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Who Is Kris Reid?

It’s a numbers world we live in today. 

From sales numbers to cost per product and conversion rates, a business has to consider specific metrics to stay afloat on the market. A company leader like myself in this environment must aim for positive numbers for their business and partners.

I'm Kris Reid, founder of Ardor SEO. 

Over the years, I’ve acquired extensive knowledge of SEO and its practical application in various industries. With a Computer Software Engineering degree from the Queensland University of Technology, I've got a solid technical background as well.

Let me walk you through the journey on what I do, the digital marketing services we provide, and how they can help your business leverage SEO applications.

Origin Story: Where It All Started

Kris Reid

Running a digital marketing outfit wasn’t an idea upon which I stumbled in a day, and there’s indeed a long backstory to it. 

Back when I finished up my Software Engineering degree in 2006 from the Queensland University of Technology, I decided sitting around in Brisbane, Australia, wasn’t for me.

So, I moved on to London, then Brussels, and then Dublin working on short stints with Euroclear and Sony Research & Development companies. 

Even in Europe, I kept trying to find the “big break” for my career.

Incidentally, software development played a crucial role in getting me to where I am today, but with an unusual twist. 

I had developed an online game at the time, and I needed to get more people playing it. That was when I made my foray into Search Engine Optimization—or SEO as it’s more commonly known—for the first time. I studied how the search engine giant Google works and the fundamentals behind SEO. Over time, I realized how important optimization tactics like backlinks are to online businesses and websites. Search optimization fundamentals like high quality backlinks to highly relevant content can and do continuously improve a website’s yield.

SEO was the spark I needed and my digital marketing skills grew from there. I’ve developed my client base exponentially, with dedication and constant learning. In 2013, I had to move base to the Philippines just in time for Ardor SEO to begin its global operations.

Services to Expect From Ardor SEO

We aim to offer the most for our clients at Ardor SEO.  As a Digital Growth agency, our goal is to give them the tools and information to leverage the World Wide Web and its resources fully. We’ve found a range of industries, but these are where we’re best known.

  • Real estate- and realty-centered SEO. Notable Georgia realtor Tim Stout is one of our many clients in the real estate industry. We’ve developed a deep understanding of our client’s target markets and niche client bases, which helps us deliver timely tailored content that delivers.
  • Legal SEO. Our clients here include Just Legal Marketing, a premier web production house that we work with as content creators for their websites and digital marketing services.

A unique strategy we’ve been able to develop is Guaranteed SEO. This describes an optimization methodology that focuses on long term, holistic outcomes and a deep client understanding. What this looks like in practice is, yes, we can get you to Google’s first page of search results within a target query, but we can also show you weak points in your website’s UI and help clients deliver the right message to their customers when they do arrive through that now more highly visible front door. 

Here’s our one liner: “Most businesses fail because they can’t get enough customers. Ardor developed a simple system to get your message in front of your ideal customers to predictably grow your business.”

Key Services

Here at Ardor SEO, below are some of the services you can expect:

Digital Marketing

If you're managing a website for your business, you could monetize it through viewer clicks. The more traffic to your website, the more profit it could bring. Ardor SEO handles website visibility and conversion rates with great skill. 

We’ve gotten positive feedback from our real estate digital marketing services. The response has been equally excellent with legal sites who sought us for law firm digital marketing services and recommendations on how an attorney’s website traffic can improve over time. Nonetheless, our expertise isn't only in legal SEO, we handle other niches with impressive results to boot.

On-Page Optimization

We could assume that your goal for running a business website is to get as many people to view and interact with it. Luckily, Ardor SEO knows how to bring you the views, employing methods ranging from intelligent meta tags sorting to descriptions.

We know how vital on-page optimization is to your business, especially when we know that little or no optimization makes it difficult for a site to rank high in search results on Google. Ardor SEO can reliably handle your on-page optimization, as it’s one of the areas we excel.

Off-Page Optimization

Most businesses don’t realize that other websites and online platforms can impact their site’s ranking on search engines. 

For instance, property-related topics and comments online can affect your real estate website ranking on search engines. This is the “off-page” factor to website optimization, and you can count on Ardor SEO to ensure that it doesn’t affect your site’s search engine performance negatively.

We’ll help you promote your business webpage on several social media platforms and blogs. Also, rest assured we’ll work on multiple off-page factors for your corporate website, so you wouldn’t have to worry about them.

SEO Audit

SEO audits enable business owners to evaluate strategies for their websites. You could use an SEO audit to see what method works for your sector and industry. However, if you don’t have an optimization plan for your website, Ardor SEO can competently handle the task for you.

We’ll evaluate your platform and model, then analyze and implement a feasible strategy path. Our recommendations and strategies are in depth and practical over a long period.

Contact Us 

SEO makes the difference for the 21st century business model, but how do you apply it in your sector? You’ll need short, and long term SEO plans to ensure that your website reels in the kind of clients you want. Comprehensive SEO arrangements give businesses the edge over the competition.

Do you own a business and need a digital growth agency to skyrocket conversion rates online? Book Ardor SEO services today for your visibility needs and get effective results. Feel free to send any other inquiries you might have. I handle the supervisory roles in Ardor SEO, as well as the Business Growth Specialist position. I’ll be glad to help you grow your business!