The Three Types of SEO Tactics Explained by the Coolest Guy in SEO

A lot of business people are reluctant to get SEO services from SEO companies because they don’t understand how it works. Although a lot of materials can be found both online and on print aim to explain what Search Engine Optimization is, it is still pretty much a blur for the average person.

You might be wondering, if a lot of people are skeptic about it, in fact a lot of people think of SEO as a sort of a scam. Well, Kris Reid, the coolest guy in SEO is here to clarify all of that. On top of that, he also gives out business advices considering that he started from the bottom and became the Authority that he is. Catch his full comments on these podcasts: and

The good and bad SEO?

There are three (3) known types of SEO tactics. These are the white hat, black hat and the grey hat. The Ardor SEO CEO explained that these three are completely different from each other and the color that are attached to their names.

1. The black hat strategy- this refers to a group of strategies that you can say a little unorthodox and a little dirty. These strategies are really hard to do considering the fact that you need to go under the radar for you (an SEO expert) to be successful at it. It is a swing and a miss kind of a strategy because if Google catches you doing these strategies: you will pay for it big time. So, to let you know some of these strategies, some of them include:

  • keyword stuffing and stacking
  • hidden links, tiny texts and hidden texts
  • switch and baitsplogs (spam blogs)
  • cloaking

2. The white hat strategy- this strategy is also known as the pure and unadulterated SEO strategy. This means that you are a fair player and you go by the rules that are set up by the search engines, which is usually Google. However, going by the rules is not always the right way to go (in SEO that is) because that also means that you might be left out by the competition that are incorporating other strategies.

For real now, finding a pure white hat SEO specialist is as rare as finding a person who can lick his elbow. Why? Because not only that it is time consuming and can hurt your budget it is not a guarantee that you will be on top.

3. The grey hat strategy- to understand this easily, let us imagine these three strategies as paint. In order for you to get grey, you need to find the right mixture of black and white. This means that it is the usage of both strategies. Kris Reid, the coolest guy in SEO mentioned in this podcast ( that SEO is about studying the behavior of search engines and reacting to them. As you know, search engines such as Google rank websites by using an algorithm. And a good SEO specialist knows what those algorithms are.

In conclusion, these three SEO tactics are beneficial to any businessperson. However, one must be wary of its effects. Just like what the Ardor SEO said in this podcast ( >, stop being afraid of doing things that you normally don’t do. If you think that it will make your company better then go for it!