Who is Kris Reid?

Regardless of what they claim, every realtor is self-employed. Operating in the property market may be extremely rewarding and beneficial, but it also can be quite tough and hazardous.

Most real estate agents concentrate on real estate marketing tactics, development of a company, generating leads, marketing, budgeting, agent administration, and team expansion in addition to selling property. At the end of each day, you want to deliver excellent service to your consumers while still making a livelihood.

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When it comes to successful real estate marketing, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Nevertheless, there are some excellent tips to consider when deciding whether or not to hire somebody to manage your successful real estate marketing strategy.

Before we delve into any practical advice, keep in mind that the housing market will always remain a face-to-face, high-trust business. Personalization is required in your marketing. As a result, it should sound like you and represent your approach to dealing with customers, whether it's casual, data-driven, or for any other reason, individuals hire you as their realtor.

The Importance of Real Estate Digital Marketing in the Growth of a Company

According to the National Association of Realtors' (NAR) latest Home Purchasers and Sellers Generational Trends Report, all demographics of home buyers begin their home search with an internet search. This implies that real estate companies must improve their real estate digital marketing methods in order to create a strong reputation and close more leads.

Targeted internet marketing methods boost sales volume, promote transparency, and improve turnover. Service operations and buyer discussions got the best of you? The good news is that you don't have to go it alone when it comes to digital marketing. Experts in real estate digital marketing can assist you in keeping up with current trends and technical advancements.

Join together with Ardor SEO to reach out to the vast majority of your potential clients online. To design conversion-focused marketing strategies, our real estate digital marketing business uses analytics and data. For real estate businesses and brokerages, we provide specialized real estate digital marketing services.

Why Should You Work with a Real Estate Marketing Company

There are multiple reasons why one should work with real estate marketing agencies.


You'll require more hands on deck if your revenue and company approach is sustainable and you're prepared to take things to a whole new level. Unless you have assistance, the work that brought you this far is unlikely to bring you where you would like to go. To go to the next level, you'll need new methods, new patterns of thought, and new abilities.

You must decide how much your skills are worth and how far you want or want your brand to advance. When it comes to growth, you'll need help. It's time to recruit help if you want to expand your company far further than it is now.


You're a real estate specialist and a business owner, not an online marketing wizard. While you may gain more knowledge regarding SEO, content creation, social media techniques, and other ways to generate traffic and sales to your website, digital marketing is unlikely to be your primary area of expertise.

Once you reach the stage in your firm when you need marketing assistance, you must decide what is the greatest use of your efforts and abilities. Even if you enjoy working on the real estate marketing strategy and have gotten very good at it, hiring an expert as an advisor or full-time employee with your company may be a good idea.


Even the most accomplished professionals ultimately reach a moment where they are unsure about what to do next. If you've reached a point where you're having trouble figuring out how to enhance your real estate leads production, client conversions, and bottom line, it's time to seek assistance.

There are practically hundreds of online possibilities to create revenue and leverage on local trends, thanks to the advent of internet technology and social media platforms. A skilled real estate marketer can assist you in identifying and capitalizing on these trends.


Individuals only come to visit us if they are having problems. Some individuals are diligent about their twice-yearly brainstorming meetings, just as some people are aggressive in their marketing and hire a marketer on staff or contact me directly.

If your business's development has slowed and you're not sure why, it's time to employ a professional to help you analyze the problem, devise a strategy to restore your business's previous levels, and then assist you in moving forward.

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Business growth, customer care and fulfillment, marketing strategy and implementation, payroll administration, and other responsibilities fall to you. With so many responsibilities on your plate, it's easy to let advertising fall by the wayside.

The purpose of hiring a professional marketer is to spare up your energy so you can concentrate on the things that truly matter by delegating time-consuming chores that others could do faster and cheaper than you. Professionals also have a greater understanding of the sector about how to get the greatest bang for your buck when it comes to marketing.


If you're unfamiliar with current marketing strategies and approaches, you may not know what inquiries to approach a marketing services business to determine whether or not they're a suitable fit for you or your organization. The first decision you must make is whether to engage somebody full-time or as a part-time advisor to assist you.

Depending on the sort of firm you intend to operate, this is both a private and a commercial choice. Start your research by asking peers in your field if they've collaborated with a marketing expert or firm before and who they'd suggest. Then, look for real estate marketing organizations and professionals to work with. It's critical to select someone who is knowledgeable about both the housing sector and your neighborhood.

Who Is Kris Reid?

It’s a numbers world we live in today. 

From sales numbers to cost per product and conversion rates, a business has to consider specific metrics to stay afloat on the market. A company leader like myself in this environment must aim for positive numbers for their business and partners.

I'm Kris Reid, founder of Ardor SEO. 

Over the years, I’ve acquired extensive knowledge of SEO and its practical application in various industries. With a Computer Software Engineering degree from the Queensland University of Technology, I've got a solid technical background as well.

Let me walk you through the journey of what I do, the digital marketing services we provide, and how they can help your business leverage SEO applications.

Origin Story: Where It All Started

Running a digital marketing outfit wasn’t an idea upon which I stumbled in a day, and there’s indeed a long backstory to it. 

Back when I finished up my Software Engineering degree in 2006 from the Queensland University of Technology, I decided sitting around in Brisbane, Australia, wasn’t for me.

So, I moved on to London, then Brussels, and then Dublin working on short stints with Euroclear and Sony Research & Development companies. 

Even in Europe, I kept trying to find the “big break” for my career.

Incidentally, software development played a crucial role in getting me to where I am today, but with an unusual twist. 

I had developed an online game at the time, and I needed to get more people to play it. That was when I made my foray into Search Engine Optimization—or SEO as it’s more commonly known—for the first time. I studied how the search engine giant Google works and the fundamentals behind SEO. Over time, I realized how important optimization tactics like backlinks are to online businesses and websites. Search optimization fundamentals like high-quality backlinks to highly relevant content can continuously improve a website’s yield.

SEO was the spark I needed and my digital marketing skills grew from there. I’ve developed my client base exponentially, with dedication and constant learning. In 2013, I had to move base to the Philippines just in time for Ardor SEO to begin its global operations.

Services to Expect From Ardor SEO

We aim to offer the most for our clients at Ardor SEO.  As a Digital Growth Agency, our goal is to give them the tools and information to leverage the World Wide Web and its resources fully. We’ve found a range of industries, but these are where we’re best known.

  • Real estate- and realty-centered SEO. Notable Georgia realtor Tim Stout is one of our many clients in the real estate industry. We’ve developed a deep understanding of our client’s target markets and niche client bases, which helps us deliver timely tailored content that delivers.
  • Legal SEO. Our clients here include Just Legal Marketing, a premier web production house that we work with as content creators for their websites and digital marketing services.

A unique strategy we’ve been able to develop is Guaranteed SEO. This describes an optimization methodology that focuses on long-term, holistic outcomes, and a deep client understanding. What this looks like in practice is, yes, we can get you to Google’s first page of search results within a target query, but we can also show you weak points in your website’s UI and help clients deliver the right message to their customers when they do arrive through that now more highly visible front door. 

Here’s our one-liner: “Most businesses fail because they can’t get enough customers. Ardor developed a simple system to get your message in front of your ideal customers to predictably grow your business.”

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Key Services

Here at Ardor SEO, below are some of the services you can expect:

Digital Marketing

If you're managing a website for your business, you could monetize it through viewer clicks. The more traffic to your website, the more profit it could bring. Ardor SEO handles website visibility and conversion rates with great skill. 

We’ve gotten positive feedback from our real estate digital marketing services. The response has been equally excellent with legal sites who sought us for law firm digital marketing services and recommendations on how an attorney’s website traffic can improve over time. Nonetheless, our expertise isn't only in legal SEO, we handle other niches with impressive results to boot.

On-Page Optimization

We could assume that your goal for running a business website is to get as many people to view and interact with it. Luckily, Ardor SEO knows how to bring you views, employing methods ranging from intelligent meta tags sorting to descriptions.

We know how vital on-page optimization is to your business, especially when we know that little or no optimization makes it difficult for a site to rank high in search results on Google. Ardor SEO can reliably handle your on-page optimization, as it’s one of the areas we excel.

Off-Page Optimization

Most businesses don’t realize that other websites and online platforms can impact their site’s ranking on search engines. 

For instance, property-related topics and comments online can affect your real estate website's ranking on search engines. This is the “off-page” factor to website optimization, and you can count on Ardor SEO to ensure that it doesn’t affect your site’s search engine performance negatively.

We’ll help you promote your business webpage on several social media platforms and blogs. Also, rest assured we’ll work on multiple off-page factors for your corporate website, so you wouldn’t have to worry about them.

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SEO Audit

SEO audits enable business owners to evaluate strategies for their websites. You could use an SEO audit to see what method works for your sector and industry. However, if you don’t have an optimization plan for your website, Ardor SEO can competently handle the task for you.

We’ll evaluate your platform and model, then analyze and implement a feasible strategy path. Our recommendations and strategies are in-depth and practical over a long period.

Contact Us 

SEO makes the difference for the 21st-century business model, but how do you apply it in your sector? You’ll need short, and long-term SEO plans to ensure that your website reels in the kind of clients you want. Comprehensive SEO arrangements give businesses the edge over the competition.

Do you own a business and need a digital growth agency to skyrocket conversion rates online? Book Ardor SEO services today for your visibility needs and get effective results. Feel free to send any other inquiries you might have. I handle the supervisory roles in Ardor SEO, as well as the Business Growth Specialist position. I’ll be glad to help you grow your business!


What does a marketer do in real estate industry?

The process of advertising a real estate firm, agents, or their assets for sale is known as real estate marketing. A real estate marketer is a company or a person who works with real estate companies to help them build their brand, make new connections, and get visibility across different platforms while helping them get real estate lead generation.

What are the 4Ps of Marketing in Real Estate Industry?

The 4 P's in real estate marketing strategy refer to these four approaches: People, Price, Promotion, and Product.

What is the difference between marketing and advertising in real estate industry?

Essentially, advertising entails disseminating information about your property. Marketing, however, is a much broader process that includes research, pricing, sales methods, and other activities.