The Ultimate Vegan Travel Guide

vegan travel guide by ardor seo

It’s that time of the year again—you have so many leave credits you haven’t used yet and your impulse to travel is strong. You need to get unstuck from the routine for a while and get new experiences, meet new people, discover new cultures, and marvel at the beauty of different places you’ve never seen before.

If you’re like us, maybe you’re starting to sing “see the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls meee”. Okay, maybe you’re not into singing but, hey, did you just sing that line? 

Anyway, you’re probably picturing yourself cooling down in a beach after an entertaining surf—feeling the sandy comfort with your feet as you bury them into the refined white sand while you listen to the sound of the waves. The smell of the ocean stuck in your hair.  

Perhaps you see yourself climbing a wondrous mountain—your sweat dripping from your forehead, fueling your excitement as you are nearing the peak. The cool breeze welcomes you, it brings that fragrant smell of mud, tree trunks, and fresh leaves. You look down and wow, you’ve come so far. You feel great!

Or maybe you’re itching to roam around a foreign city and drive to the outskirts of town—observing people as they do their trades, immersing yourself with the locals, listening to their stories and capturing their candid lifestyle with your camera lens.

But before you take some time off from work and pack your bags, we know that more than having this strong impulse to travel, you also have a stronger will to stay vegan as you travel. 

It’s no surprise that some of the challenges of living the vegan lifestyle are to find all-vegan restaurants and at least get vegan-friendly accommodations when you travel. Thankfully, vegan businesses are on the rise all over the globe. 

So, this vegan travel guide is created to help you list and identify great vegan adventure places that are worth visiting when you take your next trip. Also, this guide may help you decide where to travel next. So, make sure to check each item on this list!

By the way, take note of the keys V and VF: 

  • V stands for Vegan: places that offer all-vegan options for food and drinks. Basically, these businesses stick to the core principles of veganism.
  • VF stands for Vegan-friendly: businesses that don’t necessarily promote veganism but have vegan-friendly options for vegan guests to enjoy.

Whatever your preference may be, we hope that this vegan travel guide will help heaps of people like you... to stay vegan as you travel. Most importantly, to make things easier for you, for the animals, and the planet.

Also, we hope to help vegans and vegan travel businesses connect to each other and push the vegan movement together—one vegan tour at a time.

So, are you ready to embark on a new vegan adventure and discover the best places to travel vegan?
If yes, get your suitcase ready, don’t miss a destination featured below—you’re about to get your passport vegan-stamped!

adorra house

Vegan Travel in Andorra

Andorra is a small country in Europe, located between Spain and France, beautifully situated in the Pyrenees mountains.

It is famous for its ski resorts, the warm climate during summer, and duty-free shopping because of its tax-haven status.

Tourism is the primary source of income for Andorra. So, the locals do their best to provide great service to anyone.

Most Andorran hotel and restaurant owners strive to provide a wide variety of Andorran dishes that will satisfy any palate.

Vegan Hotels in Andorra

Hotel Palarine & Bambu Restaurant, VF, Arinsal City

  • A family-run hotel & Chinese restaurant creating many vegan-friendly meals with jackfruit, seitan, tempeh, tofu, and mushrooms, to bring the flavor and protein of oriental food.
  • The Hotel Palarine is located in the picturesque Erts village. It’s near to a public ski run where you can ski for free, or just enjoy a summer outdoor adventure and relax in the mountains.  
picture of australia

Vegan Travelling in Australia

The only country down under that got a whole continent for itself! Kidding aside, Australia is a highly-developed country and has one of the largest economies in the world. 

Aussies enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and you will find heaps of them embracing veganism.

So, you’ll naturally find vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and hotels—making your vegan travel a lot easier.

Vegan Hotels in Australia

The Villas Empower Retreat, V, North Bali

  • Hosted by Mikaela Di Blasio, an Australian fitness guru and positivity influencer. She brings her guests to an empowering vegan retreat—filled with sunrise workouts on the beach, swimming activities in beautiful waterfalls, and environmental awareness workshops.
  • Most importantly, she feeds her guests with delectable vegan dishes and drinks. 
coasts of belize

Travelling as Vegan in Belize

This country is located on the eastern coast of Central America, blessed with a rich jungle on the west side and beautiful Carribean Sea shorelines on the east side.

So, you might want to leave the city as soon as you can when you land in Belize—the most interesting activities and sights are beyond city limits!

Anyway, embarking on a vegan journey in Belize is easy enough. You won’t go hungry there because there’s always rice, beans, and a wide variety of fruits.

Vegan Hotels in Belize

Serenity Sands B&B, V, Corozal Town

  • A bed & breakfast contributing to the preservation of both animals and the environment. 
  • This tranquil and eco-friendly place offers all-vegan food and drinks options. Plus, they provide their own sustainable energy using wind and solar power.

Serenity Retreats Belize, V, Corozal Town

  • A vegan resort that aims to raise funds for housing 24 vegan volunteers in the nearby vegan village.
  • This peaceful and inspirational resort is cradled in an ancient Mayan jungle. The place is also believed to be a source of powerful energy, supplying new heights of enlightenment to its guests.
ruins in cambodia

Vegan Travelling in Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia is in Southeast Asia, in the southern part of the Indochina peninsula.

Fortunately, fresh fruits and vegetables are found almost everywhere in Cambodia. So, you will have no problem with going on a vegan food tour.

You can simply ask the local restaurants to “veganize” traditional dishes such as Amok and Baguettes

Vegan Hotels in Cambodia

YK Art House, V, Phnom Penh

  • A boutique hotel and serviced apartments, for both short and long term stays, featuring a vegan restaurant with Sunday brunch specials, community space, and swimming pool.
  • If you stay in this vegan hotel, you also support multiple meaningful causes such as the young artists in their residency program, Animal Mama (a professional vet who helps street animals in Phnom Penh), and the Seametrey Children's Village (a Montesorri-style school that supports less fortunate children).  
volcano on costa rica

Vegan Travel in Costa Rica

This rugged and rainforested country is located in Central America, endowed with the Carribean and Pacific coastlines.

Costa Rica is famous for its beautiful volcanoes, scenic beaches, and rich biodiversity—its jungle is teeming with wildlife.

Also, this small Latin American country is one of the leading environmentally sustainable countries in the world.

Vegan Hotels in Costa Rica

Om At Cashew Hill, VF, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

  • A yoga and wellness retreat, and training center, with a large organic garden and greenhouse project. Much of the catered meals come right from the garden.
  • This yoga retreat center has an ocean-view spa. Experienced local therapists, who work on a variety of holistic health and wellness treatment, run this place. 
old town in estonia

Vegan Travelling in Estonia

Estonia is located in Northern Europe, bordering the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. It’s endowed with plenty of lakes, rocky beaches, and old-growth forests.

Also, the country is dotted with multiple castles, hilltop fortresses, and churches, especially in Old Town, Tallinn—the capital of Estonia.

Thankfully, it is now common for restaurants to have vegan options on their menus for tourists enjoying their vegan travel.

Vegan Hotels in Estonia

Marta Guesthouse, V, Tallinn City

  • A family-run, vegan guesthouse, a unique wooden house with cozy rooms in the middle of the city—giving you a sense of greenery if you stay there. 
  • Their lovely cafe is located in their flower-studded garden which is also home to several birds.  
eiffel tower

Vegan Travel in France

This country in Western Europe is known for its medieval cities, Mediterranean beaches, and alpine villages.

Paris, its capital, is also famed for its monuments like the Eiffel tower, classical art museums like the Louvre, and multiple fashion houses.

Also, Paris is the most progressive city in the whole of France, when it comes to living a vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Hotels in France

Le Cheval Blanc, V, Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val

  • A couple-owned vegan bed & breakfast offering a vegan cooking school, and working to veganize their little rural town to be a vegan haven. 
  • This is also the best place for a vegan food tour because they offer a vegan and vegetarian holiday package also known as the “foodie adventure”. Putting you in the frontline of the vegan food revolution as you visit producers and eat in the best vegan restaurants in France.  

Mostarlic, V, Champagne Ardennes

  • A haven for vegan travelers, with spacious dog-friendly rooms, and a lovely lavender and rose garden.
  • This vegan bed & breakfast is owned by a couple who serve homemade, vegan, and gluten-free meals with ingredients from their garden.  
neuschwanstein castle in germany

Travelling in Germany as Vegan

This country in Western Europe is known for its medieval cities, Mediterranean beaches, and alpine villages.

Paris, its capital, is also famed for its monuments like the Eiffel tower, classical art museums like the Louvre, and multiple fashion houses.

Also, Paris is the most progressive city in the whole of France, when it comes to living a vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Hotels in Germany

Bliss Immersions, V, International

  • This vegan tour business focuses on fitness, spirituality, general vitality, wellness, healing, and getting at your most positive state. Helping you to fully thrive as a vegan. 
atitlan guatamela

Vegan Travel in Guatemala

This colorful Central American country is home to ancient Mayan sites, picturesque volcanoes, and rich rainforests.

Despite the meaty and spicy Guatemalan street food scene, the country is surprisingly vegan-friendly and its people are very welcoming.

Vegan Hotels in Guatemala

Utopia Eco-Hotel, VF, Semuc Champey

  • An eco-hotel with a restaurant offering vegan-friendly breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. 
  • This vegan-friendly hotel also hosts yoga retreats in its unique tropical accommodation, featuring its eco-farm and tropical gardens.  
canal in italy

Visiting Italy as a Vegan

This European country is blessed with a long Mediterranean coastline which makes the entire country unique and a must-see travel destination.

Italy has a powerful contribution to Western culture, cuisine, and fashion. Plus, it can be every foodie’s dream destination... vegans included because even before the industrial revolution, a lot of Italians were already vegetarian and vegans.

Vegan Hotels in Italy

Biotique Agrivilla i pini, V, San Gimignano

  • This vegan hotel is surrounded with medieval towns, boasting their sunny days and lush, rolling hills. Plus, expect to see small roads with endless greenery of fig and pine trees. 
  • They offer an all-vegan and 100% organic cuisine. Don’t miss their vegan cooking classes! 
philippines coast

Vegan Travel in the Philippines

This archipelago in Southeast Asia, also known as “The Pearl of the Orient Sea” is located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean.

Filipinos love cheese and they are heavy meat-eaters. However, the vegan population is growing bigger since 2016 and the vegan communities are so active on social media.

You can join Filipino vegan groups on Facebook before coming to the Philippines, ask for some recommendations and you’ll be bombarded with great vegan restaurants and vegan-friendly accommodations.

Vegan Hotels in the Philippines

The Cavern, V, El Nido

  • This vegan hotel and specialty cafe is praised for having the best coffee in the entire island of Palawan. Plus, they offer a wide variety of comfort foods—all vegan. They also have different vegan tour packages so you could enjoy the majestic El Nido based on your preference.
beach of portugal

Vegan Travel in Portugal

This country is in the southern part of Europe, bordering Spain on the Iberian Peninsula. Since it’s also located in the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is also famous for its grilled dishes and salted cod.

However, it is still a great vegan destination because, since 2018, Portugal has made it illegal for restaurants not to provide vegan meal options!

Vegan Hotels in Portugal

TGreen Waves Portugal, V, Ferrel City

  • Offer a weekly package including surfing, yoga, vegan accommodation and meals, and an excursion, among other things. 
  • Their all-vegan meals are proudly homemade from local fresh produce. 
plaza espana

Vegan Travel in Spain

This southern Europian country is home to diverse cultures and architectures such as the Prado museum, the Royal Palace, the Alcazar medieval castle, and the Sagrada Familia church.

Since 2015, Spain is becoming more vegan-friendly that even the traditional dish, chorizo, has a plant-based version!

Vegan Hotels in Spain

Harmony Mountain Retreat, V, Catalonia

  • An off-grid, holistic, vegan and yoga retreat secluded in the Catalonian mountains. 
  • This vegan travel destination is also an eco-conscious sanctuary—great for an ultimate mind, body, and soul relaxation. 

Pension Bellavista, V, Puerto Pollensa

  • An unapologetically vegan hostel offering education about vegan philosophy, which profits proceed to organizations that care for rescued animals.  
  • They also offer a wide variety of outdoor vegan adventures such as mountain climbing, fun aquatic activities, and cycling.  

Vegan Restaurants in Spain

Restaurante Bellaverde, VF, Port de Pollenca

  • A vegan-friendly restaurant  providing  healthy breakfast, lunch, and fine dining in a cozy garden. 
  • Their garden is home to century-old fig trees, making the place as the most unique restaurant in this northern island.  
afternoon in vietnam

Vegan Travel in Vietnam

This Southeast Asian country is located on the South China Sea, making it famous for its rivers and beaches as well as Buddhist pagodas.

Vietnam is also home to war history museums and French colonial landmarks. Also, you won’t have a hard time finding vegan meals because Vietnamese Buddhists are all vegetarians and their food are actually often vegan.

Vegan Hotels in Vietnam

Brew & Breakfast, V, Da Lat

  • A western-style vegan hostel, 100% plant-based restaurant, a coffee shop with specialty coffee from the London Saigon Coffee Company and it is located in the stunning mountain town of Da Lat. 
  • The place is often packed with volunteers who share the same love and passion for veganism.  
tower bridge london

Vegan Travel in the United Kingdom

This island nation in northwestern Europe is made up of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.
The United Kingdom is home to the centuries-old Bath’s Roman Spa, the Neolithic Stonehenge, The Beatles, and Shakespeare.

Its capital city, London, is one of the most influential centers of culture and finance as well as the number 1 vegan city in the whole world, according to the Happy Cow.

Vegan Hotels in the United Kingdom

I Should Cocoa York, VF, York City

  • Individually style holiday and vegan-friendly apartments, located within a former cocoa bean warehouse. 
  • Their magnificent building boasts a Victorian Grade II and it is uniquely situated in the beautiful Foss river.

Vegan Restaurants in the United Kingdom

Beetroot Sauvage, V, Edinburgh

  • A holistic vegan cafe and yoga studio in Edinburgh that offers healthy and indulgent meals.  
  • They also offer free parking and the place is totally dog-friendly. 

Vegan Tours in the United Kingdom

Kindred Traveler, V, Devon

  • Offers solo vegan travel business that lets you to deeply immerse in the vegan culture, cafes, and bakery in Teignmouth.  
  • Vegan tours to the beautiful coastlines, national parks, and other outstanding travel destinations such as scenic beaches and rivers.

Virtuoso Foods Retreats, V, Kefalos Village

  • Offers the vegan life retreat, the place is also a one-stop-shop for healthy vegan foods and wellness services.   
  • They aim to promote a healthy mind and body by sticking to a holistic vegan lifestyle.

That’s it! We believe that these are the best places to travel vegan. We will update this list as often as possible so we can add more visit-worthy vegan hotels and vegan food tours all over the world. So, make sure to bookmark this page!

The ultimate vegan travel guide is created by vegan marketers at Ardor SEO. 


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