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Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributor on Ardor SEO blog!

Ardor SEO's mission is to not only provide an excellent SEO service to the clients but to teach our readers how SEO works. Having said that, we're always on the hunt for awesome pieces that give a new perspective to the topics in our niche.

Who Can Write for Ardor SEO?

Any digital marketing enthusiast who can produce a fluid, understandable, and compelling copy is a potential guest contributor.

Which Topics Can I Cover?

We're prioritising the articles within the SEO domain, authority marketing, and any other related topic. Avoid headlines like «What Is SEO», which are too general.

  • Latest SEO Tricks to Get More Organic Traffic
  • How a Good Content Strategy Improves Your Rankings
  • SEO and Mobile: Implementing Changes Before It's Too Late

How Should the Article Look Like?

  • make sure your article is at least 700 words long
  • the article has to have short paragraphs, and at least two sub-headings; bullets and numbered lists are optional but highly recommended
  • include at least two links relevant for the readers and a link from Ardor SEO website
  • if you have photos you're allowed to use, feel free to include them in the article
  • avoid writing in the first person

Any Helpful Tips Before You Start Writing?

Send the piece over with your short bio and a photo, and social media profiles you want to be displayed. Also, if you have a finished article, send us the link in Google Docs so that we can edit it after approval.

Remember that…

We have the right to edit the content but will do our best to leave your writing style untouched.

In case you send us a finished piece, we have the right to reject it if it's not up to Ardor standards.

Ardor SEO blog content is NOT

  • copied from another website
  • poorly written
  • unoriginal
  • self-promotional

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