate website to provide useful content to your site visitors

Include Useful Resources

One of the real estate website design ideas to incorporate is adding valuable resources to your luxury property site. That way, you ensure the information on your site goes beyond property listings, making your website a one-stop shop for all real estate needs. 

Consider packing your real estate site with the following informative sections to make you the leading resource for local information:

  • Lifestyle Guides and Blogs

Most potential buyers will love to learn about the local lifestyle before moving to the area. Therefore, adding a blog section to your luxury real estate website will help them see the city from a local's eye. 

You can write about different topics of interest, like a list of notable events, top attraction spots, lifestyle guides, and detailed neighborhood descriptions.

  • Buyers’ and Sellers’ Guides

The real estate transaction process is often overwhelming and time-consuming. Therefore, it's best to educate your site visitors on the process through your experience in the real estate industry.

  • Home Valuation

You can offer potential buyers a credible estimate of their luxury property's value to enable them to maximize their returns on the property sale.

  • Regular Market Reports

Most savvy real estate investors and property owners keep an eye on the market before buying a property. Therefore, publishing real estate market reports on your site is best to keep them informed and increase their trust in your brand.

Enable Lead Capturing

Views and clicks don't measure your luxury real estate website success. The end goal is to capture leads that will turn into paying clients. Don't allow your site visitors to leave your luxury real estate website without making a connection first. 

Encourage your site visitors to drop their contact details through a smart call-to-action. Note that your call-to-action should go beyond catchy phrases. Make it effective but subtle through the following ways:

  • Offer freebies like a real estate market report, an e-book, or exclusive pocket listing access

  • Design strategic layouts and graphics leading the visitor to a contact form

  • Highlight the benefits of a newsletter subscription, like timely and regular listings and market updates 

At this point, ensure the site visitors have multiple avenues to contact you. Make your contact information visible on every web page on your luxury real estate website. Remember to add links and a subscribe button to your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts.

That way, you encourage accessible and quick conversations, and your clients can reach you through any contact avenue suitable for them.

However, you need to optimize your website for search. There's no point in spending money to build a luxury real estate website if your prospects can't find you. Hence, it's best to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. 

Having great website search rankings is easier when you optimize it for search. While search engines are smart, they need help recognizing your website as an authority in the luxury real estate niche. 

You can use plugins that naturally optimize real estate SEO to increase your site optimization. Also, put relevant and valuable keywords in title tags and headlines. Remember to format your content to look professional and improve your website speed. 

Making your site authoritative and increasing its quality leads to an excellent experience for your site visitors.

A high-end listed property's quality photos will capture the prospect's imagination

Prioritize Quality Images and Videos

One of the best luxury real estate website design features you can't do without as a savvy high-end property brand is quality images. 

The popular adage "a picture is worth more than a thousand words" applies to real estate marketing. While intuitive and useful features keep users engaged and good content communicates important information, images evoke emotions while capturing the viewer's imagination. 

A good image conveys ideal lifestyles and living scenarios that the listing didn't fully capture. Also, images break the monotony of texts on a webpage, improving your content readability when placed strategically. 

Video footage and stock photos are convenient and cost-effective options for proving your luxury real estate layout. However, investing in professional videography and photography goes a long way in creating a more personalized, authentic, and trustworthy feel to your website.

Visual media, like virtual tours, videos, and photos, plays a huge part in selling a luxury real estate property. Combined with detailed descriptions, high-quality images help clients filter the properties they want to tour. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, most homebuyers rely on detailed image and video content to buy properties online. Therefore, visual tours have become more popular. Ensure that the photos on your website have good resolutions and fits into your stunning real estate responsive design. 

Remember to capture all amenities and rooms. Listing a villa without showing extensive images of the spaces will discourage affluent buyers. Also, ensure your website has walk-through videos of the exclusive properties to give potential buyers a feel of the homes.

Use a Responsive Design

We are in the digital age, and mobile internet usage is the rave of the moment. So, if your luxury real estate website isn't mobile-friendly, you'll lose out on many prospects. 

With many internet users searching for real estate properties on the go, one of your luxury real estate design features should be a responsive site to make your website accessible to any device, platform, or browser. 

Tablets and smartphones use touchpoints, have smaller screen sizes, and largely depend on mobile connection speeds. Ensure your website visitors are comfortable viewing the site on smartphones and tablets like on their computers. 

A great user experience, regardless of the device used, is crucial to growing your online presence. Experienced web designers like Ardor SEO will ensure your luxury real estate website works perfectly on all platforms. 

Most importantly, Google rewards mobile-optimized websites by using a search engine algorithm that offers responsive websites higher search rankings.

Add Community and Neighborhood Guides

Although some real estate agents include this modern design feature in their blog section, having a neighborhood and community guide as a separate webpage is great for your web visitors. 

If someone is relocating to your area from another city or state, it enables them to learn about the neighborhood. When writing your guides, remember that your prospects come from various demographics. Therefore, it's best to survey your current audience or perform market research to discover information relevant to your potential buyers' interests. 

Your guides can contain some common information, like:

Adding the local shopping centers to your community guide will help out-of-state buyers know what to expect
  1. Shopping Amenities

Consider including leisure venues, malls, convenience stores, and local businesses in your guides. Curate a list of notable restaurants and entertainment spots like nightclubs and concert halls to enable out-of-state buyers to know what to expect. 

  1. Youth and Community Groups

If your community has youth groups or facilities like youth sports or Scouts, add this information to your guide to inform families. Remember to mention local charities or groups that accept new members. 

  1. Transportation

People need transportation, whether the exclusive property is located in a suburban or urban area. Therefore, include how accessible the luxury home is to the nearest highway, public transportation hub, or airport.

  1. Miscellaneous

Add unique features about the area, such as its proximity to national parks and world heritage sites.

Note that some features highlighted in your guide might change with time. New facilities or venues might open while some old ones may close. Therefore, it's crucial to revise your guides regularly. 

Consider claiming your free Business Page on Nextdoor to enable you to engage with neighbors and see their local recommendations. Besides providing crucial information, community guides assure potential high-end buyers that you have a meaningful and deep link to the neighborhoods you serve. 

Most affluent buyers love working with a real estate business that cares about their neighborhood, community, or local area. Therefore, having this great website design feature is one way to stand out from competitors.

Incorporate Map Location

One luxury real estate website design feature every real estate agent should include on their site is a map location. Linking your property listings to Google Maps helps interested buyers see the property's location relative to major transport hubs and local amenities like schools. 

While it's easy to understand Google Maps, consider taking it further by using the area's aerial photograph to mark local amenities and services. You can use real estate mapping software to generate an interactive map or ask a graphic designer to create an illustrative map with relevant information.

Consider adding a Google Map of your location, business, and reviews on your site. This map will show a view of your business direction, address, location, and review stars.

If embedded correctly, the Google map will serve as one of the essential elements on your website, enabling web visitors to view your real estate business in seconds.  

Ask your professional website designer to add a Google map to your website if you don't possess the necessary skills to handle it yourself.

FAQs on the Best Features for a Luxury Real Estate Website

Can I Build My Own Luxury Real Estate Website?

Yes, you can build your own luxury real estate website by using online tutorials as a guide. However, you might not have the time and required skills. Therefore, to have the best luxury real estate website, consider allowing a professional like Ardor SEO to build a site suitable for affluent buyers.

Many design features like quality images can help your luxury real estate website stand out

How Can My Luxury Real Estate Site Stand Out From Competitors?

While it's good to focus on the technical details, design elements, and color schemes for the website's design, remember that your site isn't only for selling exclusive properties. The best real estate professionals are experts and educators who generously share their industry knowledge with their audience. 

Therefore, fresh, up-to-date, informative content will help you establish authority, making your site a valuable resource for affluent buyers. 

How Can My Luxury Real Estate Website Attract More Traffic?

One way to make your luxury real estate website attract more traffic is to make your site responsive, so it can be visible on search engines when people search for your services on Google and similar platforms.


A well-designed luxury real estate website is crucial in attracting high-end clients and effectively showcasing properties. Following the tips discussed, you can create a website that accurately represents the luxury real estate market and is visually appealing, functional, and efficient. 

From showcasing high-quality images and virtual tours to having a mobile-friendly layout and clear contact information, every aspect of your site should reflect your brand's sophistication and elegance. 

Remember to make it easy for potential clients to navigate your website and find what they are looking for. Other features for stunning website designs include a cool color palette, subtle animations, and minimalist design. 

With a great real estate website design, you can establish a strong online presence, provide a top-notch experience for your clients, and make your site stand out from other luxury realtor websites.

If your luxury real estate agency has been struggling to find affluent buyers, you need to improve your website visibility. Start by hiring a professional real estate SEO Agency like Ardor SEO to build a luxury website that suits the clientele you want to attract. 

A luxury website with optimized content and quality visual media will help you convert site visitors to paying clients.

About the author 

Kris Reid

Kris Reid, the Coolest Guy in SEO, is the CEO of Ardor SEO. His expertise lies in helping real estate professionals get more leads and customers to predictably grow their business. Get to know Kris and learn more about our team here.

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