Real estate Facebook marketing helps you generate leads

Real estate agents know they need a diverse skill set to succeed, one that goes beyond selling homes. In the competitive real estate market, generating leads via compelling online advertising has become vital to success. 

According to a NAR report, 97% of homebuyers used the internet when searching for real estate properties. As such, it's no surprise realtors are turning towards social media platforms like Facebook to spearhead their marketing efforts. 

With the average Facebook user spending at least 33 minutes daily on the platform, realtors can get their persuasive real estate adverts in front of their target audience and generate leads.

Although Facebook advertising is the way to go, uncovering strategies you can utilize to create successful and cost-effective marketing campaigns for your real estate business is essential.

This article examines tried and tested techniques for reaching and engaging prospective patrons on Facebook. 

Notable mentions include: 

1. Create a Facebook Business Page 

A business page is essential if you want to make the most of Facebook as an online marketing medium. This platform heightens your business's credibility, as a well-crafted profile featuring a headshot and glowing recommendations come off as professional and authoritative.

In addition, a Facebook business page allows you to run real estate ad campaigns effectively, offering smooth communication with potential and past clients.

A Facebook business page offers access to the marketing tools required for real estate ad creation

2. Create Content Consistently 

Consistently creating quality real estate-related content is vital to Facebook marketing success. Set daily goals for the number of posts you wish to share on your Facebook business page. 

You can make two or three posts per day. Besides offering you the visibility you want, maintaining this frequency keeps your business in peoples' minds.

You could commence your posting endeavors with primary real estate introductory content or a video ad briefly introducing yourself and telling people what they can expect from your page. 

It's essential to consider how your postings will impact your target audience, as they'll shape their perception of who you are and what your business offers. 

3. Be Transparent in Your Ad Copy

Gaining clients' trust is crucial to succeeding in the real estate industry. But it's one of the most challenging things to achieve. When contemplating a decision with significant emotional and financial repercussions, people tend to work with reliable and trustworthy individuals or businesses. 

Earning a client's trust is no mean feat, especially with the horror stories relayed by people in the real estate industry occasionally.   

To gain trust, always be upfront with your prospects. Use genuine photos and be straightforward when creating real estate Facebook marketing ads. Your listings should contain critical information such as location, price, square footage, number of bedrooms, etcetera. Give precise data, and keep the property's attributes consistent. 

4. Build Credibility With Reviews 

As we've established, building trust is critical. While honesty is one of many ways to earn people's confidence, you can improve your business's credibility through client reviews.

It's easy to exaggerate how terrific you are. However, these assertions only come across as sincere when an unbiased individual says the same. As such, getting past patrons to review your service will project your real estate firm in a good light. 

You can include great testimonials on your real estate landing page or Facebook ad copy. By integrating positive client experiences, building a strong following over time and executing deals is possible.

5. Engage Your Audience 

Providing valuable information attracts and retains readers. However, the most effective way to convert social media followers into a dedicated audience network is to seek their engagement and comments on your posts actively.

If you want to use real estate agent Facebook marketing effectively to drive your realty business, tell followers what they can do to help your venture flourish. 

Get them to sign up for your real estate podcast if you have one. Alternatively, ask their email addresses or seek context on whether they're interested in facilitating real estate transactions with your business.

6. Leverage Facebook Ads 

Facebook's algorithms could artificially dilute posts on your business page, making it almost impossible for your followers to stay in sync with your services. Albeit a nagging drawback, you can get more people to see and interact with your content by leveraging Facebook ads.

Facebook ads creation is hassle-free as it keeps everything streamlined and within the platform. However, before creating Facebook ads for realtors, it's essential to understand how they work. 

Learn how to tweak settings, retarget adverts, and create different ad iterations. Gaining insight into these areas will see you make the most of your Facebook ad marketing campaigns. 

With real estate Facebook advertising, keep these critical points in mind: 

  • What is your ad budget?
  • Who is your target audience, and how can you tailor your adverts to their specific needs?
  • What details does your ad campaign demand? 
  • What can you provide leads in return for their information?
  • What is your call to action?

It's also essential to keep recent trends in mind when creating your Facebook marketing for real estate campaigns. Get insights about customer trends in your farm area by following reputable real estate podcast channels and blogs.

Adopting these crucial tips will create killer Facebook ads that prompt lead generation and drive website traffic.

Facebook ads help you generate leads and grow your business

7. Layer on Location, Demographic, Interests, and Behavioral Targeting Options

The sophisticated targeting you get via Facebook ad campaigns makes it the ideal platform for real estate advertising. Once you've set your campaign objective, utilize the fine-grained targeting tools to display your real estate services and attract real estate Facebook leads.

Here are some suggestions that aid specific audience targeting when creating a real estate Facebook ad:

  • Location Targeting

When creating real estate Facebook ads, define your prospective clients based on where you expect to make the most sales. Since individuals constantly move, you'd want to be more specific with your ad targeting to capture target audiences that'll patronize your real estate services.

  • Age Targeting

When creating your Facebook ads, you could target age ranges capable of making crucial real estate decisions (i.e., buying a property). There's no use displaying your real estate Facebook ads to 18-year-olds who don't have the financial backing to acquire a listing worth $1 million.

  • Demographic Targeting: Target by Income

Demographic targeting is another essential aspect of Facebook ad targeting. Since you want to reduce your ad spend as much as possible, consider targeting people who can afford the real estate properties you're offering. 

This Facebook ad format lets you narrow your target audiences to those in a certain income bracket. This ad targeting form tends to convert since it targets home buyers who can afford set prices on your property listings. 

  • Lookalike Audiences

As a professional real estate agent, you probably have a list containing your past clients' contact information.

When you upload this list to Facebook using Lookalike Audiences, the platform does the legwork to locate people who bear semblance with your past patrons and are more likely to buy structures on your listings.

This Facebook ad targeting alternative ensures you generate quality real estate Facebook leads while maximizing ad spend. Alternatively, you could create multiple advert sets and use special categories to reach a wider audience.

8. Use Carousel Ads Format 

Understanding Facebook's carousel ads is worthwhile as it hosts excellent potential. Since real estate involves numerous visual appeals, this advertising format lets marketers showcase photos in a catalog-like layout, allowing users to browse a wide selection of listings easily. 

9. Utilize Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook introduced lead ads to help users overcome their reluctance to fill out forms. With this Facebook marketing option, realtors can gather data from prospects straight from the lead ad. When users tap the lead ad, they're redirected to a form within Facebook to fill in their name and email address. 

This real estate marketing for Facebook tool is excellent for real estate agents looking to generate seller leads for their businesses. Lead ads also make it easy to properly follow-up your prospects and convert them to actual clients. 

10. Create Live Videos 

Live videos are fantastic to grab your audience's attention and increase your page's engagement. Facebook users are more likely to watch live videos than previously recorded clips due to the "breaking news" appeal of the former. 

For example, you could conduct open house tours for potential clients to get a full glimpse of your real estate properties' interior and exterior areas.

Remember your audience mustn't watch these videos in real time. When a Facebook Live broadcast ends, the video is converted to a regular post and remains accessible on your page until deleted.

Live videos help to attract more potential buyers to your real estate properties

11. Always Use Tags and Locations

Using tags and locations is an effective way to get a wider reach and drive traffic when running Facebook real estate ads. When posting content, tag relevant real estate companies and locations. 

You can also tag clients who you follow and interact with via Facebook. If their privacy settings allows, your tagged post appears on their newsfeed, visible to their other friends. 

12. Create Bulk Content and Schedule Posts

Always create bulk content to ensure you have a steady supply. Spend a day coming up with at least 20 posts, storing them for when the need arises. 

A quick post example might be a single image displaying your property listings or a motivational write-up related to the real estate industry. If you run a real estate podcast channel, you can post related episodes on your page.

Schedule posts to feature on your feed at peak times when you have an active audience. You can use a Facebook calendar to maintain your posting schedule. 

A regular Facebook page content posting strategy is essential to achieving ad campaign objectives and gathering buyer leads. Complementing this with scheduled posting solidifies your stance as a consistent and trustworthy business entity. 

13. Excellent Call-To-Actions 

If you can't convince potential buyers to click on your real estate Facebook ad with a convincing Call To Action (CTA), they won't patronize your business. 

Your CTA should be one to two sentences long, stating the problem and solution offered by your business. For better results, link CTAs to a landing page fielding your listings and contact information. As such, prospects can reach you and make business-related inquiries on your real estate services.

14. Create Informative Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential to your real estate Facebook ads campaign. Here, it'll be best to insert CTAs redirecting your Facebook leads to your listings once clicked. 

A landing page or website delivers the pertinent details about your real estate offering. Visitors will feel comfortable working with you if your website has a contact page, is easy to navigate, and has positive client testimonials.

15. Use Videos or Pictures In Your Posts

In the competitive real estate industry, a video ad is a tool real estate agents need to pay more attention to if they intend to stay profitable. 

While more people are starting to see the potential of video ads, some still need help with their execution. But it doesn't have to always be that way as the benefits outweigh the work involved in getting it right.

Although a video ad can't replace viewing a house physically, it offers potential buyers an accurate insight into what they're getting. Most real estate professionals employ experienced videographers to produce flawless videos for Facebook advertising. Ensure your clips feature friendly voice-overs to facilitate brand trust.

Video adverts are more likely to hook your target audience than mere write-ups. If you've got generic posts in your draft, transform them into single-image ads that pass across the intended information.

Videos and images make your Facebook ads appealing

Final Thoughts 

The real estate industry is constantly evolving. Now, buyers don't need to search for "Home for Sale" signages. Social media platforms like Facebook makes it easy to locate quality real estate properties online via virtual open house tours and advertising formats.

With Facebook ads for real estate agents prompting quality lead generation, most realtors now go this route as it's a sure way to attract their target audience and facilitate transactions. 

We've examined 15 tested and proven techniques to get the most out of Facebook real estate ads and attract leads in this article. By utilizing them, becoming the #1 agent within your real estate niche is 100% achievable.

Do you want your real estate business to stand out in a market characterized by stiff competition using Facebook Ads? The SEO experts at Ardor SEO have the tools and expertise required to make your Facebook ads convert and attract high-paying clients. Contact us today! 

About the author 

Kris Reid

Kris Reid, the Coolest Guy in SEO, is the CEO of Ardor SEO. His expertise lies in helping real estate professionals get more leads and customers to predictably grow their business. Get to know Kris and learn more about our team here.

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