Joining up the dots and connecting your past is the best way to build your future

Success is a learned skill. Getting held back in life just because you lack one simple learnable skill is a terrible waste of potential and time. It can even cost you your chances of increasing your outcomes and opportunities. The key to success is effective time organization and constant education. This is the same for every start-up company in any industry. And for the coolest guy in SEO, the same can be said, if not exactly.

Kris Reid, AKA the coolest guy in SEO, will tell you the story of how he came to embody the title, how he built an empire of SEO Philippines and SEO Cambodia, how he overcame his fears in the industry, and other inspirational remarks on success and leverage in this SEO podcast. Here is a little overview of his conversation with David Ralph from the UK in his podcast called “Join Up Dots”:

On choosing SEO as his career

Kris Reid stated that Internet marketing is growing in double digits and is getting more competitive and more valuable every single year. He said SEO is where the money is at and it’s a great place to be. How SEO works is that it turns your website into a well-notated thesis. If many people site lines from or mentions your work on other fields, you will be recognized as the authority. And more authority for your website will result in more traffic, a higher rank in the search results, and, eventually, more potential customers. You can also acquire more information about this from this podcast:

On spending time to immerse one’s self in different cultures and finding new ways of operating a business more efficiently and productively

The coolest guy in SEO doesn’t work alone. He has a cool team to back up his rep, too. Kris Reid believes that you need to surround yourself with a team that will help you with things that you’re not that good at. Currently, he outsources employees to help in building his SEO Philippines and SEO Cambodia empires. He travels around and spends his time in Cambodia, Australia, Philippines, and California in a cycle. He likes to travel around meeting, working, and learning with all sorts of people. Kris Reid believes that there are more benefits from getting outside of your comfort zone and trying new things. Also, he dislikes being too strict with his staff despite the fact that he is not always in touch with them personally. He is certain of the fact that you don’t need to be there 24/7 to manage your staff. They should be given some autonomy and you should relinquish some control. In the end, they will get amongst themselves and enjoy their work more while you can relax more, too.

On leverage, a global mindset, and why you have to stop working an hour for a dollar to achieve great success in life

Kris Reid, being the coolest guy in SEO that he is, is just as passionate in work as he is with being in love. He says he likes to work dedicatedly, even on weekends, not minding those public holidays that are widespread in Asian countries. But once he gets the job done, he can go on a holiday and enjoy himself. And this is why he uses his leverage to his advantage. He believes that in this competitive market, there is only so much leverage that one can get. He suggests that one should always try and optimize the time and get the most out of it every day, and be happy while doing so.

On finding help at his breaking point

Kris Reid shares that once he was on his knees, rewriting out his CV and ready to get a regular job, he hit the bottom and bounced off. He was able to do this because of the guidance given by his dad who is also an entrepreneur. He also talked with his entrepreneur friends and learned from people, read and learned more, and of course, relaxed. Building an SEO empire for SEO Philippines and SEO Cambodia made him work too hard and it took a toll on his health. He also shared in the SEO podcast that he believes knowledge is everything that is why he buys and reads books all the time and listens to podcasts to suck in as much knowledge as he can. The CEO of Ardor SEO has some more advices in relation to this in this podcast:

On chasing the money can lead to dissatisfaction and frustration

Before, Kris would just go wherever pays bigger. But now he has learned that money doesn’t make happiness. He doesn’t have a business for the money, rather to enjoy training his staff and giving them growth, better lives, and opportunities. Making money is great but he likes that it is more than that. He imparts some wisdom saying that when you grow to be an old man, you wouldn’t say that oh I wish I had made more money. Living in a third world country for his work makes him sad to see that other people aren’t given a chance for education or healthcare. He says he would like to contribute to that a little bit, to make a difference to people’s life. Here are some of his advices when it comes to passion for working for a greater cause in this SEO podcast: