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Veganism has made impressive progress over the last decade with more and more people turning vegan than ever and even more people beginning to accept its presence. This is definitely the time for vegan businesses with demand being at an all-time high.

What this does mean, is that this specific market is being shared by loads more vegan businesses. Therefore, it is much more likely you will end up hidden amongst the back pages of a Google search. Also, finding a specialised vegan marketing company to help you fix this can be a struggle.

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How to market your vegan business using Google Search

There are tonnes of benefits to being at the top of Google but most importantly, how awesome is it that we can get vegan businesses at the top of some really cool non-vegan related searches! It is all about keywords and you need to figure out which keywords you want to be ranked high for. For instance, let’s say you’re you making vegan recipe boxes. How amazing would it be if you could rank highly for the keyword ‘recipe boxes’! Incredible, right?

Does this sound just like what your vegan business needs? Well first, let’s begin by helping each other create more content and backlinks for your business - and others.

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I have FREE CONTENT to give you to post on your website, on the topic of veganism. But how is it free you ask, because our existing vegan customers have paid for it. You will be promoting their business through your website and in return you get more content to post!

Together, let’s make this year and the next year even better for vegans!

How SEO Can Improve Your Vegan Business

So, you have created a conscious vegan business – a much-needed step in today’s divided world – but you are experiencing challenges in getting your business discovered by others who would appreciate it. There is a lot you can do to change and improve your business outcome! 

Vegan businesses have a special niche advantage that makes them very competitive in today’s increasingly complicated and algorithm-driven online marketplace. A rainbow variety of vegan businesses are now well-positioned to reach an eager customer base in need of vegan products and services lacking in the mainstream arena. 

One of the best ways that vegan businesses can align with their ideal customers and improve engagement, sales, and business growth is to implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies on their website and other content they share online. An additional bonus of a well-executed SEO strategy is that all branding and marketing efforts can pay off exponentially, allowing for business expansion and sustainability.

How can SEO work for my vegan business?

On your journey to business growth and success, sound SEO practices will be the most important investment you make for your business. While SEO can be implemented on your website, it reaches much further than that, helping you to build a healthy and thriving vegan community around your business. The following are some essential ways in which SEO can benefit your vegan business.

1) You can find out what your ideal customers want to know from you.

Knowing which keywords your ideal clients are searching for online will empower you to serve them better. For example, if you are selling vegan shoes made out of hemp, you can do a keyword search by directly going to the Google search engine box and typing in "vegan shoes" or "hemp vegan shoes" to see the autofill suggestions for your search queries. You may find that your ideal client is interested in sustainable agriculture or vegan activism, and you can use these topics to write content on your website that will drive customer traffic to you.

2) Your website can be more highly ranked by online search engines.

To make your content searchable by your ideal customers, you can optimize it for higher search engine rankings and therefore much greater online visibility. You can SEO your whole website in a number of different ways. The first strategy is to use specific primary and secondary keywords within your written content, your URLs, and your meta titles, descriptions, and image tags.

Primary keywords - phrases that are usually shorter and are more general to your topic - should be used three times in your written posts and should be included in your meta titles, URLs, and image tags. Secondary keywords – longer phrases that are more descriptive, unique, and specific to your topic - should be used at least once in your content and included in your meta descriptions and image tags. 

Make sure that you don’t have duplicate URLs on your website so that your website traffic is only driven to one source. Also, avoid using the same keywords in many different URLs to further prevent the diffusion of traffic to a specific kind of content on your website. These two suggestions will help each of your valuable content pages get the views they deserve and will consequently be ranked higher in search results and seen by even more potential clients.

3) You can let your ideal client find you by appearing in local online search results.

An essential step for your visibility online is to add your business to different map directories such as Google My Business, MapQuest, and Bing. This way, people searching for your business (for example, “vegan cakes in Denver” or “vegan cosmetics in Santa Fe”) can find your contact information, website, reviews, and any specials you are currently offering high in search engine results. This small but highly valuable move will bring more traffic to your website and will let the Google algorithm know that you are a sought-after company.

4) You can gain more authority and trust in your niche market.

Optimizing your website for better engine search rankings gives you an ideal opportunity to show your potential customers how much value you can bring them. Because you will be creating SEO-optimized content on topics your ideal customers want to know about, you can establish yourself as a trustworthy authority in your vegan niche by writing/producing well-researched, in-depth, and quality blog posts, videos, or podcasts. 

As you gain more knowledge in your field, keep on updating your content to reflect these changes – your potential customers will appreciate freshly updated content and will see that you care to keep them on top of new developments.

While your website visitors are engaged in your content, highlight any schooling (diplomas, certificates, training, etc.), background, and experience you have in your “about” section. If you have wonderful reviews and testimonials, add them to your home page or the footer of your website where they are visible to new users. The feedback your previous customers gave you could inspire your visitors to take your business more seriously and consider buying products or services from you.

Another way to increase authority for your business and drive traffic to your site is to link to outside websites with similar high-quality content in your writings. If these outside websites are also highly ranked, chances are that the Google algorithm will favor your site as well, increasing your visibility online. Having others link to your content will also add to your credibility and searchability, and it can also help you build strong and altruistic relationships with other vegan business owners.

5) You can motivate potential customers to become your loyal clients.

In addition to highlighting positive reviews and testimonials on your website, you can also use calls to action throughout your blog posts and other content to help you decrease your web page bounce rate. Calls to action are short pieces of writing and/or graphics that prompt your website visitors to make an action such as sign up for your email list, register for a free trial of your services, or download a free ebook that may lead them to make a purchase. 

A call to action can also be in the form of a popup on your website, but make sure that it is not too distracting for your visitors and that they have time to survey your site before being diverted to something else. 

Calls to action ensure that site visitors who are excited about your products or services act on their wishes now rather than later. Free gifts such as an ebook download or a discount offer can be a great way for potential clients to check you out, increasing the chances that they will become returning customers.

6) You can build a supportive vegan community around your business.

The key to any successful and lasting business is the community it can create around it. People start seeing your business as a vital part of their daily life and are more likely to continue supporting you. While higher SEO rankings can bring more potential customers to your business, you can use this increased visibility to create community events to bring like-minded people together. You can also encourage your satisfied customers to leave you reviews which will help you gain more authority and therefore visibility in search engines.

Another way to cultivate trust and develop a community around your vegan business is to engage with your customers on your website, review boards, and social media. For example, you may have a blog where your visitors can comment on your content. This is an excellent opportunity for you to respond to their comments and questions. It is also important for your potential customers to know that they can reach you directly to answer any important questions about your products and services.

Social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook give you an excellent platform to be in touch with your customers so that you can keep them in the loop of what’s new with your business, showcase existing offerings, introduce new services, products, and discounts, let them know about events and promotions, and allow them to get to know you more personally. In your social media posts, you can use the power of words and images together to really connect with the audience that perfectly resonates with what your vegan business has to offer. Your posts can encourage your readers to add their own comments, to ask questions, to post their experiences with your business, to give you feedback on new offerings, to tell you more about themselves, and to engage with each other.

Building a community doesn’t necessarily mean that you are only interacting with your customers. Reaching out to other vegan business owners and collaborating on events, business ideas, and creating guest content on their website or social media platforms will not only help you get more leads but can also help you build a healthy vegan scene that can thrive and last for many years to come. Contributing a blog post on your competitor’s site or social media will also help you increase authority in your vegan business niche as well as help your rank higher in search engines.

7) You can boost the effectiveness of your branding and marketing.

Even if your business provides very high-quality services or products, the quality of your branding and marketing strategy can impact whether people curious about your business are converted into paying customers. SEO revamp of your web page will greatly help with your visibility but once you are visible, aligning with an aesthetic that your ideal customers respond to well will immensely help your business growth. What kind of images, thoughts, and wishes does your logo, packaging, website design, landing page, email newsletter, and other visual presentation inspire in people who view them?

How your visitors experience your website will greatly contribute to how they will view your business. A clear and enjoyable web design and user experience, including the e-commerce business aspect of your website, is a must for any successful business. A design, marketing, or branding vegan digital agency that focuses on vegan businesses could help you take your web design, user experience, and marketing strategy to the next level. Since many people use their mobile phones to surf the net and shop around, having a mobile-friendly website will help you stand out from your competitors. This also means that your website should be quick to load and that the homepage should show the most important information about your business clearly and with great visual appeal.

The way you market your business is crucial for your expansion and future impact. Marketing doesn’t have to be dry, boring, and “salesy” – it can be full of charm and creativity. For instance, you can make fun videos featuring your offerings that encourage the viewers to make some kind of a positive change in their life. You could also create podcasts related to veganism and how it impacts the world today. Using newsletters to bring all your content together and present them to your new and loyal customers can substantially contribute to your business growth.

Choosing help from professional vegan SEO companies

Getting a hang of SEO as a business owner can be a challenge since you may solely want to focus on developing your products or services. Even if you are ready to look for outside help for your vegan digital SEO needs, it can be overwhelming to find a suitable SEO company that understands your vegan niche needs. Luckily, there are wonderful and very effective vegan SEO agencies focusing on helping vegan businesses just like yours. They know the ins-and-outs of the vegan niche market along with what effective vegan marketing strategies look like. These companies have time and space to focus on working with you, having quality rather than the quantity of their work in mind. Oftentimes, they also offer SEO packages that include working with an in-house marketing team focused on helping vegan businesses get leads and results needed for future success. Reaching out to vegan SEO agencies can be one of the best decisions you make on your vegan business journey.

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Overwhelmed by what it takes to run a successful vegan business? Need a guide who knows the vegan niche market well and can help you utilize sound SEO practices? Then look no further than Ardor SEO’s vegan services! We can help you sort through all the SEO details and factors so your business can gain the search volume needed for high online visibility, giving you time and space for your business to grow and thrive.

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