Kris Reid of Ardor SEO tells you How to do SEO the Right Way

A lot of people has thrown shade at SEO because of the prior experiences that they had or heard from SEO companies. However, SEO has proven itself as an essential tool for companies that wants to get more marketing especially the smaller local ones.

Kris Reid, the coolest guy in SEO will tell you how SEO is done right and how he became the SEO authority that he is. So, if you want to be the big bully on the block, better listen to these podcasts:, and

coolest guy in SEO tells you how SEO is done right

Why are they having these bad experiences?

In one of his podcasts (, Kris Reid explained that the most common mistake that business owners commit is going for the cheaper SEO services. He said that getting a lower price might cost you more than you think.

If you think about it, it’s all about getting the highest ROI (return on investment) possible. To make it clearer, think of it this way. If you have invested on a product or service it should bring more money than you have invested to make it a legitimate money grabbing tool. So, if your tool or product is not bringing in money to your company, it’s a liability and you should get off of it as soon as possible.

So, how do I do it right?

The Ardor SEO CEO has mentioned knowing your business and knowing what you want to achieve from your website as being one of the best starting points in optimizing your Google ranking. Although the Google algorithm is as complex as it is, the basics of SEO are very simple and can be learned through research. Some of it are creating backlinks, being an authority in your niche and making your website fast and fully operational.

However, experts can obviously do it better than you do. The coolest guy in SEO likened it to managing your own finances and taxes. Sure, you can do it by yourself. But, having an expert do it for you will save you time, money and effort. On top of that, he will be able to cover more space than you will ever do in one sitting.

How was he able to help his clients?

In this podcast ( ), he explained that the first thing that he asks his clients is what do they want to achieve from their websites. This will help him devise a plan to help them achieve that goal. For example, the client is a person who sells plumbing supplies. The most prevalent drivers are of course to sell stuff and earn money. However, the market does not move that way anymore. Instead, a seller or a service provider should be able to convince the customer to buy products from him. With that being said, the strategy that he will be making will be targeted towards getting more sales.

After those things are determined, he then focuses on the details. These details influence the Google algorithm and are the factors why some websites rank and why some don’t. These can be confusing but don’t worry! Kris Reid will give you an in depth analysis of your website if you join his game. So, give it a try!