The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO

High ranking in local search results is like a holy grail of any small business’ quest. Although it may sound easy to improve your local rankings, we won’t trick you into thinking it’s a piece of cake. It does require hard work. But hard work is more manageable when someone guides you through the process of it all.
That’s why we’ve put together a compilation of local SEO ranking rules from every quality piece we’ve read and from our own experience through the years.

Local SEO Analysis Worksheet

Every great work needs a plan of action. So, before getting started, let’s see why you have to make a local SEO analysis:

  • To pinpoint the elements on your landing page/website that are incomplete or poorly optimised.
  • To get an overall understanding of the value of your business in search results and how it can be improved.
  • To get an idea of the competition, the difficulties ahead, and the amount of work necessary to surpass them.
This worksheet is what we use in-house, and we’ve reviewed and tested it time and again. Whether you are an SEO agency or business owner, in our experience, compiling this info before implementing your Local SEO campaign is paramount.

You need to know where you stand. What problems are evident? What problems require more investigation? This worksheet when filled out, will enable you to start your campaign with open eyes.

local seo analysis

After you’ve downloaded your worksheet, it’s time to go through the following tabs:

  • Business Info & Current NAP
  • Unanswered Questions
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Citation Building
  • Guide Checklist

Ultimate Guide to Local SEO

Once you’re done with the analysis, you can download the six-piece Ultimate Guide to Local SEO and get the local SEO party going!
ultimate guide to local seo