Leverage effective real estate marketing materials to attract qualified buyers to your luxury homes

Residential markets have seen increased demand over the last couple of years, resulting in a highly lucrative luxury real estate industry. Nonetheless, the "craze" for luxury homes doesn't reduce their high-end prices. Instead, it tells real estate professionals in the luxury real estate vertical to up their game and utilize practical marketing tips.

This guide explores ten valuable marketing materials that every real estate professional can use to improve revenue and drive sales. We'll also examine the relevance of marketing materials to your real estate business alongside a brief guide on must-have materials for your campaign.

Why Marketing Materials Are Important to Your Luxury Real Estate Business 

Your luxury real estate business needs vital real estate marketing materials to aid property sales and give customers a top-quality experience. Marketing materials help you attract clients, provide more product visibility and create brand awareness. An impeccable business image in the public domain makes you stand out from competitors or real estate niches.

The proper marketing process focuses on selling properties, highlighting their top features and amenities. Prospective residents also want to know what lifestyle they'll have if they move into the neighborhood or residence. 

Besides, high-end buyers, most of your prospects will need specialized marketing. As such, it's no surprise that many real estate agents spend lavishly on their marketing campaigns (including digital and traditional real estate marketing forms).

Experienced luxury real estate business owners know that most homebuyers search for prospective properties via the internet. According to a 2020 report, 97% of homebuyers consulted the web when searching for landholdings.

With internet usage on an upward trend, you'll find realtors using several materials to facilitate their online marketing campaigns. In the subsequent segment, we'll examine 10 of these critical add-ons.

Maximize both digital and traditional marketing tools to give your luxury real estate business a marketing boost

10 Essential Marketing Materials for a Luxury Real Estate Business 

Real estate agents use several marketing techniques to showcase luxury landholdings to new and existing clients. This segment examines ten valuable luxury real estate marketing materials to win would-be buyers. 

Outsourcing to a digital marketing company is a great way to ensure that real estate businesses are tapping into the most up-to-date digital marketing strategies. An experienced digital marketing agency in Europe, the US, the UK, or elsewhere, can assess a website's content, design techniques, and overall performance visibility to identify areas for improvement in order to increase sales leads.

These luxury real estate marketing materials can help build the image of a reputable luxury real estate agency and lend credibility to the attached realtors. Moreover, these materials can increase visibility and help you beat the competition in the competitive luxury real estate niche. 

Are you ready to take your luxury real estate business to the next level? If yes, check out these ten influential real estate marketing materials for luxury properties.

1. Real Estate Landing Pages

When potential luxury homeowners click on ads, it redirects them to your real estate landing page. To maximize every step along the advertising funnel, your landing pages must be informative, granting potential buyers access to the property's critical features.

Ensure to put up a clean and professional real estate landing page. Excessive information could prompt disinterest in your viewers. Conversely, little content might not fulfill the landing page goals. Here, striking a balance is key.

Use top-quality property photos on your landing pages to portray luxury homes in a good light. Consider integrating excellent designs into clear images shot by a professional luxury real estate photographer. Design-wise, hiring a skilled advertising company or web designer is recommended.

Avoid putting up overly funny, unreal, or cheap images. Ensure photos adopt a neutral color theme and field fonts that aren't too flashy. Remember, landing pages should flaunt only the brightest features of your high-end listings.

Besides placing fantastic aesthetics on your landing pages, add forms that let viewers input their contact information to obtain further details on the listing. You want to keep this section simple, asking for only their names and email addresses/phone contacts. Seeking more information could discourage viewers from filling out forms and making purchases. 

Some real estate marketers often entice their prospects with click baits like free market reports in their emails. Whatever perk you offer, ensure your client considers it valuable enough to improve their buying experience. 

2. Email Marketing

Every luxury real estate marketer should understand email marketing. Besides well-crafted emails nurturing quality leads, sending them to former clients might increase your chances of third-party word-of-mouth marketing

Quickly, let's show you how to market luxury real estate via emails and attract leads.

Suppose a lead fills your landing page form, providing critical contact and personal information. Once they do, they'll join a list of past clients on your email lists. To seamlessly reach your target audience, segment your list to control who sees or gets what information about your business.

You could send emails containing real estate tips and tricks to prospective buyers. Conversely, sellers on your list can receive educational pieces on selling their properties. 

Well-crafted social media posts can get your luxury properties in front of your dream clients

3. Social Media Posts That Connect a Broader Audience

Our marketing materials list will be incomplete without including social media advertising. Every digital real estate marketer today knows that businesses are invisible without an online presence. High-end marketing for luxury homes follows the trend. Fortunately, assessing social media ads is easy for potential clients and sellers.

When creating social media ads, ensure you present your luxury brand excellently and spotlessly. Highlight the perks of doing business with your brand, such as post-purchase offers or competitive pricing. 

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, and others are excellent platforms to leverage. However, consider starting with two or three social media platforms to host your luxury brand's advertisements. Additionally, ensure your brand's motto, logo, and name are consistent across all social media platforms. That way, customers can readily identify your business online.

Here are the top social media platforms to exploit when marketing your luxury-themed listings:

  • Facebook

Facebook has over 2.9 billion users globally, making it a leading social media channel for advertising high-end real estate properties. Real estate agents and developers globally utilize Facebook's target to drive traffic to their landing pages and expand their online following.

  • Instagram

While Facebook majors on posts, Instagram revolves around images and videos, making it an excellent social media alternative to display your high-end listings' aesthetically-pleasing features. 

You can also increase your brand's visibility and drive more traffic to your page with trendy hashtags. Lastly, consider conducting online contests or challenges, rewarding clients with little gifts for reposting or sharing your brand's content.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a professional approach to luxury real estate marketing, unlike Facebook and Instagram. Since your high-end clients are likely professionals in various fields, LinkedIn ads, pitches, and posts are excellent tools for reaching them.

  • Google

Your ads on Google's front page give millions access to your brand's offerings. As such, create a social media campaign projecting your luxury real estate brand as an authority on Google. 

Remember, with increased visibility on Google, you have increased click-through rates on your website and can seamlessly attract potential buyers.

4. Open House Flyers and Signs 

Every US realtor understands open house showings are significant events to show off luxury structures and close deals. To make people attend these events, utilize flyers. 

Since the primary goal of open house flyers is to get the word out about your next event, you'd want to create visually-appealing posters to get your prospects' attention. However, only concentrate some of your marketing efforts on creating online flyers. Circulating physical flyers within the luxury structure's vicinity can help you land a major deal.

That said, flyers aren't the final jigsaw pieces, as you'll need to consider open house signs. Placing these indicators around your luxury home can attract passersby to your event. These signs could also serve as excellent sign boards that direct visitors to your home showing.

You can either purchase a ready-made sign or build yours. Regardless of your preferred route, create open house signs (and flyers) with bright colors and large letters that make them visible on the road. These signs should also feature your brand's logo, contact information, address, and event time.

We recommend you utilize the aforementioned printed materials when the property is in a well-circulated area. If the property is in a remote municipality, flyers and signs will barely attract potential buyers to your event. 

Detailed newsletters are eye-catching and showcase the product in the best light possible

5. Newsletters

With the barrage of information available online, people rarely read long posts. Most individuals would rather watch a 2-minute Twitter clip, swipe through an Instagram picture album, or view your website's brief infographic. 

Notwithstanding, online or paper newsletters aren't out of vogue yet!

Online newsletters effectively establish your brand's name as an authority in the luxury real estate niche. Using email newsletters, you can reach a much larger audience than you could reach with print media. 

What's more? 

Email newsletters are cheaper and can give your marketing campaign a head start. Once you curate a few content ideas, you can become creative and produce unique and elegant luxury real estate newsletters.

If you don't know where to start, you'll need to consider some tested and proven tips. Here are some notable luxury real estate marketing ideas you can integrate into your brand's newsletters:

  1. An interview with a local real estate expert (i.e., a mortgage broker or home inspector)
  2. A monthly real estate market update on your town or city
  3. Educative guides on issues that affect many potential customers. Notable examples include first-time home-buying ideas or luxury property management advice
  4. How-to posts detailing the home buying and selling process
  5. A punchy summary of intriguing "for sale" properties around you

When creating online newsletters, you want to develop mobile-friendly newsletters to give prospective buyers a great experience.

6. Branded Digital Imagery

Any luxury real estate agent concerned about spreading the word about their brand understands the power of digital marketing. 

Typically, related strategies range from SEO-optimized websites to landing pages, email marketing, social media posts or online ads, real estate business cards, ebooks, Google Ads imagery, and online content.

Across all these techniques, the marketer's goal is to reach a target audience and generate quality leads. While every online marketing attempt can yield excellent results individually, synchronize your best marketing materials for positive outcomes.

All branded materials (for online or offline marketing content) should have one voice. Additionally, your brand's digital and traditional marketing campaigns should complement one another, showcasing a united front.

Since first impressions count, ensure every individual's initial contact with your brand creates a worthy image in their minds. You want to influence them down the sales funnel and have them spread the word about your brand. 

One great way to get that done is through consistent and eye-catching materials.

For instance, ensure your electronic marketing materials share similar color themes, fonts, messages, and keywords. As such, you'll build public awareness about your luxury real estate brand and project a consistent brand image.

Working with a professional digital marketing company grants you access to experts that understand branded digital imagery and can help you achieve unified brand imagery. 

Consider using software like Canva and PicMonkey to create brand imagery if you can't afford the services of a professional to handle digital campaigns. These platforms wield thousands of top-quality fonts, images, and customizable infographics adapted from ready-to-use templates.

Whether making regular Facebook posts or creating Instagram albums tickles your interests, ensure they feature the right branded digital imagery for your luxury realty business.  

Create a brochure with multiple properties if you have high-end properties with similar features

7. Real Estate Brochures 

Selling luxury real estate structures could take longer than regular properties. As a realtor, you'll need real estate brochures to improve your chances of successfully marketing luxury real estate properties. Why? Brochures showcase a luxury property's top and inviting features. 

Also, a well-written brochure contains all the vital information on the property, hosting more data than most MLS iterations. It becomes much more helpful if the luxury property has a history or intriguing background. That way, you can display your knowledge of the property or neighborhood and win clients over.

Consider creating a brochure containing various properties if you have multiple listings with similar features. By towing this route, your prospects can browse through the pages and select their top choices.

Additionally, ensure your brochure contains more than just the appropriate information. You'd want to create a high-quality variation with designs that make a great first impression on your prospects. Combining incredible imagery alongside top content is an excellent way to introduce your luxury property listings to intending patrons.

Real estate brochures should be attractive and contain accurate and relevant information about properties on your listing, including their perks and distinguishing features.

But is there an appropriate brochure format to use? Printed brochures are excellent. However, there's nothing wrong with incorporating digital real estate brochure templates that tallies your campaign.

8. High-Quality Real Estate Marketing Videos

Real estate agents have long leveraged high-quality video ads to engage clients and promote their products. Real estate videos include announcements, listings, 'about me' films, and informative clips explaining specific concepts.

These recordings could feature on various platforms, including your real estate website, landing pages, and social media posts. While you might need professional videos for your online advertisements, creating variations with your mobile device could suffice for social media posts. Since people appreciate original and authentic marketing, they wouldn't mind a few online ads shot via your smartphone.

Another category of real estate marketing video materials gaining traction is virtual video tours. They're convenient and cost-effective, facilitating trading and buyer conversions in luxury real estate. 

For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, potential luxury homeowners couldn't execute open house viewings. To weave through this challenge, real estate agents leveraged virtual video tours to help potential clients view properties without leaving their homes. 

Meanwhile, virtual tours can be supplementary marketing materials for open house visits. Since physical open house visits occur within a stipulated time, prospective luxury homeowners might need more opportunities to reassess the residence's features. 

With 3D virtual tours, buyers can see property add-ons they didn't notice during the open showings. When posting your virtual video tours, utilize online platforms that can reach a large section of your target audience. 

Here are some social media routes to consider: 

  • Business Website: Placing video tours on your company's website can help inform visitors about specific properties you have on sale.
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: These platforms can help market your luxury home tours and win qualified buyers. 
  • Tiktok Shorts: An add-on for short clips, you can create 30 to 60-second videos about your luxury listings alongside their main features on Tiktok.
  • Youtube: This video-streaming site is renowned for hosting content and providing high visibility. Prospective clients can readily watch your Youtube video tours and get access to the property's finer details via mobile devices, internet browsers, and smart TV sets.

Most buyers appreciate property showings featuring 3D video tours, as they can decipher renovations or improvements. Luxury real estate videos are always fun, exciting, and relatively easy to create.

Well-written luxury real estate blogs are less formal and can speak to a broader audience

9. Luxury Real Estate Blog

While landing pages and an SEO-optimized website are excellent real estate marketing materials for luxury homes, blogs take your campaign further. These platforms host informative write-ups that best describe the market's current state. Plus, a luxury real estate blog gives you an excellent opportunity to showcase your knowledge in the saturated real estate sector.

Your blog should detail specific features of your listings. Fortunately, blogs offer readers an informal overview of your luxury homes, making them relatable to people from all walks of life.

Your blog posts should maintain a light and friendly tone alongside a touch of personality and style. Generally, people gravitate toward blogs that show character, nature, and unique perspectives. 

10. Promotional Materials

Your luxury real estate marketing kit to generate leads and attract clients should include promotional materials and other perks. Everyone loves freebies (including millionaires), and you can never overestimate the impact branded souvenirs shared during community events can have on people.

Promotional materials include items anyone can use daily, including branded pens, notebooks, calendars, water bottles, and more. Although you'll need to fund this cause, your financial commitments will yield positives as souvenirs retain your business in clients' minds. 

Moreover, prospects are more likely to establish a stronger connection with your brand's logo and colors if they see them often. 

When sharing real estate marketing materials for free, utilizing variations your prospective clients will appreciate and probably use is vital. Also, you may want to consider the latest souvenir trends — like eco-friendly water bottles or organic winter sweatshirts when appropriate — to further impress your target audience. 

What Luxury Real Estate Marketing Materials Do You Need?

After going through our top ten list of essential luxury real estate marketing materials for luxury realtors, you're probably wondering what materials suit your team's endeavors. 

Generally, bringing your unique real estate marketing ideas to live revolves around online and offline efforts.

Consider employing print real estate marketing materials like flyers, open house signs, brochures, business cards, and promotional items to drive your offline marketing strategies. 

Digital marketing-wise, combine the best virtual materials to reach a wider audience. Here are some helpful online marketing ideas to try:

  • Facebook and Instagram videos
  • Instagram pictures 
  • Website contents
  • Digital brochures 
  • Newsletter contents
  • eBooks
  • Property pages
  • Google ads imagery


Selling luxury properties is challenging and could take a while to execute. As a real estate agent, getting a hold of suitable luxury real estate marketing materials is vital to boost your campaigns and score clients.

To select real estate marketing materials that convert, survey your target audience to uncover the proper channels to reach them. 

That said, digital marketing methods are popular because they can reach a vast audience. But that doesn't mean that print and traditional media don't appeal to tech-savvy prospects. 

Anyone paying so much for a luxury property desires special attention from their real estate agent. Thus, ensure your branding is effective and top-tier to create a great end-user experience. Remember, every action your business executes, marketing and customer care inclusive, affects your brand's overall imagery.

Creating a successful luxury real estate marketing campaign can be daunting. To edge the competition as a real estate agent, contact Ardor SEO — a digital marketing agency famed for providing top-tier real estate SEO services that'll see your realty entity rank high on SERPs and generate leads that convert.

Speak to one of our SEO experts to place your realtor business in front of clients who desire your services!

About the author 

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