SEO is as mysterious as the Loch Ness monster or the abominable snowman to the people who are not aware of it. Some people even think that it’s just a plot to rip people off of their hard earned money. Kris Reid, the coolest guy in SEO and the CEO of Ardor SEO explained how he became an SEO guru and how SEO can improve your business in these following podcasts:,,

Who is he again?

Kris Reid, AKA the coolest guy in SEO and AKA the Ardor SEO is a Brisbane native who worked for a few companies before he realized that SEO is where his calling is. In this podcast:, Kris said that he has worked for companies that are based in Europe, specifically in Siberia and in the United Kingdom. However, when a financial crisis has struck the great continent of Europe, the young Kris needed to find a new way to finance himself. This search for financial stability led him to ending up making his own company. From then on forth, Ardor SEO is born.

His take on SEO

On his podcast with quicktalk (, Kris emphasized that SEO is a very important marketing tool because of the digitalization that the world is experiencing right now. From ordering vegetables to buying your favorite pair of sneakers, almost everything can be done with a smartphone or a computer.

The coolest guy in SEO also said in the same podcast that SEO is a very important tool on becoming the authority brand or service provider in your locality. Google, the search engine titan has incorporated geographical tools such as Google Maps into the business point of view. This means that whenever a tourist or anybody who is not from your locality searches for a certain product or service, the authority always pops up first.

An SEO optimized website does that perfectly. However, it requires a certain set of skills and understanding of how the Google algorithm works. Algorithm? Sounds like the gibberish that you heard in your basic programming class right? Well, Google and other search engines alike are governed by an unknown algorithm (because only the people from Google knows that). This algorithm is directly affected by controllable factors that a lot of SEO companies know.

His pointers for budding businesspersons

In this podcast (, the coolest guy in SEO offered his tips for small-local business people. He said that just like cultivating a fruit bearing tree, a business’s needs must be well taken care of in order for you to harvest its fruits. He said that a business owner should know what he wants for his business and that should reflect on his website. Another thing that he said is that the website of a business and the website of the business itself should be presented in a way that the targeted audience wants it to see it. On top of that, it should be well put and should have a sense of reliability to your target audience.