The advent of digitalization in real estate listings has made virtual tours not just a fancy add-on, but a necessity. With the current generation of tech-savvy homebuyers, the demand for online tools that provide more transparency and convenience is higher than ever. And the solution? Virtual tour software. If you're a real estate agent or realtor who wants to elevate your property listings to another level, this post will guide you through the best virtual tour software.


The recent global pandemic and new normal have impacted every aspect of our lives, including how we buy and sell homes. In real estate, they caused a lot of inconvenience for homebuyers and sellers. It is where the housing industry started to utilize digital platforms to keep the business and best service going. But what are the primary reasons real estate virtual tours are important for agents? Let's dig deeper into this topic!

Why Use Virtual Tour Software for Real Estate Listings?

In today's digital age, where buyers crave satisfying experiences, virtual tour software has emerged as a groundbreaking tool for real estate. Imagine your potential buyers stepping into their dream homes and exploring every room with just a few clicks. But how a virtual tour software can make it possible? Let's go into the benefits of this innovative approach!

Access and Convenience for Sellers and Buyers

Instead of arranging multiple physical property visits, potential buyers can now explore properties from the comfort of their homes. With virtual tour software, your listings are accessible 24/7, allowing interested parties to visit the property at their preferred time. This convenience saves time for everyone involved and streamlines the house-hunting and selling process.

You're Providing a Realistic and Immersive Experience

Static images can only do so much to convey a property's true essence. On the other hand, virtual tour software provides a 360-degree view and a comprehensive experience. Buyers can virtually walk through rooms, visualize the layout, and get a genuine sense of the property's ambiance. Its heightened realism builds an emotional connection, making potential buyers more likely to envision themselves living in the space.

It Enhances Engagement and Interest

With the average attention span shrinking, engaging your audience is highly significant. Virtual tours serve as the attention-grabbing magnets, holding visitors' interest for longer durations. Studies show that listings with virtual tours receive significantly higher engagement compared to those without. You increase the chances of converting leads into potential buyers by captivating your audience with interactive tours.

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Virtual Tour Software Elevates Property Listings and Customer Engagement

Stand Out from the Crowd

Virtual tours add a touch of innovation to your marketing strategy, setting your properties apart from traditional listings. The wow factor of interactive tours can pique buyers' interests and position you as a forward-thinking and tech-savvy real estate agent.

Global Reach and Market Expansion

Virtual tours have no geographical boundaries. By incorporating this technology into your listings, you can attract buyers from different cities, states, and countries. This global reach expands your market and allows you to cater to a broader audience, increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect buyer for each property.

Best Virtual Tour Software for Real Estate

With numerous real estate virtual tour companies available, which software is the best fit for your real estate business and career? Let's explore these top virtual tour software along with their standout features and unique benefits specific:


Matterport enables real estate agents to attract more qualified leads and increase buyer interest. The platform's high-quality visuals instill trust, transparency, and stronger relationships.


  • 3D Immersive Tours: Matterport creates lifelike 3D virtual tours for real estate or VR tours that allow potential buyers to virtually walk through properties, giving them a realistic sense of space and layout.
  • High-Resolution Photography: Stunning, high-definition visuals capture every detail, enticing potential buyers to explore the property further.
  • Interactive Floor Plan: Matterport automatically generates interactive floor plans, providing a clear overview of the property's layout and dimensions.

Real Tour Vision

Real Tour Vision empowers real estate agents to deliver branded experiences to potential buyers. The lead capture tools streamline lead generation, enabling agents to connect with interested parties promptly.


  • Virtual Walkthroughs: RTV offers smooth, interactive virtual walkthroughs that provide an unparalleled viewing experience for potential buyers.
  • Custom Branding: Real estate agents can customize virtual tours with their branding elements, creating a seamless and professional presentation.
  • Lead Capture Tools: RTV includes lead capture tools, allowing agents to collect contact information from interested buyers directly through the tours.
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Shapespark's attention to visual details, such as realistic lighting and VR compatibility, makes properties stand out and captivate potential buyers. The user-friendly interface enhances buyers, experience and ensures they stay engaged and interested.


  • Realistic Lighting and Shadows: Shapespark uses advanced rendering techniques to simulate natural lighting and shadows, creating lifelike visuals.
  • Easy Navigation: The software offers smooth navigation, allowing potential buyers to explore every corner effortlessly.
  • Real Estate VR Tour Compatibility: Shapespark's tours are compatible with virtual reality (VR) headsets, enhancing the immersive experience for clients.


iStaging's AR capabilities help buyers visualize their future homes. The multi-language support expands the property's reach and attracts potential buyers. Data-driven insights enable agents to optimize their marketing strategies for better results.


  • Augmented Reality (AR): iStaging integrates AR technology, allowing potential buyers to virtually stage properties with furniture and decor.
  • Multi-Language Support: The software offers multi-language support, making it ideal for reaching international buyers and investors.
  • Analytics and Heatmaps: iStaging provides valuable insights through analytics and heatmaps, enabling agents to understand buyer behavior better.


Tourwizard's mobile responsiveness enhances accessibility and reaches potential buyers on various devices. The voiceover narration feature adds a personal touch, providing essential information to buyers as they explore the property. Social media integration leverages the power of social networks to attract more interested buyers and generate leads.


  • Mobile-Responsive Tours: Tourwizard's tours are optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a smooth experience for buyers.
  • Voiceover Narration: The software supports voiceover narration, allowing agents to add context and descriptions to specific tour elements.
  • Social Media Integration: Tourwizard enables easy sharing of tours on social media platforms, increasing visibility and reach.

While these virtual tour software's distinct benefits can significantly impact your marketing strategy as a real estate agent, we always encourage you to explore the more convenient way of enhancing the online presence and visibility of your listings, the SEO strategy. If you want to learn more about integrating this strategy into your listings, contact Ardor SEO.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Virtual Tour Software

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What's discouraging for real estate agents in terms of marketing? It's selecting the right virtual tour software. As a real estate agent, you should make the best decision that aligns with your business goals and enhances your property listings. So, consider these essential elements that will help you choose the perfect virtual tour software:

User-Friendly Interface and Ease of Use

Picture this: you've found the ideal virtual tour software, but it leaves you frustrated and wasting valuable time because of steep learning curve. To avoid such scenarios, prioritize user-friendly platforms that allow you to create stunning virtual tours. Consider the software's interface and intuitive tools that facilitate seamless navigation, ensuring you and potential buyers have a pleasant experience.

Features Designed for Real Estate

Each virtual tour software comes with its distinctive features. Look for platforms that offer tools specifically designed for real estate professionals. Features like interactive floor plans, 360-degree virtual tours real estate views, and virtual staging can make a difference in elevating your property listings.

Compatibility and Accessibility

A significant portion of property searches occurs on mobile devices. Ensure that the virtual tour software is mobile-responsive and that potential buyers can access your tours seamlessly on smartphones and tablets. Additionally, consider VR compatibility if you wish to offer an even more amazing client experience.

Image and Video Quality

High-quality visuals are critical to leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers. Look for virtual tour software that supports high-resolution images and videos, as they will enhance realism and overall appeal of your listings.

Customization and Branding Options

Your virtual tours should reflect your brand identity and professionalism. Seek platforms that offer customization options and allow you to add your logo, color schemes, and branding elements to maintain a consistent image throughout your marketing efforts.

Pricing and Value

While it's essential to consider your budget, prioritize value over cost alone. Look for platforms that offer a good balance of features, usability, and support, ensuring that the investment pays off in the long run through increased engagement and higher lead conversion rates.

Why a Virtual Tour is Not a Long-Term Strategy for Property Listings?

Virtual tours have undoubtedly impacted the real estate market. These cutting-edge tours have become popular choice for showcasing properties and generating interest. However, as appealing as virtual tours may be, can they truly stand the test of time as a long-term strategy for real estate listings?

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One of the primary drawbacks of virtual tours is the lack of personal touch and human interaction. While virtual tours provide a visual experience, they can't replace the value of in-person interactions between agents, sellers, and potential buyers. Buyers can't feel the textures of materials, experience the acoustics of a room, or perceive the aroma of a space through a virtual tour. Real estate transactions often involve emotional decisions, and a human connection is vital in understanding and addressing buyers' needs and concerns.

Additionally, virtual tours heavily rely on technology, and any technical glitches or compatibility issues could disrupt the viewing experience. Relying solely on technology can limit the audience and exclude those without the necessary tools.

Lastly, buyer preferences and expectations continually evolve. While virtual tours have been an exciting innovation, they may not hold the same novelty and impact in the future. As technology advances, potential clients may seek even more innovative ways to explore properties. Relying solely on virtual tours could limit your ability to adapt to changing buyer trends.

SEO: A More Stable Way to Showcase Your Property Listings

Virtual tour software has turned out a popular choice with its benefits and features. However, as effective as virtual tours may be, they come with limitations that can hinder long-term success in real estate listings. What makes SEO a better option for real estate professionals looking to maximize their online presence and reach broader leads?

Expanded Reach and Visibility with SEO

Virtual tours primarily cater to prospective buyers who are aware of a specific property. However, SEO empowers real estate agents to reach a wider audience searching for properties in their target locations.

SEO is Cost-Effectiveness and More Sustainable

While virtual tour software requires initial investment and ongoing maintenance, SEO offers a cost-effective and sustainable marketing strategy. By consistently publishing high-quality, optimized content, real estate agents can establish themselves as authorities in their niche over the long term without additional expenses.

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Showcasing the Full Spectrum of Properties

Virtual tours have limitations in showcasing all types of properties, and most virtual tour software are suitable for luxury homes. For instance, undeveloped land, commercial properties, or real estate developments may not be good for virtual tours. SEO allows real estate professionals to create informative content for all property types.

You Can Build Trust and Credibility

SEO allows real estate agents to create valuable and informative content. By addressing common questions, providing market insights, and giving valuable resources, you can position yourself as a trusted advisor in the industry, increasing the likelihood of converting leads into loyal clients.


Is Virtual Tour Software a One-Time Investment, or Are There Ongoing Costs?

Virtual tour software typically involves both one-time setup costs and ongoing expenses. The initial investment includes purchasing the software or equipment needed to create virtual tours. Ongoing costs include hosting fees, software updates, and additional features or add-ons.

How Can I Measure the Effectiveness of a Virtual Tour Software?

Measuring the effectiveness of virtual tour software can be done through various metrics, such as time spent on property listings, lead generation, and conversion rates. Additionally, feedback from potential buyers can provide insights into the impact of virtual tours on their decision-making process.

Enjoy a Strategy with Longer Positive Results

Virtual tours might captivate potential buyers, but they come with limitations and uncertainties that hinder long-term success. What if we told you there's a better alternative?

While virtual tour software might offer a temporary spark, Ardor SEO ensures a consistent, steady flame. With Ardor SEO, your properties will remain visible and attractive to buyers for the long haul. Start investing in a marketing strategy that delivers significant returns and results. Call Ardor SEO today, and let's kickstart your success!

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