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A complete and detailed analysis of your website, including: Internal Broken Links, External Broken Links, Orphan URLs, Long URLs, Duplicate URLs, Internal Duplicate Content, Duplicate Meta Data, External Duplicate Content, Mobile Friendly Responsiveness, Content Review, Landing Page Review, Meta Data Review, SiteMap, Breadcrumbs and more.

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Quick Wins

How would you like some quick wins to boost your sites customer experience, engagement, reduce bounce rate and increase visitor time on your site?

Generally, we find when we first analyze a site is there are a number of things which can be done very quickly and easily to achieve all those cool things and they sure don’t cost an arm or a leg.

Search engines are all about gauging how much of a good experience visitors have when they come to your site. It’s most certainly part of the determination made when ranking your site. Imagine you are a search engine; you want more and more people to use your service right? So, they always want to show the best, most relevant results for every search query.

By your site providing a good, user experience, you are ensuring you get extra points over your competitors who perhaps do not give as good an experience.

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Toxic Links

In the past links to your site from any source were good. Those days are long gone and now rather than giving you a boost, poor quality links are going to cause your site to be penalized. In fact seriously. Just one of our clients has a site which has been around since 2003. The site has enjoyed top 5 rankings for all those years. After a Google “Panda” update, the site was nowhere to be seen in Google.

How can this happen?

This is not a random, isolated event and it can happen to your site. Google rates all links to your site. If they come from forums and blogs considered to be in a “bad neighborhood” then Google now considers your site to be a part of that bad neighborhood and gives you the smack down. No warning, no ifs or buts. Your site will be slapped senseless and the majority of your traffic will disappear faster than donuts at a cops’ coffee break.

How can this sad and sorry penalty be avoided?

Excellent question I’m pleased you asked it. The only way to do this is to have all the links pointing to your site analyzed for their quality. All those not making the grade need to be “disavowed”. This is a neat tool Google made available in Webmaster Tools. The disavow tool is a fantastic time saver because without it, you would need to contact all the sites linking to you and beg them to remove the link(s). This could take hundreds of hours and mostly your requests will be ignored.

Even if your site has not disappeared out of Google, toxic links can still be damaging your rankings substantially. It really is a serious risk.

When the site I just told you about disavowed all the bad links, the site bounced back to its original rankings before Panda, but it took nearly two months. Two months of lost income, that’s a serious price to pay.

If you would like to learn if you have toxic links pointing at your site, contact us now for a no obligation chat.

Toxic Link Reports

A list of subdomains that are found with the potential to be a spam site; the more spam flags a subdomain has, the more likely it is to be penalised by Google. We look at a list of key indicators to determine the health of your website(s).

Trust levels:
Of course low levels of trust indicate an untrustworthy site; you get your site checked over to see what trust level it receives and what needs to be rectified to increase your online trust.

Large sites with few links:
When a huge website contains very few links it begs speculation. Your site will be checked for the number of links used to ensure you’re providing enough links for your users to access.

Site link diversity:
Link diversity is essentially having different links to go to other than your home page, and are key to building your own website’s authority.

Ratio of follow and nofollow subdomains & domains:
If you use subdomains then it’s important to know the ratio between dofollow and nofollow links, as well as on your domains. Follow/dofollow links are links that pass link juice to the webpage and influence a website’s rank, whereas nofollow links don’t, but they both add value to webpages.

Branded links:
Branded links are forms of anchor text that use the company name, for example Ardor SEO. 40 authority and knowledge.

Level of content:
As every one of Google’s algorithm updates are rolled out it has shown that better quality content reaches the top pages faster than mediocre content. Therefore, little or no content is a sign of a poorly structured website, which is why it’s more important than ever to produce good quality content on a regular basis. 19

Site mark-up:
Visible text that’s clear on the page, compared to using HTML, PHP or JavaScript, is a sign that the site mark-up is worryingly small and can flag up as spam to search engines.

External links:
Using external links as sources is a great way of building contacts and authority that can be reciprocated.

Internal links: 
Linking back to your own content boosts your own link juice and increased web traffic to your own content.

Anchor text levels: 
You don’t want to fill all of your content with anchor text; make sure that content text is also included to ensure your content looks original.

External links in navigation: 
Finding external links within sidebars and footers of websites is an indicator of a lack of original content.

No contact information:
It’ll come as a no-brainer when you find if there’s no contact information, thus no way to contact the business, you’re not likely to invest in their business.

Low number of pages found:
Not enough pages equals not enough content and not enough content means a huge amount of business potential is lost.

TLD correlated with spam domains: 
TLDs (top level domains) filled with spam domains can bring a website the huge risk of being penalised.

Domain name length: 
Too long of a domain name and it can deter customers away; ensure they’re easy to type in and short so they’re easy to remember. This also concerns domains that contain numerals which can signal spam to search engines.

Spam Scores:
Low --- 0 to 4 spam flags Medium --- 5 to 7 spam flags High --- 8 to 17 spam flags

Keyword Research

A keyword is a word used to describe content found on a website or webpage that helps search engines match you with the correct search terms and understand your company’s niche.

Ranking for the right keywords can make or break a website; if you’re using the wrong keywords or keywords that are hard to rank for then your site won’t reach the first pages of search engines, which is why researching keywords is crucial to your website’s ranking.

Social Media Response

We all know how important it is to rapidly respond to posts, comments, questions and messages visitors and people place on your social media pages. It’s a huge mistake for many companies who neglect responding quickly. Faster is much better than slowly. People contacting you via Facebook, Twitter, etc often have a problem and they want it attended to right now.

A most important aspect, which goes toward your Reputation Management is quite often if there is a complaint by handling it professionally in real time, you can head off any bad comments. By handling the customer with courtesy and professionalism, usually the problem can be solved immediately and to their satisfaction. This will lead them to be leaving compliments instead of harsh, angry comments. Much nicer result all around, don’t you agree?

Ardor can staff your social media sites, on site live chat, email and even telephones in your outside work hours.

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Parasite SEO

Not the most pleasant of names, that’s for sure. However, parasite SEO is an amazing strategy and one well worth the effort.

This is a reasonably new strategy which works like gang busters. It’s simple and elegant and pays big dividends.

Let’s say, you own an ice cream shop and rank on the first page. Your competitors also rank on the first page. By using the parasite SEO method, you will easily be able to rank another ice cream site you own and get it to the first page. What’s the result of that? Well the best thing to happen is you just knocked one of your competitors off the first page! Woo hoo, high fives all around.

The other cool thing that just happened was you now have another site on the front page. More traffic anyone?

Want to learn the ins and outs of this method or want our tem to make it happen for you? Hit us up for a no obligation, friendly chat

Competition Analysis

Calculating where your website ranks for all of your target keywords. Then determining who your business competition is and ranking competition for each keyword.

Rank Tracking and Reporting

Knowing exactly where you rank for your keywords is paramount to establishing a baseline with which to see your progress skyrocket up the charts.

Regular reporting will provide all the information you need to see the advances your site makes as improvements like; quality links, quick wins, removal of toxic links and interesting targeted content begin to kick in and make all the difference.

Imagine the excitement each time you see your site advance up the ladder of success and you reap the benefits of more visitors. See the increased visitors and visitor engagement turn into dollars going into your bank.

There’s nothing better, not even sex and drugs! Yeah scratch that last bit, but you know what I mean, it’s pretty awesome.

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Local SEO

A citation is an online mention of your business on the web, either with or without a link, otherwise known as a NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number).

Citations are usually found in local directories that help in gaining you authority and legitimacy from search engines.

It also ensures your business is found with the correct contact details and associated with the right industry, as well as validating that your business is part of the local area you’re based in.

Citations can come in a number of different forms:

Company Name
Company Name & Phone Number
Company Name, Phone Number & Address
Company name, Phone Number, Address & Link

We get citations made for use on Yelp, Yellowpages, WhitePages, Google Places, Foursquare and many more.