Join other realtors who have achieved financial freedom by leveraging their websites

Financial independence is a prize many realtors crave to win someday. However, after failing multiple times, most real estate professionals tend to resign to their fate of never making it past the glass ceiling. If you're in this situation, now's the time to step into the other part of the divide tagged "success."

The other side of the coin showcases a category of tenacious, serious real estate business owners. These ambitious realtors leverage various routes to achieve financial independence. Are you ambitious enough to grow your leads and achieve financial independence in real estate? Don't worry. We've got your back!

In this guide, we'll examine real estate lead generation and tips to achieve financial freedom via social media and a distinctive website. To motivate you to venture out of your comfort zone, we'll tie things off with Avery Carl's success story.

Ready to know how to get financial freedom through real estate? Let's dive in! 

What Is Lead Generation for Real Estate?

Lead generation involves the marketing processes geared towards attracting and converting potential customers into leads interested in your business' service or product. 

With the US real estate industry growing by the day, lead generation has become vital to trump the competition as an agent.

For this endeavor to be successful, a realtor must utilize the right social media platforms and curate a unique website showcasing their services.

But these aren't the only pieces to the jigsaw.

For your socials and website to attract your dream clients, incorporating proven and tested lead generation strategies bound to grant you financial freedom as an agent is non-negotiable.

Fortunately, they aren't hidden, and we'll be sharing proven and tested techniques that'll transform your business in the subsequent segment.

Convert your real estate business into a viable wealth building vehicle and achieve financial freedom

How You Can Achieve Financial Freedom Through Real Estate 

Achieving financial freedom through real estate isn't a farce. For this endeavor, consider these strategies:

1. Leverage Real Estate Social Media to Improve Awareness and Generate Traffic for Your Business 

Digital marketing has taken over the advertising world, and your strategy must include social media for a successful campaign. Consider focusing your marketing efforts on top platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

That way, you can chart your path to earning much more money and becoming financially free.

Quickly, let's examine how you can use the highlighted platforms to your advantage:

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform, which makes it a top choice for connecting with leading professionals and career-minded individuals. 

By creating and posting real estate-related content on your page, you can amass a reputation and attract high-paying clients within your target area. 

Although LinkedIn might seem all professional, it's a cash cow many realtors skip. According to a HubSpot report, this platform is 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter regarding lead conversion.

  • Instagram

According to Statista, over 1.35 billion active Instagram users exist in 2023. That's a lot of people! As a realtor looking towards financial independence in the saturated real estate market, tweaking your marketing strategy to include Instagram advertising will most likely yield positives.

So, how can you pitch your tent here? It's pretty straightforward. After creating a profile, post beautiful Instagram visuals of properties on your listings and short realty-themed posts to stay visible and relevant in your industry. 

If you stay on this path, you'll garner a decent following and over time, people will trust you to execute their real estate transactions. 

  • Twitter

As a real estate agent, don't skip Twitter when planning your marketing efforts. In the last few years, this platform has gained traction, evoking diverse trends engaged worldwide. 

To increase awareness of your services and listings to your existing followers and the entire Twitter community, make real estate-related posts and incorporate trending hashtags. 

That way, your page and its contents are bound to appear when people search a raving topic. Agreed, they might not patronize you in one go. But the right content endears you to prospective clients.

  • Facebook

Facebook reigns supreme when it comes to real estate lead generation. With the average person spending at least 35 minutes daily on Facebook, it's no surprise that this platform is the go-to marketing route for 74% of REALTORS®

With Facebook Ads, you can cut unnecessary expenses on advertising to people who don't need your services. That way, you'll seamlessly improve your financial situation and achieve financial freedom by setting sail with high-paying clients interested in your listings.

Also consider creating a local Facebook group around your business’ services. Why? It'll help existing clients share their feedback and educate potential customers about what to expect when facilitating a realty transaction with you. 

A relevant social media campaign doesn’t just improve your brand by directly attracting leads to increase your company’s market value or share. It also lends credibility to your brand and establishes you as a go-to professional in your real estate niche.

Social media marketing is critical to your efforts toward financial freedom

2. Utilize Videos to Attract More Visitors to Your Real Estate Brand

MarketingSherpa reports that leveraging videos in your marketing strategy will attract 200% to 300% more traffic to your real estate website. The report also adds that integrating videos on your website would make the average visitors spend two to three extra minutes on associated pages.

But the allure of video doesn't end here:

According to the NAR, 73% of homeowners prefer working alongside real estate agents who utilize video in their listings. 

Fortunately, creating a video to boost your marketing strategy isn’t as complex as it sounds. With your mobile device’s camera, simple editing software, a clear voice-over, and still photography, you have enough to create entertaining and educational clips for your prospects.

What video content can improve your brand's financial position and help you achieve real estate financial freedom? 

Here are a few ideas worth considering:

  • Real estate agent profiles, including certifications, awards, and recognitions
  • Live streaming helpful Q&A sessions
  • How-to videos and clips providing general information 
  • Annual reviews 
  • Client interviews
  • Podcasts and interviews with other agents
  • Listing videos
  • Videos showing your participation in local community events

Listing videos are excellent for advertising your brand and, of course, available properties. These clips help you display available properties to potential real estate investors and homebuyers.

Regularly create content to engage your leads and remain top of mind

3. Curate Content to Regularly Engage Existing Leads 

While a large part of your marketing goal is centered on converting high-paying leads and achieving financial freedom through real estate, constantly engaging your subscribed leads can help you meet your overall goals faster. 

But what materials can aid engagement?

Notable mentions include real estate-related newsletters and blog posts. 

Here’s how these materials can help:

  • Newsletters

Placing helpful information on upcoming community events in your email newsletters can show prospects that you care. As such, you'll remain top of mind. You can also provide updated and regular real estate statistics to your leads.

Moreover, newsletters can include exciting information, industry trends around mortgage rates, and new government regulations. They also allow you to inform your audience with updated information about your best listings. 

  • Blogging

Blogging is another content category you can leverage to keep your brand in your leads' good books and achieve financial stability. People always need information on various topics relating to housing, home maintenance costs, hiring professionals, tax benefits, and other issues revolving around the real estate market.

Blog posts are a great avenue to share expert information with your subscribed leads on fundamental topics many agents in the real estate market don't often discuss with clients. 

There's nothing wrong with sharing tips on how stay-at-home mums can earn passive income via real estate or a detailed guide for relocating or moving to another new apartment. 

When blogging, endeavor to create top-quality content that's conversational and immersive to keep prospects interested in your real estate business.

4. Increase Your Business’ Visibility on Search Engines With Top Notch Content and Local SEO 

Creating top-notch content on your website that provides value to readers will always win over keyword-stuffed content with little or no value. However, you still need to pay attention to time-tested local SEO tips. Every website requires regular content updates and local SEO improvements to rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Your real estate business can improve visibility, cut unnecessary expenses, and achieve financial independence through effective keyword research. That way, you can analyze and understand the intent behind search queries connected to your business, industry, or brand. 

Effective keyword research starts by researching the most frequently asked questions or trending topics on search engines like Google and Bing. You can also engage your current clients first-hand for context on questions or concerns they have about the real estate market. 

Additionally, leveraging local SEO can help quickly boost your business's local visibility to prospective clients. Some of these basic local SEO techniques have helped several business owners increase their earnings and attain financial freedom:

  • Google My Business profile creation
  • Link building
  • Responding to online reviews and feedback
  • Listing the business on online directories
  • Setting up on-page local SEO signals
  • Engaging with the social media community

By implementing the aforementioned tips, you'll get more referrals from Google, other websites, agents, and property management professionals. 

Leverage SEO and increase your business's visibility

Avery Carl and Her Journey to Financial Freedom

Avery Carl is the founder of The Short Term Shop, a top-tier realtor company focused on short-term rentals in multiple US states. 

Moving from being a bartender to earning millions of dollars monthly in a few years, Carl aptly captures her secret

"Working with Kris and the Ardor SEO plus hiring more agents to help handle the volume are the only two things that we did differently."

Carl joined the Ardor SEO train in 2019. And that was the start of her journey to financial freedom as a real estate agent. 

Yearning for her numbers? Here they are:

  • 2019: Engaged Ardor SEO and made $59 million in sales
  • 2020: $138 million in sales
  • 2021: $621 million in sales
  • 2022: nearly 2x 2021's cumulative sales

With Ardor SEO spearheading strategy, Avery Carl has taken her business to greater heights. What's better? The partnership is still ongoing, with numbers expected to surpass the previous year in 2023.

Parting Shot

As you already know, you need more than just a few properties with the potential to generate passive income to become financially independent as a real estate agent. 

By utilizing an optimized, largely self-running lead generation strategy, you'll attract clients looking to conduct realty transactions. The more clients you land, the clearer your path to becoming financially independent. 

Although SEO tactics, keyword research, social media management, and other digital marketing campaigns are crucial to your website ranking high on SERPs, you shouldn't endure the hassle of going it all alone. 

As seen in Indra Schormann's Business Insider interview, you can spend as little time as possible managing tens of real estate properties because lead generation experts are helping to create an up-and-running marketing campaign on your behalf!

Financial freedom is possible as a realtor, and it's up to you to roll your sleeves up and put in the work when starting out. As time goes on, you can delegate the daunting SEO tasks and enjoy a decent stream of income.

Financial freedom as an upcoming realtor might look like rocket science. But in reality, it isn't. If you've made up your mind to succeed as a realtor, we applaud you. However, to get to the summit of financial freedom swiftly, engaging real estate SEO agencies like Ardor SEO is 100% recommended. Our experts will utilize refined techniques that'll see your website and socials rank high on Google SERPs.

We helped Avery Carl generate over a billion in sales. But we aren't looking to rest on our laurels anytime soon. And you too can join the billionaires club. A step is all it takes. Contact us today!

About the author 

Kris Reid

Kris Reid, the Coolest Guy in SEO, is the CEO of Ardor SEO. His expertise lies in helping real estate professionals get more leads and customers to predictably grow their business. Get to know Kris and learn more about our team here.

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