We're Looking for a Social Media Marketing Expert!

Are you the god of social media? We’re looking for a social media marketing expert to join our Ardor SEO team. Our star-studded family of hardworking individuals contributes to create amazing results for our clients and we’d like you to be a part of our team!

Australia’s cutting edge web development and SEO company with almost 7 years of expertise, Ardor SEO, is looking for the brightest stars to join our internet marketing and search engine optimisation team! This is your chance to work directly with the industry expert and company founder gaining transferable skills and training that will benefit you in many different areas in both this career path and in future career prospects including social media marketing and other areas of digital marketing.

Our social media marketing jobs involve posting adverts and working closely with advert designers to determine the best adverts to be used in our campaigns and driving our products and services to the right people. You’ll be responsible for making our business look formidable and building our customer database right from our social media platforms. What's more, you'll be directly enhancing our business' reputation and proving our company produces some of the best SEO services in the online world.

Responsibilities include:
● Leverage a collection of monitoring tools to measure reach, gauge sentiment and identify best practices.
● Provide day-to-day management of social media accounts.
● Maintain a weekly social posting schedule.
● Launch high-level campaigns across various social media platforms.
● Manage social advertising platforms for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.
● Report metrics and insights regularly to management and other relevant employees.
● Generate scalable social marketing ideas for each of our markets.
● Stay current with industry news in the social sphere to ensure best practices and strategies are up to date.
● Has experience with Google AdWords and/or equivalent.
● Has experience with Facebook Ads and paid traffic.

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