The Ardor SEO CEO talks about how Digital Marketing Scheme and Good Backlinks Work hand in hand

On a study conducted by Adobe, it has been found out that around 76 percent of the respondents agree that marketing has indeed changed and that the digital way of marketing is changing the game. However, there is a sad part to that. Only 9 percent of those respondents believe that their digital marketing scheme is working.

What could have gone wrong that left these business owners to think that way?

A lot of factors can be considered. However, as the statistics are showing that it seems that they are not using their websites in a way that it can directly influence their income. Kris Reid, the coolest guy in SEO knows how to do just that and he discussed a lot of good points on how business people can improve their search rankings and their business in general. So, if you want to be the big dog in your niche, check out these podcasts!

Let us go back to the issue here. Why are a lot of websites not ranking well? What are the things that are needed to be done to address these issues? The Ardor SEO CEO said these things in retort to that.

Backlinks are key

Think of backlinks as a source for a review of related literature for a peer reviewed study. The more people reference to it, the more of an authority it is. Let us say for example, it has something to do with quantum and theoretical physics. A study written by Stephen Hawking will more likely to be seen in these papers because he is the authority in the said subject matter. So if you want to be the Stephen Hawking of your niche but you don’t know how it works, you better contact the coolest guy in SEO AKA Kris Reid.

Okay, it’s important. But how do I do that?

Getting backlinks are easier than you think. The Ardor SEO CEO has given some important pointers and here are some of them which can also be heard from this podcast (

· Find broken links and try to reach out to the owner and offer your services by referencing your new article.

· Be a guest poster for the bigger authorities (don’t worry, you’ll get there)

· Make your content as good as it can be. How can you make people attach to you if you can’t express your thoughts well?

· Outdated guides can be great places to go to because you just need to make an updated version of it.

How will all of these improve my marketing scheme and my business?

Well, 70 percent of all internet activities start with a search. If you want to buy new clothes, you search for it on a search engine. If you want to browse the dankest memes that the interwebz can offer, you also do the same thing and the list can go on and on. This just means that if you improve your search rankings, you are exposing yourself to more and more people every day. This provides you with free, unadulterated and organic traffic that will make your business reach its maximum potential.